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DJ Buzz Fuzz - Heroes Of Hardcore (1996)

I was so gutted when I realised that I missed out on buying this album, seeing as I did buy all the other Heroes Of Hardcore CDs. This successful series proved to be not long lived sadly, but has left an impact. Much loved by the raving community, and still to this day going strong. Maybe even as good as Thunderdome? To me this mix series is certainly as good as, or maybe even better? Just to name a few DJs who worked on this project (and it will blow your mind away): Omar Santana, Rob Gee, Delirium, Buzz Fuzz, Lady Dana, Weirdo, Rob, Paul, Waxweazle, The Darkraver, Gizmo, Isaac, Marc Arcadipane, Promo, The Stunned Guys, The Masochist, Miro, Neophyte. How about that, eh? And Buzz Fuzz's CD was the only one I did not purchase. Shame on me.

I was a huge fan of Buzz Fuzz in the 90s and early 00s (and secretly still am). I do have a few other CDs of him, and cannot begin to grasp the notion of me not buying this. And after 23 years it's probably too damn late: you won't find this jewel in a CD store anymore. So I have to resolve my sadness, and turn to Soundcloud. Someone uploaded this mix, and immediately I was back in 1996. Buzz Fuzz's mix contains records so hot, they will leave burn marks all over your body. The records on this CD are so damn hot. This was my kind of Hardcore, this is the Hardcore that made me rave even harder, and doing the dance even faster and stomped the fuck out of everything (for those unaware of the name of the dance, it's Hakkûh). This is a beautiful mix, and probably the best of the Heroes Of Hardcore series.

Let me show you what Buzz Fuzz mixed together back in 1996. Don't forget, that was 23 years ago, way before the existence of CDJs. All vinyl, baby.

01. Intro - Behold... Here Comes The Dreamer

02. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies (Pino D'Ambini's Tough Mix)

03. DJ Buzz Fuzz & DJ Delirium - Immortality

04. DJ Sim - Cartoons In Progress (Original Mix)

05. Omar Santana - How Shall I Rock Thee

06. Lenny Dee - The Dreamer

07. Kool Killers - Amerikaaaaah!

08. Square Dimensione - Brand New Dance (Buzz Fuzz '95 Remix)

09. The Prophet & DJ Delirium - We Love To Party

10. The Lawyer - Yo DJ (Original Mix)

11. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Original Mix)

12. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (Prophet's Mix)

13. Bertocucci Feranzano & Tony Salmonelli - Daddy Snow (Buzzy's Raggamix)

14. Wedlock - Children Of Artcore

15. Neophyte - Execute

16. DJ Dano - Starting Up

17. DJ Dave & The Chicago Hardcore Party Force - Listen....

18. Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka

19. DJ Gizmo - Dopeman (Buzzy's Aaaaarrggghh!!! Remix)

20. Outro

Now that's a tracklist that takes me back to 1996. And you know that Buzz Fuzz is the kind of man to destroy eardrums. My God, this mix is tight as hell. As tight as can be! And the records? They are mind blowingly good. Can't believe they are more than 23 years old, they sound as fresh as if they were released yesterday.

Buzz Fuzz a.k.a Mark Vos, if you are reading this, I do apologise. I should have bought it. You are my childhood hero. And I think I have seen you at Mysteryland 1998, but I'm not sure (was intoxicated throughout the 90s). Your music has resonated with the scene, and even in 2019 the ravers do appreciate your music.

I should have, but nothing is too late. I'm going to look online to see if we can find a copy of the original CD. So I can have a full collection. But is this the best of the whole series? Well, it shares the top spot alongside Miro, The Masochist, and Rob Gee's mix.

Best record? Simple. 'Frequencies'. Never knew that was from the Thunderbirds btw! You learn stuff every day!

Big mix CD. Cannot beat the old classics!

DJ: Buzz Fuzz

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber

CD Info: DJ Buzz Fuzz - Heroes Of Hardcore

Length CD: 01:04:51

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Label: Arcade

Product Number: 01.10366

Listen Here: Soundcloud Link

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