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ATTLAS - Storyline 3 (2019)

Yes, yes, YES! ATTLAS' Storyline mix series is back! About a month ago, the third instalment was released. And you all know how much I love these mixes. Well, I do love everything that ATTLAS releases. Have you checked his Soundcloud page, have you experienced his musical genius mindset? He seemed to have captured this unique and different way of making music more appealing, by not only using the finest music, but also the greatest movie quotes. And boy, do they blend together! ATTLAS has this gift, and it attracks many fans from all over the world.

If you go to this mix and look at the comment section, everyone reacts the same. Everyone is happy, and some even shed tears whilst listening to this. I'm close, to shed a tear, but what this mix has done to me is make me feel special yet very emotional at the same time. This mix is powerful, and so are the other mixes, which I recommend you check out too. But for now, we are focussing on the third instalment, and how great it is.

His creative mindset has created this one of a kind mix series. Electronic music with music quotes, who does that? It has been a thing where it was incooperated into records, but ATTLAS does it inbeteween records, blending records with those quotes like it's no big deal. It's story telling in such a fantastic way. But what makes me feel so emotional about these mixes is the fact that the ones he has selected, are breath takingly beautiful, and calm. No screaming or shouting movie bits, but always very calm sections. All aligned with the calm and well composed EDM records.

The tracklist can be found on, but it's not complete. And I've left out the movie quotes, seeing as I'm always focussed on the music. If you want, just click here and it will take you to the specific page, on which you can find the quotes and records. Oh, and if you know the ID-less records, could you let me know, so I can update the tracklist? Much appreciated.

01. Nils Frahm - Ode

02. Ben Böhmer feat Margret - Dive

03. Ryan Davis - Obsidian

04. ID - ID

05. DjRUM - Blood In My Mouth

w/ ATTLAS - You (Close)

06. Hakan Hellstrom - Du Gamla (That's Alright Since My Soul Got A Seat Up In The Kingdom)

07. ATTLAS feat 7Chariot - Coldest Night

08. Matt Emery - I Put A Flame In Your Heart (Vessels Remix)

09. Rival Consoles - Hidden

10. Aukai - Colorado

w/ Kölsh - Serij

w/ ATTLAS - Fine Modern Structures

11. Kidnap - Ursa Minor (ATTLAS Remix)

w/ ATTLAS - Concussion

12. David August - The Life Of Merisi

13. ID - ID

14. 1979 - Doors

15. DjRUM - Blue Violet

16. ID - ID

w/ All Birds Are Bad - In Madness Lies Sanity

17. ID - ID

w/ Max Cooper - Identity

18. ID - ID

w/ ID - ID

19. Patrcik Cassidy - Vide Cor Meum

20. ID - ID

If the heavens were real,this would be the music you will hear once you enter eternal bliss and happiness. My God, this is so moving and it touches you. Electronic Dance Music with deep feelings and meaning, that's what I would hear forever and ever. I am normally focussed on the harder styles, but would prefer to hear this. I've saved ATTLAS' previous mixes as a playlist on Soundcloud, and I've played them over and over.

I don't know how he does it. How does he create this mixes? He does take his time: there's always a huge gap between the Storyline mixes, and you can tell that each and every mix isn't a rushed job. A well composed and well thought of. You can hear and feel his well preserved way of mixing. And it doesn't matter what time of the days you listen to this: it will always feel good and well placed.

Man, this is beautiful. Nothing I have been listening to lately can come close to the power of this mix. This is next level shit. This is truly beyond normal human's perception. Music should make you feel more empatic, but this does so much more. ATTLAS has got a God given talent. To me, he blongs to the best of the best, ever.

Just listen to this really awesome mix. Let this take you on a journey into your self consciousness, and get those feels again. And just appreciate this mix like the 10.3k+ listeners already. Be part of the ATTLAS madness.


Genre/Style: Electronic

Mix Info: Storyline 3

Length Mix: 01:03:54

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: ATTLAS - Soundcloud Page

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