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Dutch Breakbeat Gabber Mix (2015)

Don't ask me, yeah, but I never knew Dutch Breakbeat Gabber was an actual thing! I categorised all Hardcore/Gabber as one style, never make a distinction between the styles. Was it happy, it belonged to the Happy Hardcore side. Did it sound like it came from Rotterdam or The Hague? Gabber it is. Hardcore for everything else. Well, I've just polarized the whole scene, but that's just my perspective. I never knew that these tunes you are about to listen to, fell under this category. But it's awesome though, I've learned that Breakbeat Gabber was my favourite kind of Hardcore!

So I found this mix only a few days ago, and I immediately fell in love with it! I don't need to reiterate that I was unaware of the styles' name, but for whatever reason it might have been, I have always loved these tunes. Only a handful of tunes selected by DeeGun were unknown to me, but all the others were (and still are) my favourite anthems. Yes, maybe a tad cheesy/happy, but who cares? A true Hardcore minded freak like me would acknowledge these tunes, and see them for what they really are: underrated classics.

DeeGun's selection is truly mindblowingly beautiful! This is what I'm looking for in a Hardcore/Happy Hardcore mix! This is my child hood in a 51 minute mix. Yeah yeah, many other tunes dominated my youth, but these were so good, I've played these over and over. And if you were around the time these were successful, you will look at this tracklist, and your heart might skip a beat. Do you require an ambulance?

01. Lockjaw - Ruff 'N Ruggin'

02. El Bruto - Hypnotizing

03. Brothers In Crime - Let Me Suck Your

04. Brothers In Crime - 100% Crisis

05. The Scotchman - Happy Vibes

06. Obliterator - Ruff To The Max

07. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Hands In D'Air

08. DJ Mongoose - Rip Shit Up (DJ Isaac Remix)

09. Discofrisco & DJ Inferno - Give All Your Love

10. The Beatsquad - Had A Dream

11. The Beatsquad - The Beat Goes On

12. Da Beatblower - Go Fuck Your S Off

13. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Hysterical Drumbeats

14. The Beatsquad - Uptempo Beatz

15. Twin Terror - I Feel Alive (Terror Mix)

16. DJ Gizmo & Lars - Baby I Know

17. Hardcore Till I Puke - D.U.I. Of E

18. Enfusia - Hit 'em With This

19. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski - Young Birds

20. DJ Weirdo & Sim - Go Get Busy

21. Without A Doubt - Don't Speak

22. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It

Well, I never knew! Fuck me sideways! I just, literally just visited Discogs, looked on The Beatsquad's page, and it told me that behind that project were E-Rick & Tactic! My God! The things you learn, it's just astonishing! Now I understand why both groups always appealed to me: they were bloody well the same! I wonder what happened to them.

I do wonder sometimes what has happened to those oldschool legends. Brothers In Crime, Weirdo & Sim, El Bruto, Twin Terror, Discofrisco, Mongoose, Lockjaw, etc. They were part of my childhood, and now they are gone. Not that I want to know all the gossips though, but I simply wondered. One day they are there, and the next they are gone.

Anyway, let's talk about the mix. DeeGun's mix. Never heard of this DJ before, or have seen anything by him/her before. But this mix is extremely interesting, and tasty. For this true Hardcore fanatic it's just an eargasm, 51 minutes long. Yes, there are a few shite records but you can't have it all, eh? But what about those fucking classic anthems like 'Hands In D'Air', 'Young Birds', 'Happy Vibes', 'Uptempo Beatz', etc? There are simply too many AWESOME records: if I had to pick one, it would be difficult. Not impossible, but difficult.

Favourite record: I had to choose between 'Uptempo Beatz', 'Hands In D'Air', 'Hysterical Drumbeats', 'Give All Your Love' and 'The Beat Goes On', and I picked the last on my list. The Beatsquad. I don't know if they still exist (probably not), but if they do, please let me know where they perform. I always appreciated their music, and still in 2019 go ape when I hear the tunes they made. Does anyone actually know if they made an artist album? Or shall I visit my Discogs friends and see if they've got the answer?

Ah well. DeeGun's mix is truly interesting. EXCELLENT record selection. You don't see these in such a tracklist that often, all together. All those beautiful anthems together. The mixing could be slightly better and the bass control sometimes nearly blew my speakers into a million speakers, but the general gist of this mix has been received and understood. Hardcore will never die. And Dutch Breakbeat Gabber just rocks!

More of this style! MORE!

DJ: DeeGun

Genre/Style: Dutch Breakbeat Gabber

Mix Info: Dutch Breakbeat Gabber Mix

Length Mix: 00:51:35

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: 118 MB

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DeeGun - Soundcloud Page

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1 Comment

Onder Koffer!
Onder Koffer!
Aug 31, 2019

Dit werd gewoon gabber genoemd hoor, kwam het woord breakbeat helemaal niet aan te pas. ;)

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