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DANAMITE Label Showcase (09.12.2019)

Tuesday, Dana day. It's not official, but we can surely make it an official day. (Dinsdag, Dana dag). How's that for a festive idea? So let's kick this Tuesday off with a bang. A short but yet extremely exciting mix by our friend Audioholik. 2 years ago he decided to do a dedication mix, to a label which was run by the Queen of Hardstyle, Dana (a.k.a. Lady Dana). It was a subsidiary of The Third Movement label, and only had releases between 2004 and 2007. Don't know what happened to the label, but the records released on this label were amazing. Do you remember this label?

Danamite. Most of the records on this label (9 in total) were made by the Queen herself, and 22% of the songs were by others. And by others I mean The Playboyz and D-Block & S-te-Fan. But we will focus solely on Dana's own records. She was an amazing producer when she was still making Hardcore anthems, but in the Hardstyle scene she blossomed into this extremely fine producer, and nailed it on the head. Her tracks (from this label) are really good, raw, rough, with a Dana twang to it.

You could differentiate her tracks from other producers. She had this sound that she embraced well. Well, she hasn't just received the title of 'Queen' for no reason? She is the Queen. And her songs were ace.

Audioholik's mix contains a few records from her label, and it makes me want to go 'back in time' (see what I did there, a Dana pun!) and dance throughout the night to her tunes. Between these years I really fell in love with her Hardstyle records, and still regard them highly. Yes, she's the Queen, but she will demolish speakers if needs must.

But now you are wondering which tracks are in this short mix? Well, these:

  1. Dana - Back In Time

  2. Dana - Mash

  3. Dana - Unendlichkeit

  4. Dana - House Of Rock

  5. Dana - Catch My Drift (Rave Mix)

  6. Dana - Jaguar

  7. Dana - Restyled

7 records. 31 minute long mix. This has to be the shortest tracklist I've seen in a while. Audioholik has done a great job in choosing these fine songs, and mixing them all together nicely.

Dana is just a pure hidden gem. She has got some well respected and much loved records under her belt, and when you see 'Restyled' in a mix, you know shit is about to go down! Speakers are about to blow. She brings the heat, and this record just embraces the sound from that era. Dana doing her thing, and she did it extremely well.

I don't have any negative comments about this mix. Yet another amazing mix by Audioholik, embracing the mighty Danamite, and making sure that we remember this awesome label in 2022 and for many years to come.

My only feedback would be: go check this mix out, and see if you are a Dana fan too (if you weren't already). This mix will certainly bring a huge smile on your face. Don't believe me? Try it: press play and let the music speak for itself!

Oh, another good thing: free download! How's that, eh? Gorgeous!

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Early Hardstyle

Mix Info: DANAMITE Label Showcase

Length Mix: 00:30:58

Tracks: 7 (seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 71.5 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2019

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

More Information: Audioholik - Soundcloud Page


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