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Drokz @ Thunderdome Hardcore Stream (2020)

About a month and a bit ago, Thunderdome decided to treat the fans to a fantastic livestream. With a few big names they did capture a lot of attention: Nosferatu, Ophidian, DRS, Marc Acardipane, and Drokz. Well, they had to: the world has stopped dancing, and the only thing we can get instead is music coming to us via our speakers. And organisations are not stopping, they still provide us with the finest music out there. And ID&T is no exception. I do not know how many actually joined the livestream, I couldn't watch it myself, was on a holiday with the wife, and she finds that more important than just a livestream.

I've already reviewed Marc Acardipane's set, and today it's time for good ol' Drokz behind the wheels of steel. And as much as you think of me, you have to give this man a lot of credit for being at the forefront of Terror since the early 1900s. Yes, he's that old, hence his nickname opa (which means grandad in Dutch). He does look slightly angry, and about to devour an animal with his bare hands, I've never seen Drokz laugh and enjoy himself as much as he did during his livestream. Drokz can smile! It's a blessing to see opa laugh.

Many of the people out there might not know of the style we love called Terror, and might assume it's just noise and nothing else, those people are wrong. Terror does deserve credit for being different and hard, and not having any boundaries: as long as it's fucking hard. It should have a bit of a melody though, otherwise we can just listen to Splittercore. Terror sometimes does sound so lovely and mild, but can turn vicious within second. Drokz certainly shows his skills as a wicked DJ and producer during this 31 minute long set, and gives us all the music we need. And he has a laugh. Good on you Drokz, for enjoying this. I would shit myself completely live on air. But you are a living legend, this is nothing new to you.

I found this video on Youtube, and I cannot keep my eyes from looking anywhere else: I am intrigued in what happens during Drokz's set. And I am still wondering which prison this was recorded in? Was it Scheveningen? It's a famous prison in the Netherlands, but I don't want to use Google, that's lame.

Well, time for the tracklist. 31 minutes, 18 records. Thanks Drokz for uploading the whole tracklist. See, that's one of the reasons why he's a fucking legend.

  • Dione - The Switch

  • Proactive HC - Who The Fuck

  • Proactive HC & Vandal!sm - Someone Make Some Noise

  • Drokz - Rip It Up

  • Dolphin - Mic Mutilator (Akira Remix)

  • Proactive HC - Bad Reputation

  • Proactive HC - The Definition Of Hard

  • Nosferatu & System Overload - Hating It

  • Drokz - Oh This Is So Hard (VIP Version)

  • Drokz - Wild For The Night

  • Detest & Drokz - Beer Pressure

  • Drokz - Phonking Like A OG

  • Hellfish & Akira - Rise Of The Uptempians

  • The Vizitor feat Narcotic - Fuck You Up

  • Akira & Metal D - Trancetrutje (Drokz Remix)

  • Drokz - Cocaine The Devils Brain

  • Creatures Of The Occult - Fear (VIP Version)

  • DJ Smurf - Exposure King (2020 Re-Strip)

Let me warn you: this is certainly NOT music for anything who thinks pop music is the best out there! This is only for the hardest motherfuckers out there. People who appreciate Terror music, and who can see the beauty in each record. Yes, some records are just straight forward fucking hard as hell, and no hidden messages can be found. But some are just so beautiful, and hard to explain to outsiders why the music is so damn great. You either like it or you don't. And I'm guessing that you are liking this, seeing as you are reading this review.

The whole set up is just spot on. A prison. The hardest DJ. The noise Drokz makes a second before he presses play. The smile from ear to ear. His can of beer. The lights. The camera crew. The huge arse wizard everywhere. Thunderdome. I can only give credit to ID&T for making this worth our time. And thanking Drokz for these wicked anthems.

Yes, yes, yes. Drokz has put in a lot of effort. Of course he has a few 'funny' and jokey songs in here, like the one he ends with, but let's not underestimate his passion for Terror: his new group called Proactive HC is doing great things, and we can hear a few songs during this livestream. New and fresh, yet with a nostalgic sound from the early days.

Two records stand out for me, and they are both hard as nails: 'The definition Of Hard' by Proactive HC, and 'Fear' by Creatures Of The Occult. I love the whole set, but the second I heard these come on, my mind just went fully insane, and I couldn't contain my happiness. I peed myself, like a dog being excited for the first time. Don't blame me, Drokz always does this to me.

I've got huge respect for Drokz after all these years. Recently he did a few interviews, and it has opened my eyes slightly. And I respect him for who he is behind the decks. And I hope he keeps on doing what he's doing until the end of time; we certainly need Drokz. I cannot imagine living in a world where there's no Drokz. No drugs, yeah, but no Drokz is the worst thing you can imagine.

Drokz, you've done it again. I can understand why you are smiling, because you've shown the world yet again why you are the leader. The boss man. The OG. The opa.

DJ: Drokz

Genre/Style: Terror, Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome Hardcore Stream

Length Liveset: 00:31:31

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/View (via Youtube): VIEW HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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