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Headhunterz | Defqon.1 At Home 2020

It's safe to say that this year is probably one of the weirdest years of our known existence. Similar things might have happened in the past, but can we actually remember when the whole world stood still, and every person had to stay at home? The lockdown has changed a lot of things, including partying. If someone would mention in 2019 that we would stay at home, partying to livestreams, no one would have believed him/her. This is such a surreal period, but thankfully most of us make the best out of it. Including the organisation behind one of the biggest events in the Netherlands, Defqon.1.

The event took place in Biddinghuizen, where it should have taken place anyway. The line-up remained awesome as hell, don't need to elaborate that the organisation still gets the sickest line-ups, but this time no crowd was to be seen. It was all via livestreams, and they made sure that the party, even when no one attended, was spectacular. If you have missed it, you don't need to worry: go on Youtube, and you will find the sets. But just by quickly looking at the video, you know the organisation have put a lot of effort into this. And made it work!

It's still a weird sight to behold: a DJ being energetic, but no crowds. Lasers, fireworks, and a sick stage, but no one there! To please the fans, who sadly had to miss this, they still made it a unique event. Maybe slightly smaller, but they had bloody drones! And the video is in high quality, so you will be able to see and even hear everything better.

Now, the set I found was Headhunterz's set. Of course I had to listen to it. And within a day it already reached 60k+ plays! People needed this. Not just this specific set, but Defqon.1. We miss partying, but this will give us enough ammo to get ready for 2021, the year where the world started to dance again. We need to dance. My living room is getting too small to rave in. I keep smashing everything with my heels.

Anyway, the set. It's packed with the most euphoric Hardstyle anthems, selected by mister Heady. So enjoy it as much as I have. And it also includes a wicked track, brand new, one you need to look out for.

  1. Wildstylez - Children Of Drums (Headhunterz Remix)

  2. Headhunterz - Home

  3. Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up (Headhunterz Edit)

  4. Project One - The Upside Down

  5. Walt - Let the Music Play (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix)

  6. Builder - Her Voice (Super Bass Mix)

  7. Zedd feat Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Headhunterz Edit)

  8. Project One - The Creation Of Art

  9. Headhunterz feat Malukah - Dragonborn Part 2

  10. Project One - Love Is Not Enough

  11. Cygnus X - Superstring (Aftershock Remix)

  12. Timmy Trumpet - Diamonds (Bass Modulators Remix)

  13. Project One - Move Your Body

  14. Project One - Move With The One

  15. Headhunterz feat Sian Evans - The Hunter & The Prey

  16. D-Sturb & Sound Rush - Embracing The Madness

  17. Headhunterz feat Sian Evans - Dragonborn Part 3

  18. Headhunterz & Sub Zero Project - Our Church

  19. Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Defqon.1 2009 Anthem) (2020 Edit)

A very good looking tracklist. And he's added a few of his classics in here. Some I really adored when they were released. And of course he had to throw in some fairly new anthems, like 'Our Church' and 'Home', and a few Project One anthems. All in all a wicked tracklist, you won't be disappointed.

I have to say, and we all already know, that Q-Dance has delivered a top notch event. Be it one of the weirdest ones in their history, but one that will go into our history books as one we all loved, yet we weren't there. I wish I had a big enough garden, so I could maybe throw my own party there, the same like Defqon.1. Sadly, the garden ain't big enough. Not by far.

Anyway, Headhunterz's set. It's jam packed with catchy euphoric Hardstyle anthems. Anthems which will make you raise your hands in the air, and sing along to. Sing along, not MC to. That's maybe the only thing I don't like. But besides that, nothing negative to mention about this.

The tracks themselves are as good as you would expect them to be. I do like Sian Evans' voice, it's a long time ago since I saw her at Innercity, as part of Kosheen. And now she dabbles into the Hardstyle world. her voice suits it extremely well. And now you would expect me to choose 'Dragonborn Part 3' as my favourite. You are wrong, oh so wrong.

My favourite has got to be 'Scrap Attack'. The original still rocks, and the 2020 edit is quite good. It will never beat the original from many moons ago. It's nice to hear it's only an edit, and not a complete overhaul, because the track didn't need it. It's as good that it remains in my personal top 10 for many years. An all time dancefloor classic.

I would urge you to check this set out, if you haven't already. The visuals are astonishing, it's just a feast not just for your ears, but also your eyes and soul. Fuck you COVID-19 for fucking up 2020. Fuck you. Thank you Q-Dance for Defqon.1!

DJ: Headhunterz

Genre/Style: Hardstyle

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Defqon.1 At Home 2020

Length Liveset: 00:57:35

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): VIEW HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Q-Dance - Youtube Channel

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