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Hellsound Full Collection (1995 - 1997)

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

It is Wednesday, the worst day of the week. You can see the weekend just ahead of you, but it's unreachable. So you need a kick to get you through these few days. Have I got something special for you? A series not forgotten about, but sadly did not get the deserved platform. Hellsound, anyone? This was released between 1995 and 1997 and then just died. It probably had something to do with the fact that Hardcore wasn't as interesting as it was a few years ago, and they saw the writing on the wall. So they pulled the plug. And to this day I am sad to not have seen more of these being released. They had potential, and were something completely different (in my opinion, and in my music collection). Why ID&T, why did you pull the plug?

I had them all. Yes, I had them all. But not all in the 90s. I purchased the last one back in 2021, so I could actually say I had a full collection. And they still bring me a lot of pleasure. And the reason why? Well, you had your standard compilations, but this one seemed to focussed on a bit of everything. Everything, but a bit more rougher and tougher. You can't have happy shit on CDs with covers like this one, right? And it's called Hellsound. You had your Hardcore tunes, Gabber tunes, but also Terror, Speedcore, Acid, and more. Slightly different, slightly harder. And it's like this compilation was made for those who liked their music even faster and harder.

The collection only ran for 2 years, but it also spawned a new label, called Hellsound Records. But I'm not talking about that label, but only these CDs. These 7 glorious CDs with brilliant names such as 'Gabberland', 'The Paradise Of Pain', 'Hard As Hell', 'Dead By Dawn', 'Blessed Are The Sick', and 'As Millions Suffer...' . Yes, not your standard stuff. And even thought the collection Thunderdome was banned by my parents, they would have banned this one as well. But don't assume that the BPMs are all ridiculous and the music is just weird and obnoxious. This collection stood out from the rest by having a mixture of everything, literally everything.

Maybe it was a collection of CDs with rejected songs? Songs that weren't commercially viable, but were still given a platform. Hellsound wasn't ID&T's biggest CD collection. And some of the tunes were literally garbage, even to this day they haven't aged well. But it gave people the chance to deviate to something different, if they were bored with the standard Thunderdome-esque collections.

So, if you've never heard or seen these CDs, you are in for a treat. Here are the tracklist for all 7 CDs (yes all tracklists)! Enjoy.

Hellsound (1995)

  1. Chosen Few - Hellfire

  2. Bazooka - Ich Hasse Dich (Fette Ute Mix)

  3. DJ Lancinhouse meets The Stunned Guys - We Are The Dynacore

  4. Bionic Commanders - Adrenaline

  5. Annihilator - Realm Of Darkness

  6. Master Bation - House Of Hell (DJ Jordens & DJ Pavo Remix)

  7. DJ Waxweazle - My Style

  8. Dip - Sharpin Noise

  9. DJ Promo - The Incredible

  10. Rob Gee & Buzz Fuzz - Minds Over Matta

  11. The Hardcore Brothers - Fuckin' Noise

  12. Buzz Fuzz & Delirium - Immortality

  13. Denztraxx - Go, Go, Go

  14. DJ XD - Uncle X (Part 1)

  15. Somalic Response - Don't Fuck With An S.R.

  16. Temper Tantrum - I Get The Coke

  17. Industrial Terror Squad - Kill The Rest

  18. DJ Bomber - Motherfuk

  19. The Demoniac - King Of Hardcore

Hellsound 2 - Hard As Hell (1996)

  1. D.O.A. - Brooklyn Mob

  2. Rob Gee - Son Of Rob Gee

  3. The Speedfreak - No More Cheese

  4. Kill Your Mother - Jesus Must Die

  5. Psylocke - Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

  6. DJ Rob & Tim B - Twisted Minds

  7. Dominion - Natural Born Killer (Killer Mix)

  8. DJ Bomber - Rambo Goes Riot

  9. Delta 9 - No More Regrets

  10. E-De-Cologne - Kill 4 Jesus

  11. Dano - Needle Shock

  12. Kool Killers - Amerikaaaaah!

  13. DJ Rob & Tim B - Holy War

  14. Somatic Response - Fury's Theme

  15. Rob Gee - Big Mac Daddy

  16. Barbarian - Wizzard To Hell

  17. Out Of Key - Tokyo Motherfucker

  18. Killing Machine - Satan's Attack

Hellsound 3 - Dead By Dawn (1996)

