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Decibel Outdoor 2022 | Warm-up Mixes

I've not been online for the last 10 days, because I was on holiday. Or I was at work, at HQ. But reviewing was put aside for a bit, as the Summer is in full effect, and had other priorities. But now I'm back, not just with one mix, but with several. At the time of typing this review, there are 6 mixes, but there could be more. Not sure if there will be more than 6, but if there are to be more, well, at least you know why I only mention the number 6. B2S has got a few 'warm up' mixes, for everyone getting excited to go to Decibel, which is held on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of August of this year. Not that we need any 'warming' up, as it was 41 degrees Celsius yesterday....

Decibel 2022 is going to look great. The line-up is (as always) humongous, and hopefully the weather will be good (not too bloody warm though, don't want to get a sunburn when raving). And to increase peoples excitement, a few of the artists have made a warm up mix. And it's a nice mixture of what you can expect at Decibel. The mixes were made by the following artists: Bass Chaserz, Promo, Deadly Guns, Gizmo, AniMe, and Cryex. Enough reasons to get hyped up for Decibel Outdoors, right?

This event has been on my bucket list for many years. Sadly never been, but always wanted to. Now I'm getting older, I do find less time to go raving. Work commitments, right? And being married changes things too. But I am not to get rid of my bucket list: maybe one day I be raving at a Decibel. Couldn't give a shit if I'm 80 and still raving. I will be taken off my list when I've visited it.

So, without further ado, let's dive straight into these mixes. And yes, each has a tracklist, so I'll be typing my ass off right now. But it's all worth it. Each mix, so I'll be doing this for the next 10 minutes.... but here it goes:

Bass Chaserz Mix:

  1. Bass Chaserz & Darkraver feat Eelco - In Mijn Bloed

  2. D-Block & S-tepack - Rise And Fly

  3. Ricardo Moreno - Blending Tape #2

  4. The Opposites - Licht Uit (Coone Remix)

  5. Kriss Kross Amsterdam - Vluchtstrook (Bass Chaserz Edit)

  6. Het Feestteam - Malle Babbe (Bass Chaserz Remix)

  7. Ransom - The Countdown

  8. Zombic, Danimal, Influencerz - Be My Lover (Bass Chaserz Remix)

  9. Outsiders & Bass Chaserz feat Anita Doth - Popcorn

  10. Marshmello feat Khalid - Silence (Sub Sonik Remix)

  11. Freqliner - Allright Spacer (Bass Chaserz Mash-up)

  12. Frequencerz & Bass Chaserz - Renegades

  13. Shadowprophet & DeeFace - Happy 1,2 Stampen 5.0

  14. Bass Chaserz feat Last Word - Hero's Journey

  15. Bass Chaserz - Big Dick (Spuit Me Vol Remix Crude Intentions)

  16. Dr. Rude feat Ratkid - Self Esteem

Promo Mix:

  1. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Promo Remix)

  2. Promo - Emotions Over Anger

  3. Promo - Vicious Circle

  4. Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix)

  5. Promo - King Of Pain

  6. G-Town Madness & The Viper - Buck 'em Down

  7. Promo - Among The Best

  8. Endymion - Payback

  9. G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix)

  10. Ophidian & Nosferatu - Psychiatric Ass

  11. Ophidian - Butterfly

  12. Promo - Serious Damage

  13. Tha Playah - Walking The Line

  14. Catscan - Capture In Distress

  15. Promo & Alex B - Bij Gebrek Aan Beter

  16. Neophyte & Tha Playah - Still Nr.1

  17. Tommyknocker - Domination

Deadly Guns Mix:

  1. Deadly Guns - We Always Rise

  2. Dither - Beat My Drum

  3. Deadly Guns - The Illest Days (Thunderdome Tribute)

  4. Deadly Guns - From The Underground

  5. Deadly Guns & E-Force feat Carola & Livid - Inflict The Pain

  6. Deadly Guns x D-Fence - Battle Tonight

  7. Angerfist - Bad Attitude (Deadly Guns Remix)

  8. Elite Enemy - Never Change

  9. N-Vitral & Deadly Guns - Smells Like Teen Spirit

  10. Trespassed feat MC Robs - Terrified

  11. Deadly Guns - The Black Reaper

  12. E-Force & Deadly Guns feat Carola - Aerials

  13. Deadly Guns & Dither - Sick In The Head

  14. Elite Enemy - Won't Sleep

  15. Deadly Guns - Get Dissed

  16. Killshot & Deadly Guns - Loca

  17. Deadly Guns - Fake Shit

  18. Deadly Guns & N-Vitral - Burn MF

  19. Deadly Guns - Killer Heart

  20. N-Vitral presents Bombsquad & Spitnoise - Death Blow

  21. D-Fence & DRS & Mr. Hyde - Bass Till I Die

Gizmo Mix:

