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Hardcore Vibes (2024)

Another week has arrived, and we need something to get us going. The weather looks a tad atrocious, and not very happy. We need something that can put a smile on our faces. And have I got the right mix for you! The genre of music is Happy Hardcore, and that in itself can put a smile on your face. And I love Happy Hardcore. To find a mix that can put a smile on your face, that's the reason why I write reviews. And this one might put an even bigger smile on your face.

The mix was shared on Soundcloud, and it was by accident that I found it. The DJ who made this mix is called Adrenalin. The account on Soundcloud is fairly new, but there is a bit of information available, if you are interested. You can find out a bit more who made this mix. But for now, let us focus on the mix, and if it has the potential to get us through the day, or maybe even the week.

The mix is an hour long, and has got 18 Happy Hardcore anthems in it. And as much as I consider myself a huge fan of Happy Hardcore, there are still a lot of tracks out there I haven't heard before, and there's a few in this mix. Every day is a new day to learn forgotten or less appreciated anthems, or anthems that you just never heard before because when they were released, it wasn't your cup of tea. Who knows?

Let's jump the Happy Hardcore train, and let's get a move on!

  1. Kinetic Pleasure - Higher

  2. Vibes & Wishdokta - No More Tears

  3. Edit V - Sensation (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix)

  4. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days

  5. Happy Tunes - I Want You Baby

  6. Happy Tunes - Sanctuary Of Love

  7. WE 3 - Groovy Dimension

  8. Forbes & Cyclone - Faze 1

  9. DJ Mr Hyde - Release

  10. Scott Brown - Systematic

  11. DJ Slam - Knowledge

  12. Scott Brown - Do What You Like

  13. Happy Tunes - The Anthem

  14. A Sense Of Summer - On Top (Hixxy Remix)

  15. DJ Brisk - Airhead

  16. Billy Bunter & JDS - Come Alive (Billy Bunter Remix)

  17. DJ Selecta & GL 2 - Incognito

  18. Oaysis - Awaited (Slipmatt Remix)

The tracks are really good. I've been listening to this mix multiple times in a row, and I'm still very happy to have discovered it. Yes, the title might be a bit misleading, as you maybe hoped it had Dune's 'Hardcore Vibes' in it, but those 18 records are still solid anthems.

It's a really intoxicating mix with some serious dancefloor fillers. These were the tunes from back in the day, they got us all back onto the dancefloor. And it got a lot of ravers up on the dancefloor, whistling like they never whistled before. And hands would go up in the air. Those were the golden days.

I really liked this mix, and I've got no negative feedback. The songs are great. Great selection of anthems. And the one that has the most memories is 'Six Days'. That is still a classic to this day. Not 100% where I was when I heard it the first time, but I still remember which album it was on. A solid anthem, that's for sure.

If you want to be happier, this is the right mix for you. It will take you back to the 90s, and will leave you happier for at least 24 hours. Maybe even longer, if you let it. Maybe play this mix at least once a day this week, and see how your week goes!

DJ: Adrenalin

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Happy Rave, UK Hardcore, Breakbeat

Mix Info: Hardcore Vibes

Length Mix: 01:00:31

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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