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Detest @ Above The Roofs Of L.E. (Summer Hole Revelation 2022)

The next mix on this sunny and glorious Wednesday is a hard one. This time it's made by Detest, who is know for playing extremely hard and loud music. From the first mix review of today (uplifting Hardstyle) to this, it's a completely different approach to dance music. Whereas the previous review/mix was nice and melodic, this Detest mix is one I wasn't ready for. I woke up, all cheerful and chipper, and now hearing this mix, it just makes me have energy levels above 200%. My body wants to stomp the floor and raise my hands at the same time, vigorously. But I should have known: just look at the image above: it comes with a bloody warning!!!

You might be thinking 'oh this is yet another Hardcore mix', but it certainly isn't. When I did my research for this mix, I tried to define Detest, and categorise his music. But I simply can't. Seriously, I cannot. If there's one diverse artist/producer, it's Detest. And this set proves just that. My God, it's just a rollercoaster ride full of emotions, and ranging beats, bass, and melodies. I can try, but I will certainly fail. So let's call it all Hardcore, and get it over with.

Why would we do that? So we can focus on the actual set. And as much as I've done my research on the artist, I'm not familiar with the event he played at? Does anyone have any more information.

The set itself is hard. If you were going to listen to this mix, thinking it was your standard 'Hard' music, it certainly isn't Fuck me, this is loud, and rough. You certainly needed that warning sign, and if possible, try and use protection. This mix is hard as fuck! An hour of Detest will certainly get your energy levels all the way up, and your heartbeat will follow. My God, this isn't what I was expecting to hear on this Wednesday, but I'm glad I've checked Soundcloud, wouldn't want to miss this set...

  1. Detest - Here For You

  2. eDub - Gallo

  3. Warface - Guccie Boy

  4. Detest - Fuck You

  5. Detest - Tokyo

  6. Detest - London

  7. Detest - Manic Bitch

  8. Detest - Hyper Schranz

  9. Alfred Heinrichs - She Could! (Detest Remix)

  10. Detest - Acid Poke (Edit)

  11. Detest - Oldschool Trash

  12. Detest - Killing Spree

  13. The Clamps - Seduction Scale (Detest Remix)

  14. Detest - Happy Rave Mash-Up

  15. Detest - Midnight Motherfuckers (Edit)

  16. Detest & Tripped - Revolution

  17. Detest - TBH

  18. Detest & BMG - Ghetto Bass

  19. Detest - Uma

  20. Furyan - Bass Journey (Miss K8 Remix)

  21. Detest - DTS

  22. Detest - Stallion Girl (Edit)

  23. Detest - Alice

  24. Detest - Sleep Knowledge (Schranz Edit)

  25. Detest - Escape From Fucking Nowhere (2022 Remix)

  26. False Idol - Time To Destroy

  27. Detest - My Porn (2022 Edit)

  28. Detest & MBK - Cobra Kicks

This is hard as fuck! This set goes through all the harder styles, like Breaks, Hardcore, Rawstyle, Techno, Schranz, Uptempo, and even a bit of Industrial, and to top it all off: Terror. And I freaking love it. So diverse, so unique, and refreshing. More of this, please!

I've been listening to this mix over and over again, must have at least listened to this 3 times in a row, and my energy levels are way up there. Who needs energy drinks when you can have a bit of Detest? All jokes aside, this mix is truly amazing. As mentioned before, it's diverse, and that's what so intriguing. You cannot categorise this under just one style or genre. This is the multiverse of Hardcore in a nutshell. And it's freaking awesome.

From the first to the last song, Detest grabs us by the balls, and doesn't let us go. At certain stages it becomes painful: not just for my balls, but also my speakers. My speakers are literally moving on my desk! Imagine hearing this live... you wouldn't have a clue what hits you!

Hard as fuck this set. Nothing more to add. A brilliant set by Detest. Superb way to start your Wednesday with. We don't need anything, just this mix. Big and epic set. Detest shows us how thing should be done, and he does it extremely well!

DJ: Detest

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo, Breaks, Industrial, Rawstyle, Techno, Schranz, Terror

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Above The Roofs Of L.E. (Summer Hole Revelation 2022)

Length Liveset: 01:05:20

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Detest - Soundcloud Channel

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