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DJ Promo XX-clusive Files Set Live @ Thunderdome 15-12-2012

It's Friday, and a long weekend is ahead. And I need something to get me through the last hours of this already hectic Friday. Hence why I am here, reviewing a Hardcore set. And it's a set you will really appreciate: DJ Promo, at Thunderdome 2012. A.k.a. the Final Exam. Was it really the last? Was it a good marketing stunt, to get everyone hyped up, and all ready for the final time? If it was, it was certainly a good marketing stunt. But just looking at the line-up, it would have sold out anyway, be it the last or not.

Neophyte, Endymion, Partyraiser, Noize Supporessor, Drokz, Buzz Fuzz, The Stunned Guys, Dano, The Darkraver, Waxweazle, Ophidian, Tieum, Dither, Radium, Dr. Peacock, Akira, The Prophet, Gizmo, Weirdo, and many, many more. The perfect line-up. and it would have been paradise for me. I would have found it difficult deciding who to see and when, because there are so many great names. But a Promo set was near the top of my list (if I would have gone). Especially his legendary Promo Files. He had 30 minutes, and in those 30 minutes he gave us the finest anthems from the long lost era.....

Obviously the internet is full of Promo sets, and why did I choose this one? Well, it's a short one, 30 minutes long, and it's jam packed with Promo Files songs. And I know what you are thinking, 'but haven't we heard them all already a gazillion times?'. And my responds would be 'so what?'. You can literally listen to this any day of the year, and it would make you happy, but only if you are a true Hardcore fanatic. If you are, pat yourself on the shoulders, you have earned a gabber handshake, and a hand on your bald head. You sir/madam, are a legend. A gabber. A raveteef.

But now, let's focus on the songs selected by Promo. These are the ones:

  1. Promo - What The Fuck?!

  2. Promo & X-Cess - Vicious Circle

  3. Promo - Up Yours

  4. Promo - I Come Correct

  5. Promo - My Underground Madness

  6. Promo - Patterns In Chaos

  7. Promo - Driven By Instinct

  8. Promo - The Bad Guys

  9. Promo - Escape From The Hostile

  10. Promo - King Of Pain

  11. Promo - Life From The Other Side

  12. Promo - Brother Of Conflict

  13. Promo - Running Against The Rules

  14. G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix)

  15. Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka

Come on, let's not have a discussion. If you a true Hardcore fanatic, you know all of these records. And you might love them all. Not saying that you should. But you have to acknowledge that these tracks have been an important factor in our glorious Hardcore history. And Promo has done a lot for the raving community.

Yes, they might have been played at every event all over the world, but that's just the power behind the Files. Timeless classics by one amazing DJ and producer. For many years now he's one of my favourite DJs and producers. I think that I even stumbled across him when he was a 'junior' in the scene. When I heard 'Punanny'. by Section-8 and Promo's 'Shut Up', I knew he was something special. And many CDs later I am still a huge fan of his music. His Millennium sound just remains boss music. You can enlighten a party by just playing anything by this DJ, and you know the room will blow the fuck up. That's the impact this DJ has. Even in 2021.

It's nice to hear this mix. Really gold stuff. You know that if you ever want to get that Millennium buzz within a second, you just search for a Promo mix. And this is yet another amazing set by him at a legendary event. The last Thunderdome (*ahum*) ...

Best song? 'Brother Of Conflict'. Simply amazing record.

Get this set down you right now. Gives you enough energy to last you through to mid August (when parties and clubs are opening up again). Hopefully no more lockdowns in NL anymore after that, eh?

DJ: Promo

Genre/Style: Millennium Hardcore, Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome 15-12-2012

Length Liveset: 00:31:24

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): VIEW HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2012

Audio: Stereo

Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: DJ Promo - Facebook Fanpage


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