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DJ Terror / Dwarf Records Mix / November 2018

Who doesn't know Dwarf Records? This now defunct label is known by many true Oldskool Hardcore/Gabber lovers, and has been a huge influence back in the 90s. I read somewhere that this label was active between 1994 and 2001, and slowly died. Don't know the reason behind this Den Haag based label becoming defunct, but what I do know is that they released a lot of awesome records by artists such as Scott Brown, Brothers In Crime, Isaac, Ferocious, The Viper, Norman, El Bruto and more. Maybe a bit more focussed on the Happy Hardcore side of Hardcore, but that's never a disappointment, is it?

DJ Terror has made this dedication mix, full with records from this mighty label. And seeing as I was an ID&T boy during the 90s (I only bought stuff from this label) I missed out on a lot. And when I mean ID&T, I also mean Arcade. Some of Dwarf Records' tracks made it onto compilations released by these two labels, but after looking at Discogs I realised that there were still shitloads of records I had never heard of. So to hear DJ Terror's mix having a few of these unknown records kind of tickled me. I was intrigued. And I reckon you will be too!

An hour and 10 minute long mix. Once you see the tracklist you will realise that this mix will be on repeat throughout today and next week. Brilliant records, brilliant mix.

01. The Scotchman - Asylum

02. Hyperact - My Best Friend

03. El Bruto - Watch Me Dance

04. Stingray - Floorfiller

05. Warlock - Ultra Hard Frequencies

06. Ferocious - Get On Up

07. Brothers In Crime - 100% Crisis

08. Ferocious - Everybody Reach To The Top

09. Stingray & Sonicdriver - Cold As Ice

10. DJ Isaac - Happy Hardcore Freak

11. Ferocious - Listen To Me

12. Warlock - Delirious

13. Warlock - Energize

14. Brothers In Crime - Hallucinating (El Bruto Mix)

15. DJ Isaac & Pagan - 2 Definitions

16. Ultimate Buzz & MC Bee - On A MIssion

17. The Carpenter - Jump Off The Fucking Roof

18. El Bruto - Hypnotic Spectrum

19. DJ The Viper - Rude Boy Man

20. Prezioso - Feel The Rhythm (Stunned Guys Remix)

21. DJ Pagan - Get Down

22. DJ The Viper - Voodoo Magic

23. Brothers In Crime - Out Of Sight

24. Brothers In Crime - Drop Da Beat (DJ Paul Forze Remix)

25. DJ Pagan - We Do It

26. DJ Norman - We're Here

27. El Bruto - Hardcore Motherfucker

Look at this. Isn't this beautiful? This has sparked my Happy Hardcore enthusiasm, and I am going through my old collection in a bit, just to get my fix. I know this label's focus was Hardcore, but come on, the majority of records were more Happy Hardcore, eh? And sadly we don't hear enough of this European Happy Hardcore. There are a lot of UK Happy Hardcore mixes, but we need more mixes like this.

This is the kind of Hardcore which makes me moist. I fell in love with this sound. I became this sound. And I even remember doing a project at school about Hardcore music. It wasn't a success, because I was the only lover of it. But I still did it.

DJ Terror made another remarkable mix. Really enjoyed this trip back into time, to the really wicked years. And his selection of records, got no complaints about them. Fucking moist making anthems. But now the most important question: which one of these 27 records make me the most moist? Well, basically everything Brothers In Crime made. A not long lived Hardcore duo. Don't know why they stopped, because they were really ace. But I just love their happiness and cheerfullness.

Another epic mix by DJ Terror. Really enjoyed this one. The flow is continuous, and there's no stopping the happy vibes coming to you through your speakers. Happy music makes Martin a Happy Dutchman!

DJ: Terror

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Dwarf Records Mix / November 2018

Length Mix: 01:08:26

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 156 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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