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Hamunaptra @ Ghosttown 2014

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Hamunaptra. What a legendary name in the Hardcore scene. The creator of some really dark and edgy Hardcore anthems. The other day I reviewed a Ophidian Enzyme records megamix, and it got me hyped up for Enzyme. So, as it normally happens, Soundcloud showed me something I might like, tracks similar to the ones recently played, and guess which mix appeared? Correct, Hamunaptra's set at Ghosttown back in 2014. And thankfully Hansolo (a Hardcore lover) provided us with a whole tracklist. Guess what? It contains a lot of Enzyme records! So that's a bonus!

I quickly looked at Discogs to find out who's responsible for Hamunaptra, and it's someone who I never heard of. But he has made such an impact on me, music wise, it's unbelievable. My favourite Hamunaptra record has got to be 'Soul Entrapment', which sadly isn't in this mix. But still 19 excellent records.

Ghosttown 2014 was a good one, and produced many remarkable livesets, which you can all find on Soundcloud. For me the focus this weekend was Enzyme records, and boy, did I get my request fullfilled? I got even more. I'm on an overdose of Enzyme right now!

01. Enzyme X - Doorbanen

02. Meagashira - Swarm

03. Enzyme X - Syskwahor

04. Nosferatu - Beaver Cleaver

05. Nosferatu vs Endymion - Stay Focussed!

06. Nosferatu - Human Experiments

07. Nosferatu & Endymion - All The Way Up

08. Hamunaptra & Ophidian - Frightning Phobia

09. Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Whispers Of A Nameless Fear

10. Meagashira - End Of Line

11. Ophidian - Predator & Prey

12. Ophidian & Tapage - The Mine

13. Enzyme X - Tsui Pa Shien

14. Hamunaptra feat Ruffneck - Stalked By Death

15. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass

16. Nosferatu - The Underground Stream (Dione Remix)

17. Hamunaptra - Neon Genesis Part 1 (Yataaah!)

18. Ophidian - Butterfly V.I.P. (VIP Edit By Ophidian)

19. Project Omega - Prednison Attack

That's a nice looking tracklist. I don't think I've ever heard or seen a set by Hamunaptra online, so this is my introduction into his wonderful and dark world. And this world we know as Enzyme.

I can't mention anything bad about the tracklist. It's what you would have expected. Dark, edgy, and fucking madness. So many awesome records in here, by not only the DJ himself, but also Nosferatu, Ophidian (you can't do a set without at least one record by him), Enzyme X, and more. When I heard this set for the first time it blew me away.

The quality of the tunes, don't need to discuss this. It's what you would expect: so darn good. And to start your set with 'Doorbanen', and end it with 'Prednison Attack', you are doing it absolutely right. And the first record in this set is immediately my favourite.

It's not 100% perfect during the hour and 20 minutes. Does contain a few tiny errors, but don't let that set you back. Press play right now, and hear those awesome records. I know you want to!

DJ: Hamunaptra

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Ghosttown 2014

Length Livset: 01:21:35

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

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