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Bass-D & King Matthew In The Mix - Volume 2 (2001)

It is Friday. Thank the Lord, or whoever you pray to. After a long ass week, we need something to wind us down. Relaxing time is what we need. So guess what kind of music I've got for you all? Hardcore from the 2000s! Some might call me insane and idiotic, and I'm used to that, but sometimes you just need that kind of music to relax to. You might disagree, which is absolutely fine, so maybe you need to read other reviews, if Hardcore is just too tough for you. But if you are Hardcore to the bone, make sure you stick until the end of the review.

Back in the days, around the Millennium, I used to crave Hardcore music as others craved air. I needed it so much, I bought so many CDs. It was obsessive. Got rid of most, if truth be told. Most got damaged beyond repair, so the only place they are currently at, is the dump. Or recycling centres, as the most sophisticated among us would say. One of the CDs I had but completely forgot about, was this 'In The Mix' CD, mixed by Bass-D and King Matthew. Never owned the first instalment, or any of the CDs which followed. Only this one. I know it's a shame, but thankfully we have got the internet, so I can capture exactly what I was listening to back in 2001, and what I've missed.

This CD contained 34 records. All mixed together nicely by two legends of the Hardcore scene. These records do have a distinctive Masters Of Hardcore sound, which was (and still is) extremely popular around the Millennium. I don't know how to explain what that sound is, but if you are a true Hardcore fanatic, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's so unique, and different. There were many styles around that time, and MoH's sound was so spot on for me personally. Hence why I also bought nearly every MoH CD released (only the early years, if truth be told).

Was this the best mix CD from the Millennium? It was nicely mixed together, yeah, can give them the credit they deserve, but it's not the best of the best. It's OK, if I'm honest. A good mix to listen to, and reminisce. A long forgotten sound. The good ol' days, eh?

Here's the tracklist for all you Hardcore freaks!

  1. DJ Outblast - Communication

  2. Crime Lab - 4 The Hardcore

  3. Art Of Fighters - Too Strange

  4. Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist

  5. The D.O.C. - Out There (Dr. Z-Vago & Outblast Remix)

  6. Promo - Life From The Other Side

  7. The Masochist vs Chosen Few - More Drugz

  8. DJ Outblast - The Gates Are Open

  9. Meagashira - End Of Line

  10. The Blaster - War Is Coming Man

  11. Stunned Guys vs DJ Paul - Thrillseeka (T-Factor Remix)

  12. Core Pusher - Devil Down

  13. Endymion - We Are The Future

  14. Bass-D & King Matthew vs Impulse Factory - Rock The Whole Block

  15. DJ Promo vs DJ Bike - No Commercial Sound

  16. Alienator - Prey

  17. Bass-D & King Matthew - Nuclear Hardcore

  18. DJ Outblast - Master's Symphony

  19. Masochist vs Bass-D & King Matthew - Get Retarded (Impulse Factory Remix)

  20. DJ Promo vs Digital Boy - Serious Damage

  21. DJ Dione - Confusing Motherfuckers

  22. Alienator vs Headbanger - This Is War

  23. Reactor & Raoul vs Miss Flower - Dance Or Die

  24. The D.O.C. - Hardcore To The Penis (Promo Remix)

  25. DJ Outblast - Hardcore Time

  26. J.D.A. - Voel Je Die Bass (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)

  27. Bass-D & King Matthew - More Than Rough

  28. The Masochist vs Buzz Fuzz - Hardkoor

  29. T-Wisted feat Pino D'Ambini - Respect The Cock

  30. DJ Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka

  31. Alienator vs Headbanger feat MC Alee - Strike

  32. Bass-D & King Matthew - Resistance Is Futile

  33. Wedlock & Nosferatu - Fingerprintz (Nosferatu Remix)

  34. Masochist - Pump It Up Y'All

This takes me right back to the noughties. What a decade that was. The music that was created back then was so amazing. Can't believe the Millennium happened more than 21 years ago. Where the flying fuck has the time gone by? Anyone, tell me where the time has gone to?

I only discovered this mix on Youtube the other day, and when I saw the cover, I immediately saw that it was one CD I owned, but don't have anymore. I was a bit reckless with CDs back then, and always threw them around, so scratches became my friend. Or my enemy. I spent a lot of pennies in Satisfaction Records store in Heerlen, and even to this day they recognise me. I've probably spent thousands of euros and guilders in there, and paid toward their pension fund.

I am happy to hear these tunes again. I would say that a lot of these were amazing to hear back in the day, and even in 2021. Not all of them have stood the test of time, and sound dated, but some are just pure timeless classics. Classics like 'Serious Damage', 'Devil Down', 'End Of Line',' More Drugz' , etc. All MoH sounding records. That's what I meant by saying that these records have got this distinctive sound.

My favourite has to be 'War Is Coming Man' by The Blaster. Haven't heard that one in years. The bass is just so rough and though. I miss that.

A good CD, not my all time favourite. It's OK. Carefully mixed by two mighty legends. But not that memorable. It's good to hear in 2021, a trip down memory lane.

DJs: Bass-D & King Matthew

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Gabber

CD Info: Bass-D & King Matthew In The Mix - Volume 2

Length CD: 01:13:21

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Release Year: 2001

Label: Masters Of Hardcore

Product Number: BDKM002


More Information: ------

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