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Aversion - The Essentials 2022 (Official Liveset)

I am on a roll today. Third review coming in, and this time it isn't Hard Trance/Techno related, but Hardstyle focussed. A live set done by Aversion, one artist I've been following for quite some time now and have fallen in love with his productions. Not reviewed many of his sets/mixes, but don't worry: I'm here to catch up on all things I've missed. And we start with this very big mix, called 'The Essentials 2022 - Live set by Aversion'. Don't know if you were ready for this mix. if you weren't, make sure you get your dancing shoes on, glowsticks in your hands, and having the volume on MAX!

And to the max I certainly have this music playing. How can you listen to this when the volume is low? You need something this hard and rough blasting through your speakers, and if you are blessed with neighbours, let them enjoy what you are listening to. Why be selfish and only enjoy the music for yourself? Put the volume all the way up, and let the bass, beats, and melodies resonate through the walls.

Aversion's selection is full of the greatest records man can buy. Also, there's a world premiere in this mix, guess which one it is? You can find it out by clicking the player below and heading over to Aversion's Soundcloud channel. But let's focus on this mix again. It's filled with the finest Hardstyle/Rawstyle anthems, and they will certainly blow your mind into a million pieces, and shake the concrete foundation your house/flat is build on. I couldn't care less if the ground was shaking or not: you need to hear this mix, and so does my whole neighbourhood!!!

Fuck the haters, enjoy it while your time on Earth in precious: don't listen to boring and uninspiring music. Let the music take you through the four seasons known to mankind...

  1. Intro

  2. Aversion - Renegades (Essentials Intro Edit)

  3. Headhunterz & Vertile - Before I Wake

  4. Imperatorz & Aversion - Valhalla (Elektrum 2022 Edit)

  5. D-Sturb feat Nolz - Vault Hunter

  6. Aversion - Feel Alive

  7. RVAGE feat Nolz - Crowd Rocker

  8. Aversion & Break Of Dawn - Hiding In The Dark

  9. Kendrick Lamar & Skrillex vs Sickmode - GO HUMBLE (Mashup)

  10. Aversion - Global Revolution (2022 Live Edit)

  11. Thyron & Aversion feat Elyn - Reignite The Fire (Indicator 2022 Anthem)

  12. Sub Zero Project feat GLDY LX - Basstrain (Rebelion Remix)

  13. Ed Sheeran feat BMTH - Bad Habits (Aversion Bootleg)

  14. Dither & Rayray - Final Destination

  15. Aversion - The Dream (2022 Live Edit)

  16. David Guetta feat Sia - Titanium (Rebelion Bootleg)

  17. Aversion vs Imperatorz - Heartless x The Baddest (Mashup)

  18. D-Sturb - Step Your Game Up

  19. Aversion & Luminite - The Rapture

  20. Cryex & Scarra & Vasto - Bassline Madness

  21. Aversion & Unresolved - Darkside (Live Edit)

  22. E-Force - Children Of The Dawn (Imperatorz Remix)

  23. Aversion & Thyron - Out Of The Frame

  24. Rebelion - Bonkerz

  25. Thyron - Caged (Aversion Edit)

  26. Deetox - Lose Control (Level One Remix)

  27. Aversion - Disgrace Me

  28. Riot Shift & So Juice - 666

  29. Imperatorz & The Dope Doctor - Real Villains

  30. Aversion & Sprinky - Power Of The People (2022 Live Edit)

Yes, yes, and I'll say it once more: YES! 29 Hardstyle/Rawstyle anthems in an hour long mix. Christmas has come early this year, it certainly has. And I'm glad.

I've been talking a lot about neighbours and wall shaking etc. Which isn't really a coincidence, as we've only moved house less than a month ago, and I currently have no neighbours. Or if I do have, they will certainly know what kind of music I listen to. I hope they enjoy it too!

It's a good mix by Aversion, and it's got a lot of his own productions in here. And some are truly astonishing. For me the first 16 minutes are the greatest, as they've got the best records in them. Especially 'Before I Wake'. Who would have thought: Heady and Vertile on one track? It's certainly an amazing record that has been accepted by the whole raving community.

Certain tracks I'm not feeling (yet), as I'm not fan of the commercial side of music. Really dislike Ed Sheeran, and Kendrick Lamar etc. Too much cheese for me. They do fit well in this mix, but they aren't for me.

A solid mix, with some seriously insane records. Would you prefer this to the standard Xmas stuff on the radio now? Of course you will! Who wants to listen to the standard nonsense, when you can listen to this monster mix!

DJ: Aversion

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Uptempo

Mix Info: Aversion - The Essentials 2022 (Official Liveset)

Length Mix: 01:01:07

Tracks: 29 + Intro (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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