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DJ Waxweazle - Best Of Waxweazle Volume 1 (2017)

A few days away has done me well. Now back in London, I had to return to blogging. And the first mix I found (and played) was Waxweazle's mix he did nearly two years ago. His 'best of' mix was uploaded onto Mixcloud and got good feedback from the fans. And I think I did a review last year, but I'm not entirely sure. So here it is, the new and probably improved review of Waxweazle's mix. And if you are a fan of his early stuff, his label, and all the artists who released music on his labels, you are in for a good time!

DJ Waxweazle has been an established name in the Hardcore scene for God knows how long. He has been there since I started developing a feeling for it. And since that moment Waxweazle has constantly been my source of good Hardcore music. If you are a fan of him, you know he has released a few dancefloor smashers over the years, and his tunes are still played, even in 2019/2020. Waxweazle has been one of the dominators of the scene for many years, and even now he keeps on keeping the weird looking logo and its music alive and kicking. To celebrate decades of awesome music, he made this excellent mix.

The tracklist will make you happy and excited. And makes you realise time has flown by too damn quick. So here it is, and be prepared to be happy in a split second!

01. Waxweazle - Take It Slow

02. Promo - (Forever) I Want You (Waxweazle Remix)

03. The Classic Men - We're Gonna Get This Place

04. The Classic Men - Can We Help You

05. The Classic Men - Now It Begins

06. Waxweazle & Guitar Rob - Pump It DJ

07. Somebody From Rotterdam - Let The Bass Flow (95 Remix)

08. Tails & Noizer & Waxweazle - Wake Up Call

09. Waxweazle & Guitar Rob - Spread Your Wings

10. Waxweazle - Throw Your Hands In The Air (Waxweazle Power Mix)

11. Waxweazle - The Sequel

12. Waxweazle - Come With Me (Waxweazle Hard Mix)

13. Waxweazle - It's About Time

14. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Hands In D'Air

15. Recharge - Feelings

16. DJ Delirium - The Party Starter

17. DJ Delirium feat Guitar Rob - The Rhythm's On Time

18. DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob & DJ Waxweazle - Dreams Of Heaven

19. Recharge - Bumrush

20. Waxweazle - Feel The Rhythm (Chipo Chipolata Mix)

21. Promo - Do You Want The Rawness

22. Promo - Sweet Dreams (Waxweazle Nightmare Mix)

23. Tails & Noizer - Showtime (Waxweazle Power Mix)

24. Promo - Bad Boy Style

25. Waxweazle - La Onda (Blood In Blood Out)

26. Waxweazle - Everything Starts With An E

27. Recharge - Beast Time

28. Waxweazle & Berry - Serious Bastards

29. Recharge - Bring The Rockers (DJ Waxweazle & Berry Remix)

30. Waxweazle - Legs (96 Hardcore Mix)

31. Chico Chipolata - No More Happy Hardcore

32. Waxweazle - Brainscan (In For The Kill Mix)

33. Chico Chipolata - To The House

34. Waxweazle & Promo - Fixxxed

35. Waxweazle - Hardcore Power '97 (Waxweazle feat MC Mouth Of Madness Mix)

A definitive mix by one of the leading names in the Hardcore/Gabber scene. It's got shitloads of excellent tunes, some forgotten, and some still at the forefront of the scene. Still being played all over the Hardcore world.

It's a wicked mix. It does contain the records you wanted to hear, all in an hour and a half long mix. Mixed by Waxweazle himself. And it's something you were waiting for. Who doesn't want to hear the classic anthems? Name one person who doesn't want to hear them?

I never knew Waxweazle made that many records, and I think this is only the top of the iceberg. Obviously the most well known records have been selected, but also a few I've never heard before. Maybe they have appeared on dodgy compilations I never felt the urge to buy. But which is my favourite record in this mix? Well, a few Waxweazle records are my favourites, like 'Dreams Of Heaven', 'Everything Starts With An E', 'Hardcore Power', but I've give 'E-Rick & Tactic the credit for one of the dopest Hardcore anthems of all time: 'Hands In D'air'. Fuck me, whenever I hear this I want to let myself go completely. Underrated? Yes.

A wicked mix, but it does have some small errors, But would you be worried about it, when the tracklist is this good? Don't be a dickhead, but appreciate the mix as a whole. And as a whole it's beautiful. Some records are also played very shortly (like 'Hardcore Power'), but that gives you the opportunity to dig through your record collection and find those hidden gems. I'm doing that now, currently playing 'Thunderdome 19', just to hear the full record!

Good mix to start your Wednesday with!

DJ: Waxweazle

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: 'best of Waxweazle' Vol 1

Length Mix: 01:21:33

Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Rob Fabrie / Waxweazle - Mixcloud Page

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