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Drokz Cure For The Virus Mix (2020)

Opa Drokz is back with a brand spanking new mix, which he made for those that suffer from the bloody awful Covid-19 virus. Which is the whole darn world. And as we are all requested to stay indoors, the only thing we can do is to browse the world wide web, and find out that the majority on it, is actually rubbish. With a few exceptions though, like DJ Drokz's latest mix. And as you have guessed it, it is as hard as you can imagine it to be. Drokz does not do half measured mixes, he comes in your house, and blows your speakers the fuck up. No pussy stuff, only hard Hardcore.

The mix contains only Drokz anthems, and I dig them all. Even the quirky stuff. But it's just Drokz, you know? He's just hard as nails, hard as fuck. I can never imagine hearing a boring or soft mix by this mighty legend. Drokz is just the supreme leader of the Terror. Not only the voice of our Hardcore generation, but the leader of everything hard. And a softie on the inside too, if you've seen the interviews, you will know what I'm talking about.

If you want to raise your middle finger to COVID-19, do it in style. FUCK YOU COVID-19. Let's rave the disease out of us, and kill the virus with beats, basses, and melodies.

01. Drokz - Intro

02. Drokz - This Is Dedication

03. Drokz - This Track Is Slamming

04. Drokz - Stealin Yo Shit Part 005

05. Drokz - Demonstrate

06. Proactive HC - Definition Of Hard

07. Drokz - Just A Rebel

08. Drokz - Karma

09. Drokz - Phonking Like A OG

10. Drokz - Oh This Is So Hard VIP

11. Drokz - Wild For The Night

12. Drokz - Stamppot

13. Drokz - Laten We Dronken Worden

14. Drokz - Terrordrill

15. Drokz - The Vietnam War

16. Killer Kemal - Volg Je Moeder (Drokz Bootleg)

17. Drokz - Eyes Are Closed

18. Creatures Of The Occult - Fear VIP

19. Creatures Of The Occult - I'm Feeling Haunted

20. Drokz - Je Bent Toch Niet Doof

21. Drokz, Akira & I.E. Vatos Locos - La Familia De Terror

That's a lot of Drokz. And if you are thinking ''this isn't normal anymore, I can't handle it''. Go fuck yourself. You ain't a terror head. You are a mellow head. Go somewhere else. NOW!

Anyway, if you looked at the tracklist and thought I lied about it being a full on Drokz mix, you need a slap. Everyone knows Proactive HC and the Creatures Of The Occult are groups that contain Drokz, the legend he is. And even though I've not come across a Proactive HC track before, this unreleased anthem really pressed all my buttons. Wouldn't categorise this as Terror though, but more like a harder Gabber anthem.

I do love the build up of this mix. It's only 40 minutes long, but I really appreciate what Drokz has done. It for all those sitting at home, bored stiff, waiting for the end of this apocalyptic nonsense. And during this, we need some good music. Hence this mix. And it's yet another awesome Drokz mix.

Enough said, lets just enjoy the music. And raise our middle finger to COVID-19. Be proud, fellow terrorheads!

DJ: Drokz

Genre/Style: Gabber, Terror, Terrorcore

Mix Info: Drokz Cure For The Virus Mix

Length Mix: 00:39:38

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Drokz - Soundcloud Page

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