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GLOWKiD presents The Generation X Crew (2020)

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, you are probably aware of GLOWKiD's latest album. If not, don't you worry my son, TCD has got you covered. In case I need to introduce you into the wonderful world of GLOWKiD and his wicked website (click here if you want to visit it, and I urge you to do so), let me just say a few words about him: he's from Greece, and he loves music, especially NuSkool Hardcore. His website is the dopest website on God's given Earth. Much more professional, compared to mine. But he puts a lot of effort into it, if truth be told. He's got his own blog, his own video show, and dope interviews. And now his wicked album. How does he manage to find the time?

The man behind the glasses, he's well known. He's in contact with the whole music world. And his page gets a lot of visitors every month. So to give the viewers something else, he made this album. Well, not just him, but also a few of his producing friends. The result is an album, with records by a wide variety of artists, from all over the world. That's the beauty behind projects like this one: music unites everyone. Especially nowadays, during the crisis we are all facing. We need something to keep us united. And this album could be the right tool to unite the raving community.

I am not 100% sure, mainly because I'm lazy, but the actual album was limited, so there could be a few copies left. But today (Friday) this album will be available digitally. And I am urging you to give this album a go. Underneath this review there will be a Soundcloud player, if you want a teaser, a taste of what to expect on this album. But now, the tracklist!

01. GLOWKiD - Intro

02. Orestiz - Sucks 2B You

03. Damage Inc. - Sorry Riddim

04. Nefti - U Turn Me On

05. Insane & Mind - The Way

06. Amaretto - Building Shake

07. Monks & Mort - Wonderfull

08. TNO Project - Inside Ma Head

09. Spiral S - Rave 4 Life (Pressure Euphoria Mix)

10. Yudaidhun - Bring It Back To The Heaven

11. Schnez - Ricochet

12. Beats Are Broken - The Dreamer

13. Amiga Breaks - Get Busy

14. Nefti - Music Takes Me Higher (Vitality Remix)

15. Paul Cronin feat GLOWKiD - The Ardcore Crew

If you are into Breakbeat/NuSkool Hardcore, you will feel like you have gone to paradise. The main reason why I also love this music a lot (but not as much as GLOWKiD) is the fact that it keeps the oldskool sound alive. Even though it's called NuSkool, it still remains focussed on the early sound, the early to mid 90s sound, and with this album GLOWKiD has captured the atmosphere correctly, and you can feel those wicked vibes throughout the album.

First of all, credits to all the producers. Well talented producers. Gifted to keep the early sound alive. Praise for that. And secondly, credits to the man behind this project, for getting these artists together, for this wicked album. I genuinely had goosebumps when I pressed play. And I have actually danced like a monkey on acid in my living room. Normally I wouldn't do that, but seeing as there's literally no one on the street anymore, there's no one to judge me. So f*** it.

From Drum and Bass sounding records, to Happy Hardcore vibes, to Breakbeat piano sections, to rave in its entirety. This album isn't just a standard album, focussed on one specific sound, this is an album dedicated to the raving generation, the lost generation, a.k.a. Generation X. We might have aged, but deep down inside we still keep the raving fire burning.

The one record that grabbed my attention, because it had everything I was looking for, was 'Building Shake' by Amaretto. I thought that this was a drink, but clearly I was wrong. The vibes, the piano section, it just works beautifully. Simply the best record on this album.

I do appreciate people like GLOWKiD who keep the community alive and kicking. With this album he has created a new surface for next generation artists to work on. The concrete has been laid, now others need to build on it. So let this album spark something within us all. Be inspired. Be as inspiring as GLOWKiD, my Greek friend, and music lover.

No negative feedback to give. This album is just so damn good. CLICK Here to visit my friend's page, and to order it right now!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: NuSkool Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Album Info: GLOWKiD's album

Length Album: +/- 1 hour

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via GLOWKiD's website): LISTEN HERE

Product Number: SF039 Physical / INTENSIVE34 Digital

Label: Sonic Fortress / Intensive Records

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