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Chosen Few @ Ghosttown 2015

Who doesn't know Ghosttown? This massive Hardcore focussed event has been on people's minds for many years, and have gained quite the following. Year after year they have created the finest atmospheres for the raving masses, and back in 2015 they had a killer line-up, including the following names, and before I name them, you might need a tissue, because you will have an orgasm. Here are a few names: Panic, Darkraver, AniMe, Dyprax, JDA, Headbanger, Destructive Tendencies, Rob, Bountyhunter, Delirium, MD&A, Lancinhouse & Jappo, Painbringer, Partyraiser, and of course Chosen Few.

Why did I say of course? Well, it would be weird not to name him, when this review is all about his set at Ghosttown. Why did I want to hear this? Or even review this? Because I wanted to hear smething by him, Chosen Few. This DJ and producer has got this distinctive sound that is recognisable. You do know within second if a track is made by Chosen Few or not. And for his set at Ghosttown he decided to play shitloads of his own productions, and a few by his fellow DJ friends. The tracklist was the main focus for me, but it does have a few gaps: if anyone does know these tracks, please comment below, and we will add the missing bits.

Before I start yapping about God knows what, let's focus on the music. Here's the tracklist.

01. ID - ID

02. Unknown Artist - Hide U (Remix)

03. Chosen Few - Chosen Paradise

04. Chosen Few - Kold Dayz

05. Chosen Few - The Break

06. Chosen Few - All You Motherfuckers

07. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ

08. Turntable Disciples - Vortex

09. ID - ID

10. Turntable Disciples - Da Baddest

11. Brain Acardy - Wayz Of Da Underground

12. DJ Promo - Cold As Stone

13. ID - ID

14. Da Predator - Knuckleheadz

15. Wedlock vs Predator - Get On Down

16. Predator - Da Only Ones Left

17. Trypticon - Mixmasta

18. DJ Wicked - Flying In The Air

He had to play his own records of course. Without a shadow of a doubt a set would be weird without his biggest hits, including the monster hit 'Name Of The DJ'. Be it the original or the Buzz Fuzz remix (which is also a fanfuckingtastic record), he has to play it. A genre defining record. A true statement to the gabbers from the 90s. I was too young of body, but I felt it. I knew that this record was going to be timeless, and still in 2019 it packs a punch.

He has selected really interesting records, and on the mic we've got MC Joe. And it does work extremely well. I got a genuine 90s vibe throughout this set. And even though it was mixed using CDJs and not vinyl, it was still a rocking set. I think we've gone pass the stage where we talk about the fantastic sound of the crackling records: we just want to hear the music. And preferably in 1411kbps, not 12kbps lol.

I've really enjoyed this set, and I think you should feel the same. Proper 90s vibes. And of course to hear 'Name Of The DJ', that's just a simple yes, yes, YES! Chosen Few's all time classic. A set cannot be finished without it. And when you hear those familiar cords, you know shit is about to happen!

Enjoy it. No free download, but that's ok: we've got the repeat button!

DJ: Chosen Few

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Ghosttown 2015

Length Liveset: 01:00:24

Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Chosen Few - Facebook Fanpage

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