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DJ Smurf - 1993 Megamix - Part One (2019)

Last year DJ Smurf celebrated his 25 years in the game, and the year was full on madness. If you haven't seen any of this, you have missed out on a lot. The hashtag #deng was trending. Not worldwide though, but still a trending hashtag. He made the deng, whatever the deng might be. Is that the noise when the Smurfette takes out the anal beads? Not sure. But whatever it might be, he has been giving the world the deng for a quarter of a decade. And that's impressive.

His page is literally filled with hours of fun. From the craziest Terror music to whatever comes to mind, it's there. And also a mix so damn good, I couldn't let this one slip by. It's a megamix, with tracks from 1993. I think, and only I can correct myself, that this was the year I became a raver. A very young raver though. Don't let my young looks fool you: I might look 25, but I am fucking old. 36 years. So in 1993 I was 10 years old, and discovered Techno music. Obviously not the underground stuff, more the commercial side of it, but still. It was the year I became a normal human being. I left the pop scene behind, and went full on mad from that year onwards.

We are now 26 years later, and 1993 was still a memorable year. So many great tunes were created, and they are still being played, even in 2020. Smurf's mix contains not the anthems, but the more obscure tracks. Not entirely true though: he has got 'Camargue' by CJ Bolland, 'The Emperor Takes Place' by The Mover, and a few more classic anthems in here. Maybe they weren't as big in the UK as they were in the rest of Europe?

Anyway, the mix. You would expect Gabber or Speedcore. You are wrong. As Smurf calls these records 'acid-techno caper'. You can hear the Hardcore sound lingering in these anthems, but it wasn't really there yet. Close, but not yet ready to become humongous.

The tracklist, for you Techno lovers. You'll thank me after.

01. Bourbonese Qualk - Otaku

02. The Mover - The Emperor Takes Place (2017 Remaster)

03. The Hypnotist - Pioneers Of The Warped Acid

04. Ace The Space - 9 Is A Classic [First Take] (Original Raw Street Mix)

05. Neptune - Arrival

06. Church Of Extacy - Babbahouse

07. Joe Inferno - Hypno Space

08. Mig 29 - Revolution Child (Extended Revolution Mix)

09. Jeff Mills - The Hypnotist

10. Tainted Two - The Megablast (Giving The Dog Bone Mix)

11. E-Noize - No Danger

12. Mike Dearborn - Deviant Behaviour (Instrumental Mix)

13. Novkak S - Critical Fusion (Smurf Re-Edit)

14. Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent)

15. Robert Armani - Frequency

16. 3 Phase - Current 1

17. Mike Dearborn - Chaotic State

18. Dave Angel - Great Daine

19. CJ Bolland - Camargue

20. Space Trax - Bounce (Remix)

21. X-313 - Sentinels

22. Integrated Circuits - Yip!

23. Polygon Window - Quoth

24. Subjects vs Jeff Mills - Beyond....

25. The Nighttripper - Machine City

26. The Rising Sons - Afghan Acid

27. Human Resource - Beyond The Edge (Speedy J Remix)

Lovely bit of Techno music on this Wednesday. Don't you just love to hear those classic chords coming towards you at an incredible pace? Yes, DJ Smurf loves his music hard and rough, but when he goes a tad slower, he still makes excellent mixes. And this is a jewel. A proper early 90s mix. Hell yeah.

Again, back in 1993, I was only 10, so I missed out on a lot of excellent tunes. And Smurf's mix is jam packed with obscure, underground anthems. A lot I have not even come across before. A delight to hear those. They might be old, but haven't aged a day!

Those that I do know, are good anthems. The one that stood out for me, was 'Afghan Acid' by The Rising Sons. It was on Mysteryland 1994's third CD, and that was actually my first compilation ever. But would I classify it as my favourite record of Smurf's mix? Nope.

It was difficult to choose from 27 wicked tunes, but the one that sticks out BY FAR is CJ Bolland's masterpiece 'Camargue'. What a feast to hear this monster of a tune. It doesn't matter where you are, you can play this, and crowds will loose themselves completely. Weird question, but what happened to CJ Bolland?

The flow is good, the tunes are good, and it's also downloadable. What else do we need? Stay indoors, stay safe, and listen to Smurf's wicked mix from last year. It won't disappoint you.

DJ: Smurf

Genre/Style: Techno, Hardcore, Oldskool, Rave, Acid

Mix Info: 1993 Megamix - Part One

Length Mix: 01:54:45

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 275.4 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: DJ Smurf - Soundcloud Page

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