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C.J. Bolland @ Obsession - World Systems (20-11-1993)

Let the flyer speak for itself. To many ravers the early 90s (or even the late 80s) is when everything happened. The most memorable events took place then, not now. And that's got nothing to do with the music, but the atmosphere. When Obsession happened, the music scene was slowly growing, but it happened so rapidly, no-one was prepared for it. Still a new and exciting quest, these parties might have looked very basic and 'cheap' compared to a present day rave, but for the organisers and the ravers this was just enough. Raves were about to express yourself. The focus was mainly on the ravers and the DJ, and people did let themselves go. And all that without a mobile phone! This was the era before the mobile phones, so the genuine screams are heard not because of Snapchat demanding it, or Facebook Live requires it: it was because of the music and the DJ.

tThis party happened back in 1993, which is now 26 years ago. Can you Adam and Eve it? Of course this being the 90s you were able to get the sets recorded on cassette packs, and there are a few out there, if you are interested: DJ Sy, Ellis Dee, Destruction, Easygroove, Mike C, DJ Peer, and of course the Belgian Techno pioneer C.J. Bolland. I've seen the name before and heard music here and there, but never heard an actual set by him, especially a set from the early 90s.

During the 90s Techno was my thing, but trust C.J. Bolland to use obscure underground records during his set. This liveset is nearly an hour and a half long, so you do get a good understanding of what happened at Obsession. But it's not only C.J. Bolland you hear.

So sit back and let's take a ride, back to 1993.

01. The Source Experience - Elektra

02. Radiation - Meltdown (Richie Hawtin South Of Detroit Dub)

03. Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio Mix)

04. Luke Slater - Moave Violin

05. Slam Trax - Blow Acid

06. Drax - Section 2

07. Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde - Midex

08. Electronic Experienced - No. 303

09. DJ Tom & Norman - Tales Of Mystery

10. Sonic Infusion - Magnifica

11. Magnetic Two - Boom Level

12. C.J. Bolland - Spring Yard

13. Azid Force - Breakattack

14. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One

15. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

16. Unknown Structure - Theme From Unknown Structure/Helixcoid

17. Pergon - Jungle Love

18. Faith 7 - Phuturistic Noize Generation (B)

I have to mention that this set is not only C.J. Bolland's set, but also Destruction's set (well, bits of it). But my focus is on his set.

He's a Techno legend, and has been quiet over the last couple of years, according to Wikipedia. But he deserves a short break, he's been in the scene for a very long time. Think about it, 1993. I was only 10 years old. Don't know how old you are (the reader), but C.J. Bolland was already playing at big events, and I just got out of my nappies. I was still green behind the ears. And he played in front of thousands of ravers. I wish I was born earlier, and had some talent.

I was a bit disappointed during this set. Normally I'm not that picky and will say nothing about a few 'mistakes', but there are really a lot of them in here. I wouldn't have expected it from C.J. Bolland. Truth be told, it was all on vinyl, which must have been a struggle, but I've heard better sets from 1992/1993. The tracks he has selected are good, but the mixing is all over the place. And that's a disappointment.

I wish I was old enough to experience this event and others similar. Maybe it was different to hear this when you were there. But to hear this in 2019 via Soundcloud, the magic does not come across.

Best record? 'The First Rebirth'.

DJ: C.J. Bolland

Genre/Style: Techno, Hardcore, Early, Oldskool

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Obsession - World Systems 20-11-1993

Length Liveset: 01:26:11

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: C.J. Bolland - Official Website

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2 comentários

Nev Virgo
Nev Virgo
13 de mai. de 2020

I don't buy the vinyl excuse either, they had the industry standard Technics 1210s. Obsession paid him quite a bit of money to play I'm sure and it wasn't one of his better performances and that's putting it mildly.


Nev Virgo
Nev Virgo
13 de mai. de 2020

Yeah completely agree with you about the mixing was awful , some great tracks though

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