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Gas Op D'n Basstape Vol. 1 (2015)

I am originally from Limburg. And if you've never been to the Netherlands, you might not know this province. It must be around 200 km down South from Amsterdam (to all those who do not do their research, and only know Amsterdam). In Limburg we do love to party, especially during our national Carnaval. If you've not been to Limburg around Carnaval, you are missing out on a lot. Yes, it involves a lot of drinking, putting on weird costumes, and funny hoompapa music (or however you spell it). I've outgrown this bit in my life, but when I was younger, carnaval was everything! It was the only time of the year to look out for.

It's a festive period for everyone, young or old. During the day you would have kiddie carnaval parades, and in the evening/night you would see adults going absolutely bonkers on booze. For me it was Flugel, the majestic drink, that kept me going. During the 90s I was all hyped up for carnaval, even though I did not put a lot of effort in my costumes. I was there. Mostly in Valkenburg, Heerlen and Maastricht. And boy, I have been waisted for most days.

To be fair, the music was always crap. Seeing as I'm from Limburg, I should speak the regional dialict, but seeing as I can't, I could not sing a long, but after 15 pints of beer and a lot of shots, you literally would not care. But music progresses, and now it's at this stage where the EDM world is getting involved. Not exactly, but they have implemented a lot of sounds from the EDM world into the carnaval sound. And this mixtape I'm about to show you has done exactly that. If this was played during my carnaval days, I reckon I would not have lived passed 21. I would have drunken myself to death, and partied too damn hard.

Carnaval. I might have outgrown it, but the quirkiness still gets me. So when I heard this mixtape by Vollen Sjas, a smile was put on my face. And if you are not Dutch, this might seem to be a bit too weird. Well, we are Dutch, we are constantly high, live in windmills, and rave with clogs on.

01. Vollen Sjas - Intro

02. Tsunami - Vollensjas Mashup

03. Lamme Frans - Wakker Met Een Biertje (Vollen Sjas Remix)

04. Rob Ronalds - Ons Frans Is Vrijgezel (Vollen Sjas Remix)

05. Ummet Ozcan - Smash (Vollen Sjas Duo Penotti Mashup)

06. Snollebollekes - Vrouwkes (Vollen Sjas Remix)

07. FeestDJRuud - Gas Op Die Lollie (Vollen Sjas Remix)

08. Snollebollekes - Snollebolleke (Vollen Sjas Mashup)

09. Maarten - Jij Bent Zo (Vollen Sjas Remix)

10. Danny van Loon - 400 Liter (Vollen Sjas Mashup)

11. Wild Motherfuckers - Wild Wild West (Vollen Sjas Mashup)

Carnaval is all about having fun, and within this 32 minute long mix, you will experience fun. Is it quality music, or music you would appreciate when you are getting a tad drunk, or already passed the stage of being drunk as f**k? Fun, that's the magic word.

I've been living in the UK for a while now, and I have missed out on everything that has happened in the carnaval scene, but it looks much more interesting now. I've been hunting down several mixes on Soundcloud, and they all seem to have this Freestyle vibe surrounding them. No more Germanic influences, but more Dutch influences. A bit of Hardstyle here and there does not hurt anyone.

I've not heard of Vollen Sjas before, but his mix was really entertaining. Cheesefest from the start, but that's the magical part of carnaval: we do not take ourselves seriously. There is an obvious battle between Limburg and Brabant, who is more carnaval (obviously the Limburgers), but besides that there's no politics involved, or religion. Put your weirdest mask on, put some money in your pocket, and go ape. Who needs to see A'dam when you can see true party animals show you what we do best?

The tunes were ok, not quality, but funny enough to get me moving. Cheesy as f**k. And I'm hooked on it now. You should check it out, right NOW! And book your next trip to the Netherlands during carnaval. You know it makes sense.

DJ: Vollen Sjas

Genre/Style: Carnaval, Hardstyle, Freestyle

Mix Info: Gas Op D'n Basstape Vol. 1

Length Mix: 00:32:25

Tracks: 11 (eleven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

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