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Happy Hardcore Classics 129 'Back To '95' (2018)

Happy Hardcore. Can't go wrong with that, can't you? The weird thing is that abroad, here in the UK, it's still big and well appreciated, but in the Netherlands, one of its birth places, it seems to have died down a lot. It doesn't get the appreciation it deserves. Thankfully I live in the UK now, the birth place of UK Happy Hardcore, the more Jungle focussed Happy Hardcore. And as usual the Soundcloud channel History Of Happy Hardcore has made another amazing 2 hour long mix. I sense a love for everything Happy Hardcore related, and I agree. I do feel the same for it.

To hear these classic anthems again is always an added bonus. This kind of music is 100 times better than the crap we hear on the radio nowadays. No love for the music anymore, only love for the hard cash. Back in the 90s the producers were honest. This was a new thing, a new adventure they embarked on. It did cost them a lot to purchase the equipment needed, and many have spent hours in their bedroom producing these anthems, but what they made were timeless classics, if you compare them to the top 40 crap. Whatever is called pop music, will not stand the test of time. Happy Hardcore has, and will be on our minds forever.

Let me show you the tracklist of this beauty. A lot of ' unknown artists' . But what you get is a tremendous sounding mix. Hard as fuck, happy as it can get. But oh so darn good.

01. DJ Morph - Let Me Do My Thing

02. Unknown Artist - Good Things EP (A2)

03. DJ Intense - For Real

04. Unknown Artist - Good Things EP (A1)

05. Unknown Artist - Naughty But Nice II (B)

06. Unknown Artist - Good Things EP (B1)

07. Stu J - Juice

08. Unknown Artist - Good Things EP (B2)

09. Unknown Artist - Naughty But Nice II (A)

10. Unknown Artist - Beasty Peak

11. Joker & Gozzy - Satisfy

12. Trance & Roughcut - Volume 2 (B)

13. Crowd Pleasers - Volume 3 (B)

14. Undercover Elephant - E-Dam

15. Crowd Pleasers - Volume 3 (A)

16. DJ Force & The Evolution - Stampede

17. E-Logic - Get Up

18. Joker & Gozzy - Mindblowin'

19. DJ Fade - Music Is My Life

20. Temporary Mashup - Instant Mash

21. DJH & & The Kids In Space - Stand Up & Shout It!

22. Unknown Artist - Obscene Vol 1 (A)

23. DJ Mystical - Blown Away

24. DJ Poppy - Yes

25. DJ Pooch - Don't Stop

They do deliver, as you would expect. Over the years I have reviewed many of their mixes, and they were always spot on. One of the true-est of Happy Hardcore channels on Soundcloud. And with nearly 10k followers, people are craving for more. And so do I, if truth be told.

I've really enjoyed this latest Happy Hardcore mix. Even though I knew not one of these records, as it is clearly stated that these records are 'more underground, overlooked records'. And that is true. But what you do get, even though you don't know the names or never heard these songs before, are breakbeat Hardcore anthems, heavy basslines, stabs and piano bits and bobs from the wonderful year 1995. And I can vouch for that.

There were some minor mixing errors, but nothing major . Nothing to mention at all. So let's talk about the best record in this mix.

I don't know the track title of who produced it, but the record that starts around 30 minutes. That is a really good anthem. Never heard it before, and would really like to know who made it. That's my favourite record.

All in all yet another excellent mix, filled with underrated underground classics. Get the word out, and make sure everyone listens to this mix, and hopefully they will appreciate Happy Hardcore as much as we do.

Act: History Of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Piano Hardcore

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Classics 129 'Back To '95'

Length Mix: 01:50:16

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 252 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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