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DJ A.K. - Happy Eurocore Classics 24.04.20

Happy Hardcore. Eurocore. I freaking love it! I don't need to express my happiness, when I talk about Happy Hardcore. Sometimes it even surpasses my happiness for Hardcore/Gabber. Yep, that's right, I said it. And I don't care. Happy Hardcore was such an influential style for me during the 90s. I think at one stage I even bought more Happy albums compared to others. I was so in love with the sound, even though it was kind of ridiculed by many. I couldn't care less.

To find a cheese fest online, is what I always wanted to see. DJ A.K.'s latest mix contains only the cheesiest of cheese. Full of rave anthems from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and more. Yes, the Dutch have contributed a lot to this style, so you will find a lot of well known anthems in here. I was in love with the compilation released by Arcade, which was called 'Happy Hardcore' funnily enough, and I bought some other compilations here and there too, but I wouldn't say I'm an aficionado of the style. Even A.K. has surprised me with a few unknown classics in here.

Of course he has played the biggest tracks from the 90s, but also a few I've not heard before. A nice Monday morning treat!

  1. Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderful Days (Etienne Overdijk & Sven Maes Remix)

  2. Sonicdriver - In Your Arms Tonight

  3. Maui - Feel Me Tonight

  4. T.T.O.T. - Get Up (Airplay Edit)

  5. Interactive - Forever Young

  6. DJ Thoka - You Make Me Feel So Good

  7. Highlander - Everytime

  8. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (Happy Mix)

  9. Moratto - Radar Systems (Universe Party Mix)

  10. Highlander - Last Forever

  11. The Omen - Let The Music Take Control (Radio Mix)

  12. Marusha - It Takes Me Away

  13. 2 Without Heads - U And Me (Hardcore Forever) (Miss Groovy Remix)

  14. Trancehistory - Doo Dey Doo Dey

  15. Love Child - All Out Of Love (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim Remix)

  16. Spy vs Spy - Dance With Me

  17. M-Jay & Dan Vee - The Sun Always Shines

  18. 4 Tune Fairytales - Take Me 2 Wonderland

  19. Kim Ono - Big In Japan

  20. 4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy

  21. Zoee - Tekkno Wonderland

  22. Dune - I Can't Stop Raving

  23. Habegale - I Want Your Mind (Alt 2 Mix)

  24. Nakatomi - Children Of The Night

  25. A-Tension - Angels

  26. Highlander - Hold Me Now (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)

OMFG. This mix is perfect. My childhood has returned. I feel like I'm 14 years old again. Just had a chat with the missus about Happy Hardcore and how much it meant to me. See, this is what this mix does to me. So happy right now. It kind of ruined Hardcore in 1999, which was a bummer, but it's still part of my youth. I will never disown it. How cheesy it might be.

As I said before, A.K. still surprised me with a few unknown anthems. And sadly those anthems don't do anything for me. 'Big In Japan', 'I Want Your Mind', 'Radar Systems'. Those are sadly not my cup of tea, even cheesier than expected. But all the others are just what I need to hear.

So many memories. And so many great anthems. I wish it was still alive and kicking. But the memory lives on.

It was difficult to pick one favourite, but I chose Marusha's 'It Takes Me Away'. That record was so awesome back in 1994. It was even part of a CD single which was released with a school agenda, so you can imagine I played it over and over until nothing was left.

A good mix. Really enjoyed A.K.'s selection. More of this cheese fest. But not too damn cheesy lol.

DJ: A.K.

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: DJ A.K. - Happy Eurocore Classics Mix 24.04.20

Length Mix: 01:12:16

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 134.2 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: DJ A.K. - Soundcloud Page

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