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GPF & Mizz Behave @ Shutdown Festival 2020 [Live Recording]

It's been a while since I last reviewed anything by the Greazy Boys, too damn long. Lockdown has caused a lot of aggro, and it has been a pain in the arse for many of us. Also for GPF, but they do prefer it in their arsehole. Anyway, don't you worry guys and guys, they are back. In August GPF did a set with Mizz Behave at Shutdown Festival, in Austria. And if you haven't seen the livestream (like yours truly), you are going to be in for a treat. They did a set in a bloody nuclear location! How's that for a livestream? Not your 'standard' livestream, eh?

Cant' believe it's more than a year ago since I last saw them perform at their own event in the Netherlands. So much has happened, and am I wrong in saying that the GPF bloke in the video has a crush on Mizz Behave? There's so much sexual tension in this video, it's unbelievable. And what about their signature hand signs? Looks like they are holding balls in their hands. You can say whatever you like, but GPF and Mizz Behave do bring the madness. And during this livestream you get the madness thrown at you like a bloody harpoon!

You might like or dislike their music or their approach to the harder styles, but you can certainly say it's never boring with GPF and Mizz Behave. Is it even normal? Nope, certainly not. It's stupid, ridiculous but I like the idiocy behind the act. You never know who's behind the act, and whatever happens. One second it's all happy and light hearted music, and the next you are ass f**ked by piep kicks. And I'm not sure that they even know what GPF is, or the music they make.

They do bring a smile on my face, and that's all needed. And a lot of penises. And blow up dolls. Who would grow up as a kid and hoped they would become the weirdest act in the hard dance industry? No one does, but GPF and Mizz Behave have taken it to the next level. The 'brand' is growing rapidly, and there's no stopping them.

Is it a joke? Maybe, but at least they are having fun. And so do the thousands of ravers who see them live or via streaming services. And I'm a fan of their shenanigans. Not their biggest fan, I wouldn't put a tattoo of them on my body, but I do certainly wear their merchandise with pride. Like a cock. A peacock.

So their set at Shutdown did not come naturally with a tracklist (booo!) but someone was so kind to add one to the comments. There's always one that knows EVERYTHING. So here's the tracklist, if you are really that bothered.

  • GPF & Kutski - ID

  • GPF & Russian Village Boys - ID

  • The Straikerz - Party Started (Mizz Behave Remix)

  • Partyraiser & Repix - Ode To The Godfather

  • w/ Malice & GPF - All Wanna F**k (Piep Edit)

  • GPF feat MC Jeff - Cummin' On Ur Face

  • Angernoizer & Caine - The Nightmare

  • Russian Village Boys x Skurt - Forever Drunk

  • Da Tweekaz - Moana (How Far I'll Go) (Caine & GPF 200 BPM Donk F**k Duck Piep Kick Edit)

  • GPF & D-Fence - Virgin

  • Rooler & Sefa - Survive The Streets

  • w/ GPF x J1zzy - The Cumikaze Mashup

  • Jebroer - Gaan Met Die Banaan (GPF & Mizz Behave Laser Piep Kick Version Of Riot Shift's Vegang Edit)

  • Unicorn On Ketamine - Horsestyle

  • Mizz Behave - ID

  • GPF - Stripper

  • Mizz Behave & The Freaky Bastard - LOCA

  • GPF & Riot Shift - Broccoli Fuck

  • GPF & Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love (Mizz Behave Remix)

  • GPF x Caine x Mizz Behave - Greazed Up

  • Mizz Behave - Suck My Puzzy

  • E-Force - Seven (Dimitri K Edit)

  • Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (GPF Remix)

  • GPF x Mizz Behave - I Fucked A Girl

  • Ran-D & Endymion feat LePrince - Run From Reality (Mizz Behave Remix)

  • GPF & Angernoizer - ID

  • Cascada - Everytime We Touch (GPF Everytime We Fuck Edit)

  • GPF - Venga Fuck

That's certainly one seriously fucked up mix. You cannot say with a straight face that this is 'normal'. Come on, try saying it's normal, GPF and Mizz Behave. I cannot describe it, nor can you. Yes, you might be wearing the pink tracksuit and bought the GPF mask and the Mizz Behave crop top , but what is GPF? It's like Stephen Hawking trying to explain to us the reason why the universe is there, the shape of it, and the creation of mankind. We can listen, but we try our best to understand it, and we nod our head, but does it make sense? Nope. Sorry Stephen, you have tried, but you were on a different level all together. Just like this set.

Is this set perfect? Nope, not really. Is it fucked? Yes, certainly. I've been listening to this set the last few hours, and it's as messed up as you can expect it to be. But as weird as it might be, they have reached their target: the stage! In this case the stage was in Austria, but whatever you think of it, they bring the madness and nipples to the masses.

I had fun, weird enough. Their track selection is as ostentatious as you would expect it to be. They had fun I think, can't really tell with them wearing masks. But a lot of viewers on Youtube did like their set, and so did I. It wasn't perfect, a few mistakes here and there, but nothing major. Still hard and mad as fuck.

The best track is GPF's latest record 'Stripper'. Don't know where the vocals are from, but they are catchy as hell.

I hope GPF and Mizz Behave are all OK, and keep providing us with the madness! Keep up the silly work. Hey x

Act: GPF & Mizz Behave

Genre/Style: Puzzycore, Uptempo Hardcore, Sillycore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Shutdown Festival 2020

Length Liveset: 00:46:59

Tracks: too many

Download/Listen (via Youtube): WATCH HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: GPF - Youtube Page

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