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Giuseppe Ottaviani Live @ Dreamstate Europe 2019

I have been offline for a few days, enjoying the Dutch climate and soaking up all the deliciousness that the Dutch had to offer, but in the background I was collecting good music. So expect in the next few days a lot of reviews from mixes/livesets I've heard during my week off. And the first one I start with is a set by Giuseppe Ottaviani, recorded at Dreamstate Europe 2019, in Poland. If you were there, you must have had the best time in your life! The line-up was monsterously good: Vini Vici, Alpha 9, Aly & Fila, Eric Senn, Gareth Emery, Gouryella, Ilan Bluestone, Liquid Soul, Markus Schulz, Menno de Jong, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Simon Patterson, and more. But that's a seriously impressive line-up, wouldn't you agree?

This is not the first liveset by this legend that I've reviewed, I've been following him on Soundcloud for a while now, and he keeps on surprising me with his music. He always mentions that he's a music lover, and I've got to give him credit for that. He truly is. His music is inspiring, and touches souls. And with his live set he gets his music to the masses. And he's done that all over the world. His love and dedication has led him to the biggest parties, and that has certainly paid off. He has got to be one of my favourite artists of all time. Giuseppe is a genuine hero. Underrated. He deserves the world and everything in it.

His set at Dreamstate is as good as you would expect it. And an added bonus: free download. And the crowd can be heard during the set, that's the absolute high! I love recording with the audience clearly heard. You cannot have a set without an audience screaming for merci. And scream your name. Giuseppe's set is pure heaven!

01. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Keep Your Dreams Alive (Intro Version)

02. Giuseppe Ottaviani - 8K

03. Gigi D'Agostino - Bla Bla Bla (Giuseppe Ottaviani Bootleg)

/w MaRLo - Darkside

04. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Colours

05. John O'Callaghan feat Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

06. Kalki - Japan

w/ Benni Benassi - Satisfaction (GO Live 2.0 Mashup)

07. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Panama

08. Driftmoon - Renaissance

09. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat Clara Yates - Why

10. Hypaton - Never Say Never

11. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Lumina

w/ Tears For Fears - Shout (Acapella)

12. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise

Heaven. I cannot describe it in a different way. How come this man ALWAYS knows what to play to please the crowd? How does this man make each and every record he produces or remixes into a beautiful masterpiece? This man is not just a genuine music lover, he is a true pioneer. A legend in his own lifetime. He rules the scene.

I've never had the pleasure to witness his liveset, but when I can, I must visit it. I need to get some Giuseppe in my life. His music already touches my soul, and now I need to absorb all the greatness this man gives during his set.

I can go on for hours, but I won't. Let the music do the talking. Best record: 'Panama'. Why? Well, because.

Just check out this masterpiece. An obvious reason to have him play at Dreamstate. Wouldn't want anyone else!

DJ: Giuseppe Ottaviani

Genre/Style: Trance

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Dreamstate Europe 2019

Length Liveset: 00:57:57

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 55.2 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 128kbps

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