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arps - Bouncy Tigger Christmascore (2019)

Happy Third Christmas day! I don't know if that's an actual day, but somewhere on this massive planet a religion must celebrate it. And why not? Why is it only focussed on two days? We should have more days focussed on Christmas. We keep the festivities going by reviewing a new Christmas mix, made by DJ arps/arpz. Don't worry: no Tiggers were harmed during the making of this mix.

So what can you expect to hear in this mix? Well, it's UK Hardcore records from big labels such as Future Breakz,Hardcore Underground, Legitimate Recordings, Kniteforce, and the newly formed Brutal Kuts. All selected by arps, and carefully mixed together. Regulars of this website know that arps/aprz's mixes are always tight and exactly what we needed to hear, so when you are looking for a wicked UK Hardcore mix, arps is your man.

There's a lot of excellent and exciting stuff in his mix. A lot of Breakbeat stuff, and piano sections. Who doesn't love a piano in UK Hardcore anthems? Who doesn't love Breakbeat? If these two words excite you, don't look any further, look at the tracklist below, and press play to hear an excellent mix!

01. Darwin - Kick & Sample

02. Sam B - Move 2 The Groove

03. Skinny & Darwin - Waxin Maxin

04. D-Lyte - Champion

05. CLSM - Paradise (Remix)

06. Darwin & Doug Horizon - Two Souls

07. Sam B - Right Here Right Now

08. Jack In Box & Darwin - U Think U Know

09. Force & Evolution - All Of Our Soul

10. Hyper-On-Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Danny Styles Bootleg 1)

11. Fibzy - Feel The Ecstasy

12. Impulse Riders - Feel So Alive

13. Entity - Stargazer (Paul Bradley Remix)

14. Fibzy - Mind Control

15. Fracus & Entity feat Fraz - Far Away (Entity's Breaks Remix)

16. Stormtrooper - Unomas

17. Hyper-On-Experience - Disturbance (Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix)

18. Darwin & Skinny - Hardcore Lullaby

19. Al Storm - Boomz & Bangz

20. D-Lyte, Dave-G & PJ Cool - Cool N Clever (D-Lyte Deep Pan Remix)

21. Entity & Dune - Nothing Is Impossible

What an amazing looking tracklist! I've not seen or heard any of these anthems before, so it's going to be an amazing journey! arps always knows how to excite the listeners with something new and refreshing!

I've had a blast listening to this. arps and Breakbeat music always go hand in hand. I can't remember when it was that I reviewed his last mix, but it must have been a long time ago. Too long ago. We need more arps/arpz.

This mix contains a lot of new and exciting music coming from the UK Hardcore scene, and I'm really excited to hear the records coming out of the new label, run by Darwin. It all looks promising, and also Entity's new album. The scene is thriving on new music, and it's about time!

The music that is presented to us in this mix is exciting. It keeps the flow going throughout the mix, and never gets dull. I'm really digging this direction UK Hardcore is going to, and hope this new sound is being kept alive for as long as possible.

arps/arpz, your mix is as tight as expected. No negative comments. Epic as standard!

DJ: arps

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Bouncy Tigger Christmascore

Length Mix: 00:55:49

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: arpz - Soundcloud Page

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