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Basterd - ZWOLLE MIXTAPE (2010)

I was thinking to start writing this review in Dutch, but that would not be beneficial to those who would like to be introduced to the Dutch Hip Hop scene. And I bet that there are a lot of you out there who have not heard of Dutch Hip Hop before, and never even knew it existed! And I don't blame you: how would you find out that Zwolle, a town in the Netherlands, had a lot of talent that produced Hip Hop? Well, today is the day you are going to find out that the Dutch have got more to offer than just the standard tulips, clogs, and weed.

It's difficult to explain each and every record, what they are about. You do need to investigate some time into learning the Dutch language, but there are a few apps out there you can download, and they assist you with learning a language. For me personally Dutch isn't difficult, but that's just because it's my mother tongue. But if you are not Dutch you might find it difficult. In the end it will be worthwhile, because I have found all the records in this mix so touching and moving, and not the same if you compare it to the legendary Hip Hop from the States.

The lyrics are true, and generic. Emotional, and no need to swear like mandatory in the States. Hip Hop can be filled with emotions, and a bit quirkiness too. And the artists who you can hear in this mix (A.r.t., Delic, Rico, Sticks, etc) are showing us that Hip Hop suits the Netherlands too. Obviously the biggest duo from Zwolle (Opgewzolle) were part of my childhood, and I was a fan during the short period they were active. 'Hoedenplank' anyone? Back when they were at the top of their game I was full into Hip Hop, and had an Astra F with a banging sound system (you do need that to feel the bass coming through). Zwolle is too far away from where I grew up, but via the power of music it reached this Southern Limburg resident.

The tracklist only contains the titles, not the artist names. The one who mixed this together (Basterd, what's in the name?) only used the titles. And for once I cannot be fucked to use Google to find each and every artist on this mix, so if you want to know, just use Google, or if you know each and every name, please share it with me and I'll add it to the list.

01. Buitenwesten

02. Tjappies & Mammies

03. Made In NL

04. Spaanse Vlieg

05. Hardcore Rap

06. Meer Is Er Niet

07. Opgezwolle De Volle

08. Hoogtevrees

09. Hamvraag

10. Werk Aan De Winkel

11. Tijgers & Draken

12. 'Remix ??

13. Waar We Ook Heen Gaan

14. Hoedenplank

15. Goeiedag Verder

16. Tempel

17. Verwend

18. Flows, Fases, Shows En Situaties

19. Laatste Dagen

20. Fakkeldrager

21. Carlo Colluci

22. Strik Je Veters

23. Sporen 2

24. Sporen

25. FB Ja

26. Op De Straat

27. Kleurrijk

28. Haters & Stokers

29. Volle Kracht

30. Volle Kracht met Winne

31. Tot Zo

32. Verliezen Is Geen Optie

33. Eeuwigheid

34. Buitenwesten Outro

35. Eeuwigheid

This is obviously something unusual on my page: a tracklist in full Dutch language, and a Hip Hop mix too! But this is the kind of music I listened to during the early 00s to mid 00s. Yes, I do change music style every few years, but that's why I do listen to literally everything.

Not only Zwolle has got Hip Hop artists, but to me the sound coming out of this town means the most to me. And especially the music! Just listen to the beats, bass, and melodies! Much better than anywhere else in the Netherlands. But that's my personal opinion.

I love the vibes in each and every record, and the true dedication to the spoken word. They can literally speak about anything, and the message does come across. From happy and bouncy lyrics to extremely deep and dark (talking about the sickening disease cancer to someone who passed away). You have to be a master in the Dutch language, but it's worth it. Dutch Hip Hop is something you need to take seriously.

I find this mix extremely interesting. Basterd's mix is nice, contains a few cross fading issues, but that's ok. Not something really big, but still something that he can master. To be fair, I have not heard any other Dutch Hip Hop mix before, so I don't know if it's difficult to mix?

A nice mixtape from the legends from Zwolle. I wish there were more mixes like this one. I just love the vibes. So cool though, can't believe most records are 10+ years old: they sound like they were made only a few years ago, not more than a decade!

Best records? 'Waar We Ook Heen Gaan', and 'Meer Is Er Niet'.

DJ: Basterd

Genre/Style: Dutch Hip Hop

Mix Info: Zwolle Mixtape

Length Mix: 00:57:24

Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Basterd - Soundcloud Page

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