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Hardcore HakMuziek Vol 8 - Masters Of Hardcore Digital Tribute 2012 Pt 2 (2020)

It is Sunday. Hardcore day. Or Hakdag, as the Dutch would describe it. But to those die-hard Hardcore fanatics, every day is Hakdag. And after a hard days work yesterday, I needed something hard and rough. Therefore I went to my good ol' friend Soundcloud, and found this mix, made by DJ Psyvex. A mix focussed on the Masters Of Hardcore anthems from around 2012. Thinking about this: those anthems are roughly 8 years old! OMG, time has flown by.

Anyway, before we start ranting about the age of the records used by Psyvex, let's focus on the mix and the music he has selected. As mentioned before, these are the anthems released around 2012. All focussed on the Masters Of Hardcore sound. And as you would expect, the mix is quite hard and rough. Fuck Sunday mornings, let's all wake the fuck up.

If you are digging this mix, he's got two mixes of these online (including the one we are talking about), and a third mix is coming. So keep your eyes peeled.

Did someone say tracklist? Here it is!

01. Wasted Mind - Crypt

02. Korsakoff & Re-Style - Unconquered

03. Korsakoff - Amber

04. Korsakoff - Blind

05. Javi Boss - Destruction

06. Angerfist - The Desecrated

07. Javi Boss - Cursed Days

08. Korsakoff - Center Of Mass

09. Dyewitness - Masterplan (State Of Emergency & Outblast feat MC Syco Remix)

10. Outblast - Superhero Complex

11. Catscan - Wake Of Liberty

12. Miss K8 - Liquid8

13. Outblast & Re-Style - Omnipotence

14. Re-Style feat Mercenary - We Go Back

15. Masters Elite - Tied By Sound (Official Syndicate Anthem)

16. Javi Boss feat MC Tha Watcher - Destiny Today

17. Re-Style - Wasteland (Official Bassleader 2012 Anthem)

18. Javi Boss - Faka

19. Drokz & Day-Mar - Unite

20. Outblast & Drokz - Be Yourself

21. Angerfist - Fuck The Promqueen (Tripped Remix)

22. Angerfist - Eraser

This mix will certainly wake you up. I am wide awake now after another dreadful night of no sleep. I'm guessing that the second I stop listening to this mix I will dose off completely. So maybe I should have this on repeat the whole day?

As with a proper Hardcore mix, you start off slow, and build up the pace. The harder the better, but never start fast. Always let the music build up, and that's what Psyvex has done. Terror at the end. That's the way to do it.

I did like this mix. Even though it's not oldskool, it still takes me back a few years. How the music sounded different compared to the present day Hardcore. Slightly different. And back in 2012 they made probably one of the dopest anthems ever. 'Tied By Sound'. Such a catchy anthem. One of my favourite anthems of all time.

Sadly they also made crap music. I don't think that's really bound by any year. But Dyewitness' 'Masterplan' should have never been remixed. The original is always 100 times better. This version is just horrible, absolute kak.

Psyvex has made a wicked mix. Go check this one out, also the first instalment, and keep your eyes open for the third instalment. Coming soon.

DJ: Psyvex

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Terror

Mix Info: Hardcore HakMuziek Vol 8

Length Mix: 01:11:14

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DJ Psyvex - Soundcloud Page

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