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Disco & Funky House (October 2023 Part 2)

It's Saturday evening, and I hope you are experiencing a nice evening. Me and the missus had a wonderful day. We went to see family, and even went and bought a new car! How's that for a busy Saturday, eh? Weather wise it's been atrocious, and I hope those that are going to bonfire nights, will get what they want to see: fireworks. If you aren't going out, and you are staying indoors, keeping warm and remain cosy, let me give you something to listen to. A Disco & Funky House mix. That will certainly heat you up a lot1

Someone shared this mix on Soundcloud, and whoever did that, I thank you! I needed to hear this mix, especially after my recent trip to Greece. The bar we stayed at every day/evening/night, they played this kind of music, and it made us feel content. We were both happy, and in a good state of mind, and hearing this mix, it took us back to mainland Greece, and us getting tipsy on cocktails. Love it, take me back right now!

I'm not an expert, but I do appreciate the music a lot, so when I looked at the tracklist, I knew it wasn't doing anything to me, and I just had to listen to it, and absorb the music, feel the music flow through my system, and let it make me feel extremely funky. Not taking me back to the golden years of Disco though, but keeping me in the 21st century, and letting me feel the vibes that we really need nowadays, not the vibes that were alive back in the 70s. It's 2023, and the music does not sound like it should have been made in the 70s. It's super fresh, and super exciting to listen to.

  1. Asha Puthli - One Night Affair (Turbotito & Ragz Remix)

  2. Manzo Edits - Oh...Money! (DHP a.k.a. Life Dee & Black Pomade Edit)

  3. Eli Escobar - In My Bones

  4. Paco Caniza - Your Game

  5. B.B & Q. Band - Genie (Michael Gray Extended Remix)

  6. Elisabeth Yorke, Bolognini & Re-Tide - Grounded (Re-Tide Re-Edit)

  7. D.P.V. - Disco Utopia

  8. AC Soul Symphony - I Want To See You Dance

  9. Aline Rocha - WTF (Extended Mix)

  10. Superlover - Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix)

  11. Flamingo Pier feat Steve Monite - Remedy (JKriv Disco Dub)

  12. Izo FitzRoy - God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes (Cosmodelica Remix)

  13. Massimo Voci - I Love Funky

  14. Dutchican Soul, Greg van Bueren & Niels Schroder - Reckless Girl (Extended Mix)

  15. James Curd - Sublime Mind

  16. Re-Tide - Funky Tonight (Extended Mix)

  17. Walterino - Loopland (The Dukes Edit)

  18. Luca Garaboni - Cosa Bevi What Do You Drink (Extended Mix)

  19. Eugenio Fico - For Love

  20. Sunner Soul - Good For Soul

I've had this mix on a few times, and it's as cool as you imagined it to be. The songs are solid, and the groove... the groove is smooth! I feel so relaxed, and if I close my eyes (and crank up the thermostat to 40 degrees Celsius), my imagination could take me back to Greece. Imagine, eh?

The DJ behind this mix is Fabioh67, and I know nothing about this DJ. Nor do I know anything about the songs used in this mix, but what I do know, is that these songs are funky, sexy, and very sensual! I am sitting here, all relaxed and mellowed out. I've feeling this, I am loving the vibes.

Fabioh67, you've made a very interesting and smooth mix, and even though I don't recognise anyone on this mix, or have ever heard these songs before, I do feel enlightened. The hour and 24 minute long mix goes by, and before you know it, you are having the urge to listen to it again, which I'm doing right now. It's been on a few times in a row, and I'm loving it.

Feel the love, and spread the love. This is a wicked mix, and should get more recognition. Disco and Funky House is just awesome, am I right? If not, leave a comment below!

Best track? 'Your Game'. This is such a sensual track... LOVE IT!

DJ: Fabioh67

Genre/Style: Disco, Funky House, Disco House, Nu-Disco

Mix Info: Disco & Funky House (October 2023 Part 2)

Length Mix: 01:24:25

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 193 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023

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