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Caine @ Defqon.1 2016 Indigo

The other day something magical happened: someone from the Hardstyle scene started following me on Twitter. None other than the most Scottish looking DJ called Caine! Truth be told, I had to look up some info about this bearded warrior. I've seen his name before (it did ring a bell) but not really sure what his back story was/is. Turns out he's much younger than me (nearly 9 years younger), but it's the beard that makes him look 48. Anyway, this bearded Rawstyle fanatic started following me (maybe it's got something to do with GPF?) and I got excited! Why?

Well, I have seen his name before and knew of his existence, but never actually reviewed a set by him. So I thought 'let's visit my old friend Soundcloud and see if it has something for me I can talk about'. And there it was. Among other stuff on it, a liveset! With a tracklist! Now that blew me away, and my excitement level did rise to an unusual high. And it became idiotic after hearing the set the first time!

I've never had the chance to go to Defqon.1 due to my illness and work, but it does have a reputation. If you play there, you have made it. You play in front of the hardest crowd in the world. And truth be told: the Dutch know how to party. But so do the Scottish, so to ask Caine to play at Defqon.1 in 2016 was an obvious choice. And the crowd seemed to love it! You hear them throughout the set.

Anyway, tracklist time!

01. Caine - Prepare For Glory (Defqon.1 Edit) (feat a Fuck tonne of Flanger)

02. Caine - Saviour

03. Caine - Product Of Environment

04. Caine & Chimera - Face Us

05. Caine & Deimos - Anguish (2016 Edit)

06. Caine & Deimos - Together

07. Unresolved - House Of Caine (Fuck U Ihor Edit)

08. The Masochist & Chosen Few - More Drugz? (Caine Remix) (More Kickz Edit)

09. Caine - Blow U 2 Pieces

10. Apexx - Insanity

11. Chris One & Caine - Eden

12. Caine - There Will Be Blood

13. Apexx & Caine - Sweaty Baws

14. Psyched & Caine - Dead Men Walking

15. Caine - A Phat Beat! (A Phat Swedge Edit)

16. Caine - Let's Get Pillz

17. Caine - Part Of The Game

18. Caine & Deimos - The Black Sacrament

19. Apexx & Jason Payne - Life's A Bitch

20. Caine - Abomination

This is my full introduction into this bearded mystery DJ's world. He looks genuinely like he escape from a very cool and dope post nuclear world- PS4 game. And his music sounds exactly like that! It's raw to the bone, and it does give me one too! (a boner of course). But before we start getting hyped up, let's talk about the music, and not my General's status (General = my genital).

The music is intoxicating. It's really refreshing! I don't know what it is with Rawstyle, but it grabs me and doesn't let me go. It makes me hyped up to such a point: if I'm driving, I will generally start driving ridiculously fast and start flashing everyone. It makes my nipples erect, but that's my problem.

My parents would say this is aggressive music, and they have got a point. Normally I'm not an aggressive person, but this makes me aggo. And happy at the same time. But there's a huge disappointment with Caine's set.

The stupid 'Defqon.1' jingles. Don't know how they creeped up, but they did not align with the music whatsoever. And it kind of annoyed me. The music is great, and it keeps my heart's BPM high, but hearing 'Defqon.1' randomly is just a tad weird. And the person with the mic in his hand... should know when to stay quiet and let Caine's music do the talking!

Best record? Oh, there were so many. But the level of darkness like I've never heard of before, was reached during 'Product Of Environment'. The vocals just made the record excellent!

I also liked the weird 'A Phat Beat!'. The Scottish have got a thing, their lingo is just so excellent. Wish I could speak it. It would make 'Trainspotting' much easier for me to understand.

Anyway, besides the jingles being a pain in the arsehole, the set is wicked. Just what I needed to get me going through the weekend. I must and shall see Caine this year. I need some of his raw Hardstyle coming in my ears (well, that might sound wrong, but you know what I mean!).

DJ: Caine

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Defqon.1 2016

Length Liveset: 01:01:54

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Caine - Soundcloud Page

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