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DJ A.K. - New Kniteforce Mix 19.10.18

If you have not seen anything Kniteforce on social media lately, you are missing out on a lot. One of the biggest (or the biggest) Breakbeat Hardcore labels in the world is moving into new territory: expansion. With a lot of new music being released (this includes albums), they are slowly making sure that people are getting on the Breakbeat Hardcore-train. We should all come aboard, and see where the journey is taking us.

It's not a label that just solely focusses on the successes they had in the past, but they look towards the future. What they give young upcoming producers is a stage. New names taking the plunge into Breakbeat Hardcore, and releases their take on this already rich genre. It might not get the true recognition it deserves, but Kniteforce is doing their best to make sure that those willing to listen to it, to give them the ride of their lives.

DJ A.K., whos name has appeared on our website before, has made a wonderful mix, containing records from Kniteforce's latest CD ' The Triple Threat ', and also a few other releases from the label. And even though the tracks are all new to me, I still felt excited when I pressed play for the first time.

01. Luna-C & Lowercase - Dumpling Business (Ponder Remix)

02. Demcore - Believe (Ant To Be Remix)

03. Disrupta & Sonic Fixation - The Feeling

04. TNO Project - Start Lovin (Shadowplay Remix)

05. Bucksta - Neon Lights

06. Sublove - One By One (Paul Bradley Remix)

07. Shoreman - Deep Waters

08. Doughboy - Rock Deh Riddum (DJ Ham Remix)

09. Clayfighter - Into My Eyes (TNO Project Remix)

10. Shoreman - Still Lonely

11. Gothika Shade - Enter The Dancehall (Jedi Remix)

12. Alk-e-d - Selecta (Ponder Remix)

13. DJ Brisk - Airhead (Sanxion Remix)

14. Alk-e-d - Home (Darwin Remix)

15. Alk-e-d - Absolutely Flying (Sublove Remix)

16. Alk-e-d - Super Sunday (Wislov Remix)

17. Timme - Bad Choice (Paul Bradley Remix)

18. Wislov - One Day We'll All Be Free

19. Shoreman - Shake It Up

20. Ghothika Shade - Cool Vibes

21. Shadowplay - Lazier DJ Vol 2 Track 5

22. Alex Jungle - Breakchild

23. Alex Jungle - The Need In Me (M-Project Remix)

24. DJ Psycangle - Smile Fuck Up (Eufeion Remix)

I can say in all honesty that I started listening to this mix with a smile, and when the mix ended, I still had that same smile on my face. I couldn't stop laughing. I was really enjoying the tunes coming towards me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of excellent music!

DJ A.K. does know what to do, and he has made this very interesting mix, containing blinding records. They are so hot: they will melt the second you touch them. So good to hear new music, be it a brand new record, or an oldskool classic being remixed. No matter what it is, it's entertainment. And Kniteforce has got the power to get you moving. You won't be able to sit still for a split second, trust me.

The records, well, what can I say about them. It's amazing! Each and every record. DJ A.K. already mentioned underneath his mix that the label is releasing some of the best new Hardcore he has heard in years, and there's no denying in that fact! Kniteforce is really giving us Breakbeat Hardcore like never before. And so damn good!

Each record has got the power to get crowds moving, and in this hour and a half long mix I had difficulties sitting still. The music is just so powerful, and so good. This 'new' generation of producers will take Breakbeat to the next level, and still keeping it true to its roots. And I think that's the focus behind Kniteforce.

A wonderful mix. Can't point out anything negative, I'm still in my happy mode. Still smiling, remember?

DJ: A.K.

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore. Jungle, Drum & Bass, Rave, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: New Kniteforce Mix 19.10.18

Length Mix: 01:27:58

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 140 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 224kbps

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