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Still unemployed (but not for long), so I am sitting at home, not having a thing to do. Well, there's one thing I can do: review. And nothing else to be fair. Gardening is boring, and it's too wet. Cleaning the car? Currently haven't got a car. Chores around the house? Nah, not that eager to do anything, but it's a must. But need something to listen to, when doing it. And all of a sudden I remembered a mixtape I found a few months ago, and it didn't have a tracklist, so I was curious, and was hoping it would maybe now have a tracklist. And guess what? Tracklist was added!

Don't think I've reviewed a DISC-U-TABLE set before. Need to check if I have, and it turns out I have, but the set was taken offline. Which is a shame, as I really liked the set. But now we should focus on his latest mixtape, which is roughly 65 minutes long, and contains 66 records. So it's a megamix, right? No time to waste, let's dive straight into the mix.

This mix contains several genres/styles, all blended in together. And you might be wondering why this mix was made. Well, it was the DJs birthday and as a treat to us all, he made this megamix. But you can expect a mix and mash of literally everything. I am a music lover, but most of these songs in this mix are complete unknowns to me, and I've not heard of the artist before either. A nice and unknown set today, but as long as the songs make me move, right?

Do the tracks move me, or am I sitting in my seat, not moving?

  1. Duskus - Let Go

  2. TC4 - Tranquilo

  3. Robby East & Salvo - Crossfire

  4. CASHEW & Rudolf Dekovic - Oh Yea

  5. Matroda - Rescue Me

  6. Prozak - Lights Dub

  7. Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf - That's My Jam

  8. Jordi Rivera - Cereal Killer

  9. Mr. Belt & Wezol - You Do

  10. PetitMaurice - Win Or Lose

  11. Kungs & Stargate feat GØLDN - Be Right Here (Tony Romera Remix)

  12. Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool

  13. Brock Edwards - My Mind (Trevor Gordon Remix)

  14. Flume feat T-Shirt - On Top (Tony Romera 2020 Rework)

  15. INJI - BORED

  16. CASHEW - Believe In Music

  17. Vato Gonzalez - Dusty Riddim

  18. NOTION - 1997

  19. Macky Gee x David Zowie feat Ruth Royall - Ready For You (Bass Mix)

  20. LNY TNZ & Moksi - Lock The Door

  21. NuBass - Rave Dragon

  22. Moksi - Get U There

  23. Julio Navas & Gustavo Bravetti & David Amo - Raw (Tony Romera Remix)

  24. BURNR - Grand Tech Auto

  25. Cassius - Cassius 1999 (Skapes Retwist)

  26. Oliver Heldens - What The Funk (Steve Aoki Remix)

  27. €URO TRA$H - Dipped In $ugar

  28. HI-LO - Wappy Flirt (Old Mix)

  29. Curbi - Sometimes I Get

  30. ZERO - Pay For Thrills

  31. Sammy Virji - Pula

  32. Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Sammy Virji Bootleg)

  33. Holy Goof x Sammy Virji - Never

  34. SICKBASS - Bluetooth

  35. Wax Motif & Taiki Nulight feat Scruffizer - Skank N Flex

  36. Honey & Badger - Central

  37. MPH - Screamer

  38. Michael Sparks - Like Me

  39. Ricky West - Don't Shatter



  42. Soulecta - Things You Say

  43. OMBRO - Open The Door

  44. MPH - Doubt

  45. Jaikea - Lightz

  46. Zack Shaboo - Gravity

  47. Soulecta, Rico Tubbs - Borderline

  48. NOTION - HOT

  49. Papo Reto - Gigolo (Krooner Remix)

  50. Tchami & Snakehips - Tonight

  51. MPH - Spend The Night

  52. Tengu & Nu Era - Brace

  53. Mickey B - Be My Love

  54. Michael Sparks & OMBRO - Say Sum

  55. Sammy Virji & MPH - Get Dumb

  56. Habstrakt - Tonight

  57. AC Slater - Feeling Awake (Sammy Virji Remix)

  58. ID - ASSLINE

  59. Habstrakt - Vibin

  60. Valentino Khan x Nitti Gritti - Your Body

  61. Lucati - Club Music

  62. Chris Lorenzo - Ghost Dub

  63. RDYN - Speak Up

  64. Ricky West - Movin'

  65. NOTION - BBS

  66. Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough! (Vocal Club Mix)

I am not an expert, but I can appreciate good dance music, and DISC-U-TABLE's set contains a lot of catchy songs. And there's a lot of catchy songs in here. You would have difficulties sitting still, as your body wants to dance.

For me, the only downside of this mix, is the length of each song. Some are building up to this climatic moment, to then go straight into the next song. No time to waste. But that's the only downside of this mix.

Everything else is perfect. Some songs only need to be played 20-30 seconds, and that's enough for me, and some should have been played longer. But the DJ keeps you on your toes, and your body wants to dance. This could be a perfect mix for you to listen to, when you are working, as this can give you the right amount of energy to get through a hard day of work.

I knew there were a few records in here, but that was before the tracklist was published. Wasn't ready for 66 records! He's crammed in as many as he could! Kudos to the DJ for doing that.

Best record? 'On Top' by Flume feat T-Shirt, reworked by Tony Romera. Big dance record.

I had to wait a few months, but it's worth it. A solid mix, one that will put a smile on your face. And if you like quick-mixing, this could be your thing!


Genre/Style: House, Dance, Club, UKG

Mix Info: DISC-U-TABLE - EFFE LEKKER NIKSTAPE VOL. 01 [24/07/2023]

Length Mix: 01:05:21

Tracks: 66 (sixty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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