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Angerfist & Miss K8 - Thunderdome 2019 - Mainstage

I know it's Friday, but let's talk about Thursday. That's the day I go into the office. And once I'm in the office, I always finish the day with a gym session. The session always require good music, but sadly the TVs are always on some shitty program no one cares about (unless you are above 60 years of age), or some shitty radio station no one listens to. So I always bring my headset and listen to whatever is on YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or any other music platform. And during a gym sesh, you cannot listen to some lame shit. The algorithm of YouTube gave me a set I've been pushing back for unknown reasons. But I had to give it a go. The end result? A session through which I've had a smile from ear to ear!

As I've mentioned in other reviews before, Thunderdome is an institution. It does not need an introduction. So let's dive straight into who was behind the decks: the mighty Angerfist and Miss K8. They played on the main stage, and if you go to YouTube (or just check the video below), you can see how insane the lighting was throughout the set. Production levels were way up. I was shocked to see how ace everything looked! Top notch. And both Angerfist and Miss K8 had fun behind the decks. Well, I know Miss K8 had fun, can't really tell if Angerfist is having fun: his mask protrudes us seeing if he's happy or sad.

I shall address the elephant in the room now: I had to stop watching the video and had to see if the set was available on Soundcloud. Seeing the video made me kind of sad: I know it's a reoccurring theme, but the amount of people standing still was insane! I would have loved to have been there, and I would have raved my ass off. I would never be able to 'stand still'. So many people were not raving, and that broke my heart. It's Thunderdome, for God's sake! Rave until your feet start bleeding! Don't stand fucking still!

OK, rant over. Well maybe one tiny one. MCs are not needed. Really do not bring anything to the table. Please move MCs from the stage to the dancefloor, and let them have fun. But don't ruin a good ass set!

OK. now ranting is over. Time for me to show you the tracklist. And here it is:

  1. Minus Militia - Omnia Of Kicks

  2. Angerfist - Send Me To Hell w/ Eazy-E - Real Muthapuckkin G's

  3. DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams (ID Remix) w/ Chosen Few - Name Of My DJ (ID Remix)

  4. Angerfist - Diabolic Dice

  5. Turbulence - Six Million Ways To Die w/ Tschabos - Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter!) w/ Radium - Rockin Fire

  6. Dione - Time To Play

  7. ID - ID

  8. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Impact

  9. The Clown - Do You Want A Balloon??? (Angerfist Refix)

  10. Mad-E-Fact & Dr. Macabre - Tha Poltergeist Hustla

  11. Miss K8 & MC Nolz - Raiders Of Rampage

  12. Angerfist - Soldier

  13. Miss K8 - St8tment

  14. ID - ID

  15. Minus Militia - Soul Ripper

  16. The Clamps - In The Depths

  17. I:Gor - L.I.O.N.

  18. Eazy-E - Hittin' Switches (Angerfist Refix)

  19. DJ J.D.A. & Delta 9 - Real Hardcore En Anders Niks w/ Miss K8 - The Poison

  20. Angerfist & MC Nolz - Rally Of Retribution

  21. Miss K8 - Temper

  22. Tha Playah & Angerfist - The Heartless

  23. The Satan - Demolition

  24. ID - ID

  25. Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder (Miss K8 Sparta Mashup) w/ The Satan - Moshpit

  26. Angerfist - Right Through Your Head (Detest Remix)

  27. Miss K8 - Out Of The Frame (2019 Kick Edit)

  28. Angerfist & Radium - Just Like That

  29. Angerfist - Geto Tremble

A bit of the old, and a bit of the new. Everything is in here, and it's nice they kept the Thunderdome theme alive. Even though the majority of records have this distinctive MoH sound, they still played a few classics. A few Thunderdome classics. And that made me happy. Happier than you can imagine. And it made the gym session a successful one!

Again, the video of this set is truly astonishing, if you leave the audience out of it. Those who were there and raved the night away, I praise you. Those who stood still, meh. Why? OK, now let's talk about the music. The music is great. A nice mixture between classic Hardcore anthems and future Hardcore classics. During the set you can see them both having fun, and even when mixing goes a bit tits up, they still are able to smile. That's what happens when it's live. Mistakes happen, and that's OK.

The intro is awesome, and throughout the set the BPMs only increase. And after a while it just become punishing: I would not be able to rave to this Uptempo stuff for longer than 10 minutes: my body would deteriorate ad hoc! But at least the interest level remained high. Angerfist and Miss K8 both delivered an excellent and interesting set, and if you do want a set to give you a bit of a boost, this might certainly be one you need to check out, if you haven't already.

Best record? Well, two, to be fair. 'Do You Want A Balloon???' has always been one of my favourite records from the early Thunderdome albums, and hearing 'Tha Poltergeist Hustla' reminds me of how sick the bass is on 'Poltergeist' by Dr. Macabre.

Let's enjoy the upcoming weekend, and if you are to hit the gym, let's do it properly, and play this on your headset. Or, if you feel lucky, play this on the TVs out loud, and let everyone around you enjoy the music you are listening to.

DJs: Angerfist & Miss K8

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome 2019 Mainstage

Length Liveset: 00:59:28

Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year; 2019

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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