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Break The Beats (Old School Mix) (2015)

Today has been a great day. Really a good day. Yeah, I cut my finger by accident, but everything else has been extraordinary. I do mean it. Not only privately is it going well, but music wise it's going epic. No joke though: I've got yet another new mix for you guys and girls to hear. And absorb the excellent music that came out during the early years of the decade us millennials like to call 'the 90s'. And if there's one scene dominating everything during the 90s, it has got to be the rave scene.

Negative A, a.k.a. Dr. Z-Vago, has made a mix a few years ago. And when I say a few years ago, I mean like half a decade ago: the mix is 5 years old, and I only discovered it a few weeks back. But no worries: at least I have discovered it. And if you haven't, well, let this be your introduction into the 'Break The Beats Old School mixtape. And it's a big one, ladies and gentlemen (and everyone else, who does not categorise themselves as either gender). Negative A has dug deep in his record collection, and has selected really the creme de la creme of anthems.

If you were old enough to be raving at the times these tunes were smashing dancefloors all over the world, you should consider yourself lucky. You have experienced a decade I really wanted to experience, but sadly I'm a 1983 kid. Too young to go to underground raves. But hearing the stories and seeing those clips online makes me wonder how I would be as a person, if I was actually there?

Anyway, time for the tracklist. Be ready for some eye porn!

01. 4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare

02. Fast Eddie - Yo You Get Funky

03. Carl Cox - I Want You (Forever) (Full On Mix)

04. Deep Trip - Techno Mix

05. SL2 - Changing Trax

06. Altern 8 - Evapor8 (Inciner8 Mix)

07. X-Static - Free

08. The Prodigy - Pandemonium

09. DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven

10. Bass Construction - Dance With Power

11. SL2 - DJ's Take Control

12. Digital Domain - Aside

13. A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funky Dredd - Start The Panic

14. The Prodigy - Charly

15. Altern 8 - DJ Nex's Break

16. Altern 8 - Hypnotic St-8 (Higher St-8 Mix)

17. The Hypnotist - This Is My House

18. SL2 - The Noise (The Remix)

19. Liquid - Sweet Harmony

20. Tronikhouse - Up Tempo

21. The Prodigy - Android

22. Altern 8 - Armageddon (Radi8 Mix)

23. SL2 - Way In My Brain

24. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out

25. DJ's Unite - DJ's Unite

26. The Bouncer - Kicks Like A Mule

27. The Hypnotist - Hardcore U Know The Score

28. Frank The Wulf - Moribund (Remix)

29. Jonny L - Hurt You So

30. English Muffin - Dust Muffin

31. SL2 - On A Ragga Tip

32. The Psychopaths - Beats & Culture

33. N.R.G. - He Never Lost His Hardcore

34. The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place

35. Edge 1 - Compnded

36. Holy Noise - The Nightmare (Let Me Hear You Scream)

37. D.M.S. - Vengeance

38. Killerloops - Murder One

39. Smart-E's - Sesame's Street

That's a tracklist and a half. This is proper Old School, if I'm honest. Boy, a lot of early memories of my childhood have re-emerged, and I'm reliving the time I was listening to these tunes over and over again. Negative A's track selection is truly astonishing. You cannot call a mix an Oldskool mix without at least a few of these monsters in there.

Wow, just the impact of each individual track on the scene has been tremendous. SL2, Altern 8, The Prodigy, Carl Cox, Fast Eddie, DJ Seduction, the list goes on. Big names, and their tracks are still loved, and played in 2020. Well, if no one else is, I will. Fuck it. I'll keep the oldskool vibe going until the day I die, and I don't care what the masses say about it.

Only love and admiration for this mix. Sadly not downloadable, but forever on Soundcloud. So you can listen to it, whenever and wherever you want to (if you've got the app of course). And that's certainly what I'll be doing. A fantastic mix, with no errors, or fuck ups. Just picture perfect.

If you want more of this rarity mixes, go and check out Negative A's Soundcloud. I think there's an early Hip Hop/RnB mix there, and also an early Hardcore/Gabber mix. Certainly worth checking out.

DJ: Negative A

Genre/Style: Rave, Old Skool, Breakbeat Hardcore, Hardcore

Mix Info: Break The Beats (Old School Mix)

Length Mix: 01:26:14

Tracks: 39 (thirty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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