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DJ Son - Buzzy The Fuzz (2022)

DJ Buzz Fuzz. A name linked to the early rave years. A legend on his own, and also when collaborating with others, like Gizmo, Dano, and The Prophet. I never had the pleasure to hear Buzz Fuzz play live, which seems a shame, as his tunes from the 90s were exactly those anthems that got me through the 90s. He wasn't just a DJ and producer of Hardcore music: he was Hardcore! If it wasn't him that released tunes, it was his alter egos Pino D'Ambini, Bertocucci Feranzano, Bigguz Dickuzz, Tony Salmonelli, etc. He was a huge force in the scene, and has given us gabbers many memorable tunes. Even in 2022 you can listen to a Buzz Fuzz track, and it will still give you goosebumps!

This man has been in the scene for many years, and his contribution has been tremendous. He is certainly in my top 10 best producers of all time-list. As mentioned before, his contribution has been legendary. If you bought a CD and you saw his name on it, or one of his aliases, you knew you wouldn't be disappointed. It's Buzz Fuzz, for fuck sake. The legend behind many memorable tunes such as 'King Of The Beatz', 'Jealousy Is A MF', 'Murphy's Law', 'Minds Over Matta', 'Frequencies', Millennium', and the list goes on and on.

But he wasn't just a good producer: he was an excellent remixer. He's remixed many epic songs from artists such as Chosen Few, Lenny Dee, Promo, The Masochist, and it just goes on and on.

It surprises me why it has taken this long for such a mix to be put online. DJ Son's appreciation mix contains a lot of Buzz Fuzz tracks, which tickles my pickle. Nearly 2 hours of just Buzz Fuzz. You can't wish for anything else, if truth be told. If you think of Early and Millennium rave, you think of Buzz Fuzz. Obviously DJ Son could have picked more records, but then the mix would be too damn long. Or wouldn't it be? You be the judge.

So which 25 Buzz Fuzz classics are in this mix? And do you think these are Buzz Fuzz's finest records?

  1. Rotterdam Terror Corps - The Horror (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  2. Buzz Fuzz - X-Cited

  3. The Masochist - Anticipation (Buzzy's Antimix)

  4. Square Dimensione - The Professionals (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  5. Buzz Fuzz - King Of The Beatz (Buzzy's Remix)

  6. Buzz Fuzz - Just Another Hum-Drum

  7. Buzz Fuzz - Millennium

  8. Buzz Fuzz - Don't U Cry

  9. Buzz Fuzz - Buzzness = Buzzyness

  10. Buzz Fuzz - No Good 4 Me

  11. Buzz Fuzz - Untitled (Wonderwall Hardcore Remix)

  12. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies

  13. Delirium & Buzz Fuzz - Immortality

  14. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  15. Lenny Dee - The Dreamer (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  16. Promo - Kill The Noize (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  17. DJ Waxweazle - Hardcore Power '97 (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  18. Buzz Fuzz - Dreamgirl (Just A Buzzy Dreammix)

  19. Buzz Fuzz - The One Eyed Slut

  20. Buzz Fuzz - Alphabet Soup

  21. Buzz Fuzz - Howareyaah

  22. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  23. Pino D'Ambini - Up & Down Ballz (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix)

  24. Buzz Fuzz - Fuck Happy (It's Bullshit!)

  25. Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy Is A Motherf*cker

Looking at the tracklist it makes me happy. There's so much Buzz Fuzz in here. This just cements him as an absolute early Rave and Millennium Hardcore superstar. Back in the 90s and early 2000s I would buy CDs, and if it has his name on it, I would just buy it without checking it twice. Buzz Fuzz's productions just suited me so well, and is what made rave harder and stomp harder. His productions are basically Hardcore at its best. Name one producer with such a distinctive back catalogue and so many dancefloor smashers. Name one...

DJ Son's mix is tight. Good selection of Buzz Fuzz records. Still miss a few classics though. And his Happy Hardcore productions, boy, they were classics too! Would I prefer the happier side of Buzz Fuzz, or the harder side? Oh, that's a tricky one, but the happier side suited me more. Closely followed by his 'normal' Hardcore songs. They are both equally as cool as fuck, but he was damn good making Happy Hardcore tunes too.

I really enjoyed this throwback to the 90s. And it made me sad at the same time. I wish I could have seen him perform live, and hear his classics come flying at me through the speakers.

The track that speaks to me the most, is the 'Alphabet Soup'. Still reminds me of Mysteryland 1998 Indoors. That CD was just immense. And it also included 'Millennium'. Imagine hearing that tunes, with thousands of ravers surrounding you. Would have given me goosebumps.

A fantastic mix, a good start of the week. And it's time to acknowledge Buzz Fuzz's impact on the scene. Praise the Lord, praise Buzz Fuzz!

DJ: Son

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Millennium Hardcore

Mix Info: DJ Son - Buzzy The Fuzz

Length Mix: 01:41:48

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 233 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bitrate: 320kbps

More Information: Buzz Fuzz - Facebook Page

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