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Factor B - Producer Year Mix 2019

It's been too long since I reviewed a Trance mix, and boy, did I come across a mix so good, I couldn't let this one slip by without writing a word about it? As we are all Trance lovers, certain names do appear on our timeline on Soundcloud every so often, and one of those names has to be Factor B. 2019 was his year, and it's been excellent for him, producing wise. And to end the year on a high note, he decided to fabricate his 2019 producer year mix, like he did in 2018. A good mix to end a good year with!

Not really sure who's behind the name, but what I do know is that Factor B makes excellent Trance music. No wonder his music is released on a wide variety of labels, such as Subculture, Pure Trance, GO MUSIC, FSOE, and more. You are not just 'some' producer, if your music is released on those labels! But if you are unaware of Factor B's potentials, don't you worry; this mix will be a treat to you. You can thank me (and him of course) later. For now, let's dive straight into this epic hour and 10 minute long mix.

You can thank me now. You are welcome!

01. The Thrillseekers & Factor B - Immerse (Immersive Intro Edit)

02. Factor B - Stardust Symphony

03. Factor B - Touch

04. Above & Beyond - Treasure (Factor B Remix)

05. Factor B - Anything (For You)

06. Neptune Project feat Polly Strange - Pulse (Factor B Remix)

07. Cold Blue - Mount Everest (Factor B's Back To Base Camp Remix)

08. Factor B - Alpha

09. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Factor B - Synergy

10. Marc Dawn - Random Walk (Factor B's Back To The Future Remix)

11. Alena - Turn It Around (Factor B's Back To The Future Remix)

12. Factor B feat Cat Martin - Crashing Over

A short tracklist but a very powerful anthem filled mix! It's 71 minutes of Trance heaven, or as Factor B puts it: Proper Trance. And that is what I wanted to hear today. I needed some music to release myself to, and this mix has been a blessing.

A lot of his own productions and remixes can be found in here, so there's no need for you to not fully immerse yourself into his world, and what he does. Factor B has the power to make excellent music. And these 71 minutes have been pure bliss.

Only positive feedback for mr B. So many great records in this mix, but the one that did the most damage in my house was 'Mount Everest' by Cold Blue, remixed by Factor B. What a stunner! What a beast of a record. Pure Trance? Yes, it definitely is!

I'm not going to spend any longer, writing words no one reads. Just press play and enjoy it!

DJ: Factor B

Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance

Mix Info: Producer Year Mix 2019

Length Mix: 01:11:15

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Factor B - Soundcloud Page

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