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Da RicO - Nederhop & Bubbling Classics Megamix (2023)

Everyone knows I am Dutch. Hell, if you haven't noticed it, please check our website address: . Obvious that I'm Dutch. But obviously I've been living in the UK for quite a while, and I've grown accustom to a lot of British things. My way of living has changed, but sometimes I want to be reminded of the Netherlands, and their culture. Preferably the food from our chippy, but unfortunately there's no Dutch chippy near me. The next thing I would appreciate, is Dutch music. Nederhop, as it's called. Which is the Dutch trying to be a bit Hip Hop/RnB. It's a bit different, but sometimes it's cool to hear. Today is the day I am listening to Nederhop/Bubbling classics.

Normally I would say that I dislike Dutch folklore music. And I'm not even lying. I genuinely dislike Dutch folklore/pop music. But the only exception is Dutch Hip Hop. It's because I've always liked R&B and Hip Hop. My introduction was around 1994/1995, and I grew up appreciating it a lot. Nederhop grew over the years, and for me it was around 1999 when I started to like it more and more. But if I'm honest, it would never be a genre I would put in my top 10 most favourite genre list. But it's certainly in the top 25.

I grew up, listening to Nederhop, and before it became commercially destroyed, I actually appreciated it. And to find a mix dedicated to Nederhop, is kind of cool, and it reminds me of driving in the Netherlands, windows down, speakers blowing up.. and wearing clogs. (that's a joke, I certainly don't wear clogs or ever owned a pair, because why would I?).

My connection with the Netherlands, that's what this is. And it reminds me of certain words I've forgotten about. Words I would not say here in the UK, because no one would understand them. Broodje bakpao? Watskeburt?

Da RicO made this mix, and it's only an hour long, but it's got a lot of tracks I know, and also a lot I've never heard of. The bubbling side of Dutch music was never my favourite, but can't complain. At least it's danceable, right?

  1. Brace - Hartendief

  2. Yes-R - Uit Elkaar

  3. The Opposites & Mr Probz - Sukkel Voor De Liefde

  4. The Partysquad feat Brainpower - Non Stop

  5. Brace - Ik Ben Je Zat

  6. The Flexican & Typhoon - Bumaye

  7. Brainpower - Vlinders

  8. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Hollereer

  9. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Sterrenstof

  10. Dio & Sef - Tijdmachine

  11. The Partysquad - Wat Wil Je Doen

  12. Spookrijders - Klokkenluiders

  13. Gers Pardoel - Bagagedrager

  14. Yes-R - Me Boy

  15. Fouradi - Ping!

  16. The Opposites - Dom, Lomp & Famous

  17. The Opposites - Broodje Bakpao

  18. Darryl feat Soumia & RIO - Eejeejo!

  19. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Watskeburt

  20. Gers Pardoel - Ik Neem Je Mee

  21. The Partysquad - Whoop Whoop

  22. Dio & Sef - Aye

  23. The Opposites - Slapeloze Nachten

  24. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Get Spanish

  25. Brainpower - Dansplaat

  26. The Opposites - Hey DJ

  27. The Opposites - Me Nikes

  28. Fouradi - 1 Ding

  29. Yes-R feat Partysquad - Rampeneren

  30. Yes-R - Hey Schatje

  31. DJ Chuckie - Da Partycrasher

  32. IMMO - Billeshake

  33. DJ Madman - Meisje (Zo Lelijk Als De Nacht)

  34. Def P & Beatbusters - Bubbelbad

  35. IMMO - Billen Trillen

  36. K-Liber - Magnifico

  37. K-Liber - Dansen

  38. The Partysquad - Ik Ga Hard

  39. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Shenkie

  40. The Partysquad - I'm Sorry

  41. Def Rhymz - Ze Zitten Me Achterna

  42. Def Rhymz - Ik Ben Niet Te Stoppen

  43. Ross & Iba - Ding Ding Ding (Faluma Mix)

  44. K-Liber - Viben

  45. Def Rhymz - Schudden

  46. Funana - So Cu Pe

  47. Aptijt - Boeke

  48. La Rouge - Als Je Weet Wat Je Doet

I really find this an interesting mix. He keeps the entertainment level high, and it's hit after hit. I think that the majority of these songs did appear on the Dutch Top 40. I might be wrong, but I think that they did. They are radio friendly songs, and to be fair, you can swear on Dutch songs, and they are played out loud, from 1 am to 11 pm. Basically 24/7. There's no pre watershed rules and regulations. So all these songs could be played whenever, wherever.

But I've been out of the Netherlands for a few years, and my main focus was never Nederhop, even when I lived in NL. I did listen to it, whenever it came on the radio, but would never go out of my way to listen to it. Only after seeing New Kids would I play 'Broodje Bakpao', or 'Me Nikes'.

If you speak or understand Dutch, you might like this mix. It's different, funky, and very bubbly. I'm the least bubbliest person, so you might think that it doesn't suit me. But the bubbly is indeed not my most favourite, but I can still appreciate it, listen to it, and bounce my booty.

A few of the tracks are too cheesy, even for my ears. But Da RicO has added a few classics I grew up, especially the ones made by Brainpower, Def Rhymz, The Opposites, The Partysquad etc. Some of the tracks are just so plain, boring, and maybe not my cup of tea. You might like them.

It's mixed. Not a huge fan of the bubbly stuff, but when it's hard, rough, and it blows up your speakers (like 'Wat Wil Je Doen'), that's my kind of music. That era of Nederhop I really like a lot, and you can find a few of those tracks in here.

Worth a shot. Especially when it's an unknown kind of music. Worth exploring, right?

But come on, 'Shenkie', 'Meisje', 'Rampeneren'... they are really bad! Maybe it's time for them to put those songs to bed, and never to let them be awoken. Let them sleep forever!

DJ: Da RicO

Genre/Style: Nederhop, Bubbling, Europop, Dutch Folklore, Dutch Hip Hop, Dutch R&B

Mix Info: Da RicO - Nederhop & Bubbling Classics Megamix

Length Mix: 00:58:42

Tracks: 48 (fourty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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