  1. DJ Da Rick - Attention

  2. DJ Gizmo - Claustrofobie (Hall Of States Mix)

  3. DJ Yves meets Chaps & Rolay - Devils Fiction

  4. D-Devils - The 6th Gate

  5. Zenith vs Avex - I'm Your Deejay (Attack Mix)

  6. Private Productions - Looped (P.P.'s Private '97 Specimen)

  7. Immaginazione 2 - La Musica Del Futuro (Techno Version)

  8. Tellurians - The Navigator

  9. Armani & Ghost - Airport

  10. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius Remix)

  11. Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (DJ Francois 2012 Edit)

  12. DJ Youri - Fuck On Cocaine

  13. DJ Massive vs The Rebel - Like This

  14. Marc Acardipane vs The Prophet - Stereo Killa (Prophet Mix)

  15. Rattlebrain - Razzle Dazzle Trax

  16. Pavo & Zany - Sex

  17. Gizmo & Rude Noize - Universe Mashup 001

Cryex Mix:

  1. Hard Driver - Embrace The Physical

  2. D-Sturb - Party At My Place (Vertile Remix)

  3. Apex - Combining Forces (2022 Edit)

  4. Frequencerz - Brave The Storm (Radianze Remix)

  5. Cryex - Falling Up

  6. Aversion - Renegades

  7. Cryex - Madness Saga (Mashup)

  8. Hard Driver & Rebelion - Earthquake

  9. Scarra - Underground Energy

  10. Bloodlust - Freefall

  11. Adaro & Crypsis - Legs In The Air (Cryex Remix)

  12. Imperatorz & Livid - Fanatics

  13. Vasto & Scarra - Drop It

  14. Mish - I Go Hard

  15. Warface - Worst Nightmare

  16. Vasto & Scarra & Cryex - Bassline Madness

  17. Rebelion - The Funkie Junkie

  18. Sickmode & Rooler - Clubbanger

  19. Scarra & Vasto - Bassline Detonators

AniMe Mix:

  1. Mad Dog - You Don't Belong

  2. Broken Minds - Bomb Bass Boom

  3. Delius - Levitate Through Sound

  4. Angerfist - The Other Side

  5. Tears Of Fury - Violence

  6. Sickmode & Rooler - Too Cold

  7. AniMe - No Matter

  8. AniMe - Fight

  9. AniMe & Dave Revan - The Third Invasion (2022 Refix)

  10. Miss K8 - The Last Spartan

  11. Mad Dog - What Is Hardcore

  12. Miss K8 & AniMe - Legacy

  13. Bloodfire - Pain

  14. AniMe - Somebody Scream

  15. Mad Dog & AniMe - Hardcore Machine (Edit)

  16. AniMe - Playing Terror (Tears Of Fury Remix)

  17. AniMe - Bam Bam (F.Noize Remix)

  18. AniMe - Fine Night

6 tracklists, made by the big names in the industry. Basically, there's a mix for everyone here. Unless you aren't a fan of the harder styles. If that's the case, why are you even reading this?

Hours of fun. That's what you get. And I've really enjoyed most mixes and most tracks. Not all of them, if I'm brutally honest. But it still made me hate the fact that I'm missing out on Decibel this year..

The mixes are good. Some are better than the others, but that's just a personal preference. My top three would be Promo, Gizmo, and AniMe. My least favourite mix was the one by Bass Chaserz. I know it's in the style of Pussylounge, but it's too cringe for me. Maybe with a few beverages down my throat I might like it, but I would not listen to this when I'm sober. Maybe a bit too harsh, but this is just not for me.

The mixes themselves are a mixture of everything. Old, new, Uptempo, Hardstyle, Millennium, and more. So you will certainly be pleased to find a mix suitable for you. And again, at this stage there are only 6 mixes, it could always be more and more. So for now I can only judge the 6 made.

They are very nice, and hope these tunes are played at Decibel. But I don't need to 'hope', I know for sure they will. And the ravers will have a blast! Rave hard, and rave safe!

DJs: Promo, AniMe, Gizmo, Deadly Guns, Bass Chaserz, Cryex

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Millennium Hardcore, Gabber, Retro, etc

Mix Info: Decibel Outdoor 2022 | Warm Up Mixes

Length Mixes: 04:38:12

Tracks: 108 (hundred-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Official B2S - Soundcloud Channel

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