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FACT Mix 250: 2 Bad Mice (2011)

The year is 2011. It was 9 years before the current pandemic occurred, and we didn't face a new world happening. We were happy, excited, and we were treated to one of the finest mixes by the best and biggest Oldskool group of all time: 2 Bad Mice. Well, I do think it was 2011, but I could be completely wrong. If you remember which year it was, please do leave a comment below, I would appreciate it. But it's an 'oldie' . I sadly can't find the mix online anymore on FACTs Soundcloud page, only on Rhodesy's Soundcloud page.

In this mix you will find the finest tunes from 1991 until 1994, and if you do know 2 Bad Mice, you know you will get the finest anthems from those years. Obviously they had to add their own anthem in here, which is without a doubt 'Bombscare', but you will see in the tracklist below that they have selected 16 amazing rave classics, and mixed them together rather nicely.

I did interview 2 Bad Mice before, which wasn't my masterpiece. Still feel a tad ashamed that I was that noob, asking silly questions, not professional at all. Maybe as a mark of respect to 2 Bad Mice, I decided to share this mix with you all again. I must have reviewed this in the past before, I reckon?

I did find this mix by accident. I was listening to Slipmatt's old live sessions, and heard old Rhodesy giving us amazing facts. This made me hunt for mixes on his Soundcloud page, which led me to this mix. I did forget about this mix, but I have to say that I have listened to this so many times before, it is still one of my most favourite mixes of all time. And I'm not kidding. Their selection of anthems is great, and all mixed together flawlessly.

Here's the tracklist for you all, if you haven't seen it already.

  1. Underkut - Both Ends

  2. Da Juice - Hear The Angels

  3. Walters & Allen - On De Ball

  4. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare

  5. Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer

  6. Code 071 - A London Sumtin

  7. The Sorcerer - Odyssey

  8. MC Jay J & DJ Devious D - Time Of Our Lives

  9. Kaotic Chemistry - Space Cakes

  10. Chemical Company - Define The Beat

  11. M17 - Rockin' Down The House

  12. DJ Phantasy & DJ Seduction - DJs Unite

  13. Edge 1 - Compounded

  14. DJ Tim & DJ Misjah - Access (Rhodesy VIP)

  15. Urban Hype - Trip (Remix)

  16. Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (2 Bad Mice Remix)

This is really a good looking tracklist, with some amazing rave classics. When we go back to raving in the outside world, we are sure to hear these anthems fly by at least once, at every rave event. Come on, like you don't like 'The Bouncer', or even 2 Bad Mice's biggest ever hit 'Bombscare'. Are you even a raver mate?

Their mix is flawless, and excellent. I really enjoy hearing this mix again after a few years, and it still makes me dance hard and fast, and makes me want to be out raving. Not indoors, in my bloody house, but at a festival. You cannot beat hearing these anthems coming at you from massive speakers.

Is this the finest mix of all time? It is certainly up there, among the greatest mixes of all time. It's not too damn fast, it's not too rough around the edges, it's just picture perfect. It ticks all the boxes, if you are a raver. And it's a diverse mix too. Not playing the same old classics, but more the underground stuff. Really nice to hear the underrated anthems again. We need to hear more of these anthems. Not just the top 40 bangers, but the underground anthems, those you would mostly hear in underground clubs.

I really find this mix superb. Only love and appreciation for 2 Bad Mice. And which record is the best? The first one, by Underkut. It just sets the tone. A brilliant opening record.

Check this mix out, and let it dominate your weekend! Come on, let's 'ave it!

Act: 2 Bad Mice

Genre/Style: Oldskool, Rave

Mix Info: FACT Mix 250

Length Mix: 01:08:24

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 84 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2011

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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