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Flymo Easimo Lawn Mower

Product Number 238372

A lawn mower should do the trick. And should be easy to use, and easy to put together. This is why we had to purchase a new lawn mower last Saturday (bought at Tesco, not available online) for £60. Our old lawn mower simply died after a few years in service. Simple as it looked, it was sadly a devastating nightmare to use. The wheels would regularly come off, the handlebar was a nightmare, and the one/off button would sometimes work, and sometimes decided to remain an 'off' button only. And the blade wasn't cutting the grass as good as you would expect. Electric malfunctioning led up to me purchasing the Flymo Easimo. And I've never felt more pleased.

Living in a house with a humongous garden has a disadvantage. Cutting the grass isn't always the best thing to do, but when it's nearly as tall as I am (183 cm) and as thick as the jungle, it needs to be done. The new lawn mower was the option, to replace the already dead one. I remembered that we walked through the gardening section at our Tesco, and it was on offer, for £60. I didn't think much of it at the time, because we had a 'working' mower, but once I got everything ready in the garden, karma hit, and it hit hard. I should have picked it up in the first place.

Back in the queue at the supermarket, and after about 15 minutes waiting, we purchased the item (alongside a few necessities). Happy as a kid, I immediately decided to unbox the item in the garden (seeing as everything was ready to go), and opened the box. As 'complicated' as the item looks in the above picture, it was dead easy to assemble.

The assembly process was simply, yet the instructions weren't clear. Not as clear as I hoped them to be. But thankfully I had my thinking cap on, and figured it out. After putting everything together and plugging it into the socket, it just buzzed into life. We were greeted with the nice humming sound of a lawn mower, one that actually works.

The positioning of the wheels can be adjusted, for cutting purposes. The lower the wheels are, the lower the grass will be cut. This is easy if you have a simply straight forward garden without any humps and bumps, but if it has small irregular sections, you need to raise the wheels slightly. There are several settings, so it will please a wide range of users (only with a garden; the item is useless if you live in a flat).

The 'load' capacity is also great. It clearly indicates when it's full, and removing the part from the main mower is dead easy. The hook points do feel a tad flimsy, but if you use it with caution, you won't have anything to worry about.

The garden was done in no time. Again, it was easy to set up, and also easy to use. Even the small detail of having two handle bars operate as 'power', that makes a difference. If you want to relieve your hand from movement, on other mowers you are limited to one side only, to operate the machine. This Flymo gives you the option to be more efficient, and reduces physical stress on certain body parts.

Job done. I couldn't wish for a better garden tool. Simple, yet effective. Expectations met. And for the amount we purchased it for, it was worth every penny. This item will make gardening fun again. The way it supposed to be.


* simple to assemble

* easy to use

* load capacity good

* adjustable wheel heights

* reduces physical stress on body parts


* instruction not clear

* tethering points for the load basket flimsy

* useless if you live in a flat

I will give this item a TCD score. This is my personal view, and based on my own personal experience. The item has been purchased by myself, and will be used as long as it will last. And hopefully it will last me longer than the previous mower.

Also make sure you check out Flymo's official website for more gardening tools.

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