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Epified Session.09 (2021)

It's Wednesday everyone, and it's been a long week. Don't know exactly why, but it has been long. It seems like this week isn't moving forward at all. Maybe it's the stress, maybe it's other things, but one things for sure: my mind isn't in the right place. And the doctor prescribed me my medication: music. Not aggressive music but nice and mellow music. Relaxing stuff, that eases my mind. Guess what? I've found the perfect mix to wind down to. A mix by Uneven. This Bristol based DJ uploaded the Epified mix roughly a month ago, and it's already had great feedback. Am I going to join the positive feedback train or am I to burn down the train?

You all know me, I cannot be negative. A mix is a mix. And there's always a lot of effort put into it. So this mix is no exception. Well, the exception being that it's filled with Drum & Bass tunes. All tunes made by artists I do not know of. All unknowns, but they won't be, after this review. Uneven.'s mix is so interesting, I will do my research after this mix, and will find more stuff to listen to by these producers. And also more stuff by Uneven.

First and foremost, credit for the awesome picture. I really like it when it's a cool picture, and this one is as cool as you can get it, on this miserable and dreary Wednesday. But the picture isn't what most of you lot are interested in. You are here for the music, right?

Well, as mentioned before, I'm not familiar with Uneven. and the tracks he used for this mix. So this is going to be interesting. But secretly I already know I'm going to like this mix a lot, as I've already pressed play multiple times. Hopefully you will feel the same way. after....

  1. RQ - Rainforest Utopia

  2. ID - ID

  3. ID - ID

  4. Kharm - Memento

  5. Tellus - Through Snow And Mud

  6. Silence Groove - Defined

  7. Joakuim - Pirates

  8. Brainwork - Leave It

  9. Hobzee - Ghosts

  10. Sad Boys Club - The Depth Of Reflections

  11. Deft - Emeralds

  12. Margari's Kid - No One To Rally Us Forth

  13. ID - ID

  14. Kharm - Today You, Tomorrow Me

  15. Vex Seven - Onyx

  16. ID - ID

  17. Poisonfrog - Burning Sound

  18. ID - ID

  19. NoRules & Spiritual Voices - No3

  20. Jaskin & Uneven x Electrosoul System - Northbound Train

  21. Ink & Loxy & Resound - Frequency

  22. Heron Flow - Some Kinda Way

  23. ID - ID

  24. Silent Dust - November

  25. Paracusia - Entering The Breach

  26. Sorse - Hybrid (Tellus Remix)

  27. Governmentfun - Hours

  28. Eusebeia - Alignment

  29. ID - ID

  30. Tellus - Haze (Sorse Remix)

30 tracks, and I've never heard or seen these before. But that's OK, no big deal. Let the music speak for itself instead of who's responsible for each track and what the names are of the songs. There are a few missing though, so if you want to have fun, why not fill in the blanks for me? Leave a comment below if you know the missing or ID-less songs....

Well, let's talk about the 67 minute long mix. It's a blessing in disguise! If you are familiar with Uneven. and his music, this won't come as a surprise, but you wouldn't think 'this is going to be a wicked mix' just by looking at the mix title. But trust me, you've done the right thing here: you are reading this, so you are a few seconds away from pressing play. It's certainly something you need to do, as this mix hasn't ruined my day. On the contrary, it has made my day! Fucking early to mid 90s Drum and Bass vibes coming trhough my speakers right now, and I'm feeling happy as Larry. Obviously made to fit the 2021s, but trust me: the beats, bass, and melody will hit you hard as hell.

The mix is tight, and the tracks are awesome. Really went through 67 minutes of pure bliss. No negative feedback at all. Was really a pleasant journey. And Uneven. I shall follow you from now on. Really enjoyed this mix, from the first to the last second.

DJ: Uneven.

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass

Mix Info: Epified Session.09

Length Mix: 01:07L40

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Uneven. - Soundcloud Channel

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