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Breakbeat Revolution 2 Mixed By Faz - CLSM (2012)

From a Happy Hardcore mix to a Breakbeat Hardcore mix. Oh, how small the world actually is. Many moons ago I'd already reviewed volume 1 of this mix series, but that review got lost somewhere (probably because my old website was a piece of shite and Trojan horses were bloody everywhere, so I had to shut it down). It has taken me a while to find volume 2, but yesterday I felt the need to hear some music by the mighty Breakbeat Lord called CLSM, and that search criteria led me to his Soundcloud channel, and one for the older mixes on it, was this one, done by DJ Faz.

And as we all know, CLSM stands for 'Cuthbert the Legendary Studio Monkey', right (really had no fucking idea, but every day is a new day, and today I learned that bit of interesting trivia). But today it's not just about CLSM, it's about DJ Faz, who was the one that mixed this Breakbeat Revolution mix together.Sadly I couldn't find any more information regarding this DJ or this mix series online, so I've got to wait for someone to comment underneath this mix, so I can share it with you all.

I don't know why it was only two mixes (as far as I've seen). Oh wait, I stand corrected: a third volume was released by CLSM (also mixed by Cuthbert), but after that one, it just stopped existing? Why stop? Everyone loves Breakbeat Hardcore, and we all love CLSM and all the other producers? Come on, maybe it's time for volume 4, or even volume 5, if you feel adventurous?

So according to Faz's Soundcloud page this mix was made around 2012, but released a tad later. That should be a quick wake up call for us all: these tracks are at least 10 years old! Fuck me sideways!!

  1. Stargazer - Released (2010 Remix)

  2. Entity - Plan B

  3. Ponder - Monolith

  4. Bustin & Skampy - Under Mi Sensi

  5. Click - Alpha Dog

  6. Entity & CLSM - Footsteps

  7. Skampy - (Don't Make Me Get) Oldskool

  8. Entity & CLSM - Rudloe (Cold War City) (Breaks Mix)

  9. Entity - Stargazer (Reese Remix)

  10. Bustin & Skampy - Giant Dwarf

  11. TXC142 - Dying Lights

  12. Reese - Cross The Line

  13. CLSM - Pressure Rush (G-Tech Remix)

  14. StrifeII - Enough

  15. TC - Chasing Skies (Denile & Skampy Remix)

  16. Ponder - New Emotion

  17. StrifeII - Soul On Fire

Yes, yes, yes! Breakbeat Hardcore! By artists who I absolutely adore. And this mix also awoken something deeply hidden in my mind: I did see Bustin & Skampy many years ago! It was the Hardcore Underground 6 tour, which landed them deep in Belgian territory. Alongside Fracus & Darwin, Ecsytie, Toxica, Bashir & Billy Bonka, and Tryxx. I was there! I do remember now. Back in 2013! Wow, that's also nearly 10 years ago. Time flies... too damn fast.

This takes me right back. I was fully into Breakbeat Hardcore back then, and bought everything available. CLSM and his label was also a source of excellent music, and DJ Faz's mix is a very interesting one. A glimpse back in time, when Breakbeat Hardcore was everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. The sound released during the early 10s was so dope, really dope, and Faz's mix is just what I wanted to hear today.

All the tracks are fucking epic, and all are carefully mixed together. A well received mix, that's for sure. And you might be wondering what else there is to say about this mix? Well, it's downloadable, free, and it contains 'Rudloe', such an underrated Breakbeat classic! I love the darker side of Breakbeat, especially when it's a track by both Entity and CLSM.

A fantastic mix. A time capsule we all needed. Let's go back in time, and enjoy ourselves, and listen to what was hot back in 2012.

CLSM, there's probably a very small chance of you reading this, but please please please, where's the tracklist for the third instalment, and will we ever see volume 4? A revamp might be interesting????

DJ: Faz

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Breakbeat Revolution 2 Mixed By Faz

Length Mix: 01:18:55

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 1.16 GB

File Type: .wav

Release Year: 2016, mixed in 2012

Audio: Stereo

Bitrate: 2116kbps

More Information: CLSM - Soundcloud Channel

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