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DJ Thera & T.C.C. – From The Heart (2020)

As shit as 2020 has been so far, music wise it has been tremendous for me. I don't go out that often due to multiple reasons, so to be 'home schooled' of all the music that is out there in the wide world, is amazing. And funnily enough, the last time I did go to a rave, I saw one of the two artists which album I'm about to review. I am obviously talking about DJ Thera, and the event I saw him at was GPF's first party. Was that back in 2019, or 2018? I can't remember, time is flying by so fucking quick, no time to stand still and reminisce.

But not for Thera and T.C.C. With their latest album they decided to reminisce, go back in time, and make an album with 10 records, focussed on the early Hardstyle sound, but with a 2020 twist. No, not with COVID symptoms, but with 2020 equipment and technology. As good as the technology was during the early years of Hardstyle, it can't compete to the advanced world we live in.

I am fully aware of who DJ Thera is: I have seen him play and loose himself at GPF's event, but T.C.C. is an unknown artist to me. But with this album T.C.C. has entered my radar. Certainly a name I will follow. Because I do love it when artists in the present day focus on an earlier sound, and make it work beautifully. Other artists just tend to forget the early sound, or try and reproduce it, and 9 times out of 10 it just sucks. Not for Thera and T.C.C. They have nailed it. Early with a twist.

So what's on this album, and where can you get it? Well, you certainly can't get it at Van Leest record store, or a Free Record Shop. Online only. But you can choose what you want: you want WAV or MP3? It's up to you. Also, if you are someone who appreciates radio edits, Thera and T.C.C. have got you covered. But if you despise radio edits and love longer versions of records, they have got you covered too! So 20 tracks for the price of 10. Do you want it short or long? You choose.

So the focus is on the early sound, but with 2020 equipment and mind set. Anyone interested in the tracklist?

  1. DJ Thera feat Yuna-X - Starfleet (T.C.C. Remix)

  2. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - History 303

  3. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - Good Work!

  4. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - Love Feels Right

  5. DJ Thera & T.C.C - Trance Atlantic Express

  6. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - Piss Off

  7. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - Never Lose Hope

  8. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - F.Y.U.

  9. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - You Make Me Feel

  10. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - 2013

It is a rather short tracklist, but remember, you get the same version twice: one radio edit version and one pro mix version. And you get new records that take you back to around the Millennium. Remember what it was like back then? Clubbing/raving the whole night? You know, that thing we aren't allowed to do in 2020?

I had to Google the exact details of the early sound and what makes it unique, but here were go: ''140-150 BPM, a distorted kick drum sound, vocal samples, dissonant synth sounds , and the use of reverse bass''. If that appeals to you, Thera and T.C.C.'s album won't disappoint.

The original Hardstyle sound does appeal to me. A bit of everything, but the main ingredient had to be Trance music. Hard Trance to be precise. And it also had that roughness of Hardcore music. If Hard Trance was OK to you, but you wanted it even harder than that. Hardstyle was your thing.

Obviously Euphoric Hardstyle came along and changed everything, but the main question is, and it applies to multiple styles: do you prefer the old, or the new? And I would say, for many styles: the old. I do listen to a lot of early albums, and when you do find a gem that focusses on this sound from roughly 20 years ago, it makes your heart pound a tad faster.

The album is ace. The cover image looks kind of cool, a nod to the 80s. But the music certainly isn't from the 80s. Hardstyle all the way baby. Together T.C.C and Thera have done their best to come up with this unique album. As cool as some of the records are on this album, like 'F.Y.U.' and 'Good Work!', the more melodic Trance-y anthems are more my thing. Like 'Never Lose Hope' and 'Love Feels Right'.

I don't know who influenced Thera and T.C.C. but I am hearing a lot of influences from early artists. Obviously that's a good thing, but it's not a copy-paste thing. Thera and T.C.C. have used early sounds and influences to come up with a wicked album that suits 2020. An unpredictable year.

You know I am a lover of everything before 2005. Yes, I am old. Old as fuck. But it is just the sound I grew up with. And this new album is worth every penny you spent on it. Get it now whilst stocks last: when it's sold out, it's sold out. Can't get it ever again, and you will be sad. Very sad.

Best record? 'Never Lose Hope'. Just listen to this fucking epic dancefloor smasher!!!

Artist: DJ Thera & T.C.C.

Genre/Style: Hardstyle

CD Info: DJ Thera & T.C.C. - From The Heart

CD: 1 (one)

Length CD: 00:35:02 + 00:42:55

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Album Size: 844.7 MB

Release Year: 2020

Label: TC Classics

Product Number: unknown

Download/Listen (via From The Hard): BUY HERE

More Information: DJ Thera - Facebook Fanpage

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