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Delicate Soundz - Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] (2018)

I'm 99% sure I have reviewed this mix before. I must have done. I've been doing this for 10-15 years, and I remember listening to this mix, but I can't find the review anywhere. Maybe it's lost? Maybe it was on my old website, but I do remember this mix. But who cares about the review, it's all about the mix. And if you've seen or heard this one before, you know it's done by Negative A, which I associate with Hardcore Techno/Gabber music, but he does so much more. He's used many aliases over the years, but he's been an influence in the Hardcore scene.

But don't let that scare you off. Please, don't. Just focus on the mix he made 5 years ago, which already got raving reviews on his Soundcloud channel. It's filled with Old School anthems, from around the beginning of the 90s. Techno, House, Acid Industrial, you name it: it's in here. And it's the music I grew up with. I was still a young kid, not knowing the importance of this new style of dance music, but I knew it made me move. And sitting with a big ass headset on in our living room, listening to these on CD and vinyl, nothing could make me happier.

I'm now 39 years old, and I'm still in love with the music from 1990 to 1993. The music that shaped the future. This is what dominated the underground scene and dancefloors all over the world, and slowly (and surely) it started to become bigger, better, and bolder. It was already rough and tough, but it grew into this wonderful thing. I obviously know Hardcore Techno well enough to determine this kind of music being at the base of it all. And Negative A even put in a Hardcore anthem that some might consider to be the first one ever made!

In most reviews I talk about how eager I am to go back in time, but after re-discovering this mix a few days ago, I felt the urge so badly. Nothing, and I do mean it, can beat the early 90s sound. It's so brutal, so ugly, but so beautiful. If I could, I would relive the 90s again, but this time as a late teenager, being able to experience everything most adults did do during the early 90s.

But what did Negative A put in this mix? Well, these songs:

  1. Fuck The Industry And Motherfuck Radio Man! - This Is Bug

  2. Joey Beltram - Energy Flash

  3. The Ambassador - Deduction

  4. Joey Beltram - My Sound

  5. Ramirez - La Musika Tremenda (Fabrice Remix)

  6. Set Up System - Fairy Dust (Blastomania Mix)

  7. Brain-e - What A Bassline

  8. Underground Resistance - The Punisher

  9. 80 Aum - Stronger Than Steel

  10. Meng Syndicate - Sonar System (Speedy J Mix)

  11. Adam X - Lost In Hell (Remix)

  12. EX 4 - Possessor

  13. Two Pieces - Magic Bells

  14. Equitek - Stylus Flight

  15. Strongheads - Frequency Test

  16. Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived

  17. World Power Alliance - The Seawolf

  18. Brain Storm - Do I Feel Lucky

  19. Trashman - Cosmotrash (Industrial Trash)

  20. Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707

  21. Cybersonik - Trashing

  22. Dr. Fernando - Stomach Substance

  23. Crowd Control - Tranzformer

  24. Turbulence - Whurlstorm

  25. Bountyhunter - The Bountyhunter

  26. Tellurians - The Navigator

  27. Test - Overdub

  28. Circuit Breaker - Trac K

  29. Insider - T.O. 001 (A-Side)

  30. Overdrive - Limited

  31. Brain Storm - Cybernatic Noisefly (Part 1)

  32. Cybersonik - Machine Gun

  33. Mindscape - Sugar Trax

  34. Holo Graphic 4th - Tranzluzent

  35. I.S.Q. - The Mosquito

  36. Circuit Breaker - Trac-X

  37. X-Buzz - Overload

  38. 2 Uninterested - I Don't Care (Lenny Dee Remix)

  39. Hard Attack - Resonation

  40. Knight Phantom - Basic Terror

  41. The Agressor - I'm Coming

This is an insane mix. 81 minutes long, 41 records. Yes, it does say 40 on the original tracklist on Negative A's Soundcloud channel, but he's got two number 9s on the list. But hey ho, who gives a flying fuck about numbers? It's about the selection of tracks, and they are glamorous!

If you want to be transported back in time within a few seconds, press play on this mix. So many classics are in here, it's going to blow your mind away! Proper old skool feels throughout, and very carefully mixed together. It's a blend that works well. An absolute fantastic job by Negative A, and for that he gets a positive B!

Some of these tracks you would have heard before, especially on those compilations that commemorated the early 90s, but some were so obscure, you would only find them in mixes like this one. And some are seriously underrated, which is a pity. Not deserved, in my honest opinion. There are so many amazing songs in here, which have stood the test of time, and still deserve it to be played wherever, whenever. Not just in a mix, but at events where they play old skool music.

We need more of these mixes in our lives. This is seriously one epic mix, and probably the best early 90s focussed mix ever made. And yes, a statement you weren't expecting, but this mix embraces everything I love about the early 90s. The music was so damn good. And Negative A has made a mix so damn good, it's just breathtakingly beautiful. It's like he went into my head, had a look around, and knew exactly what it is I liked.

And when Equitek's 'Stylus Flight' kicked in... boy, did I loose my freaking mind!? Yes, I did. Speakers on max, and I let myself go completely.

41 records I all adore and love, and hope will all get the recognition they deserve. They've given us the music we listen to today, and have become classics that outshine most dance tunes made in 2023. Quality over quantity, that's what they did back in the 90s. And these are of such high quality, you want to put them in a frame and place them in a museum.

A fantastic mix. You NEED to relive the 90s. And if you weren't alive in the 90s, go and enjoy this mix, and listen to what we used to listen to.

DJ: Negative A

Genre/Style: House, Hardcore, Oldschool, Acid, Techno, Industrial, Rave

Mix Info: Delicate Soundz - Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993]

Length Mix: 01:21:21

Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 186 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2018

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