  1. DJ Waxweazle - Only U Can Stop This

  2. Lords Of The Underworld - Rock It

  3. Mastermind - Motherfucker

  4. Wendy Milan - Sisterfuck

  5. Jeremy - Throw (Hard Experience)

  6. James Daltan - Hallucinating (Perry's Choice)

  7. Renata Ricciardi - Overkill

  8. 3 Steps Ahead - Me So Horny

  9. DJ Dano - Terror Is Timeless (Terror Is Remixed)

  10. DJ Rob & Tim B - Justice

  11. DJ Cybersnuff - Ruffbeat

  12. The Prophet - Why Not?

  13. The Speedfreak feat Wendy Wilan - Osaka Bombing (Excerpt)

  14. Lords Of The Underworld - Loose Control

  15. D.O.A. - Wanna Be A Gangster

  16. Alluz & Nix - Serialkillers

  17. Recharge - Fuck Me!

  18. Stickhead - Check This Mutha Down

  19. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror III

  20. The Illegal Alien - Suck My Dick

Hellsound 4 - Gabberland (1996)

  1. MC Rage - Fuck Macarena

  2. Chico Chipolata - No More Happy Hardcore

  3. Renata Ricciardi & DJ Jordens - Listen & Obay

  4. Tellurian - Fucked Up Motherfuckers

  5. DJ Dione - Energy

  6. Rob Gee - Gabber Up Your Ass

  7. Sounds Of Doom - Regret!!

  8. Simtec vs Slamdog - This Records

  9. DJ Raffle - DJ Raffle

  10. Scott Brown - Full Throttle

  11. DJ Delirium - Sound Of The Beast (Rob Gee Remix)

  12. Bass-D & King Matthew - House

  13. DJ Waxweazle & DJ Berry - Terrordome

  14. The Illegal Alien - Listen To The Words

  15. Lords Of The Underworld - Don't Waste Your Time

  16. Twin Terror - Hardcore Soldier

  17. Alluz & Nix - Another M.D.K.

  18. DJ Promo & System - (Who Owns) America?

  19. DJ Dano - Fuckem All (Original Mix)

  20. The New York Terrorist - Hellbound Terror

Hellsound 5 - Blessed Are The Sick (1997)

  1. DJ Waxweazle - Brainscan (In For The Kill Mix)

  2. Bald Terror - Drummachine (Neophyte Mix)

  3. DJ Chronotrigger vs The Thundergods Of Asgard - You Got It

  4. Noizer & MC Drokz - Home Of The Sick

  5. DJ Jordens & Kralen - Make Some Noise

  6. The Mindcrimers - Madman

  7. Simtec vs Slamdog - Point Blank

  8. Chico Chipolata - Fuck You Up

  9. DJ Promo - Killerz

  10. Rotterdam Terror Corps - No Happy Shit

  11. DJ Dave & The Chicago Hardcore Party Force - Under Control

  12. James Daltan - Have A Nice One (Drugs!!)

  13. Orpheus - Back In Chaos (DJ Jordens Mix)

  14. Bass-D & King Matthew - Touch Me

  15. Kool Killers - Amerikaaaah!! (DJ Dano's Amsterdam Mix)

  16. DJ Delirium - No Turning Back

  17. Psylocke - M.F. Gang

  18. Omar Santana - You Shall Die

  19. DJ Dione - Ready 2 Rumble

  20. The Illegal Alien - Your Secret Fantasy

Hellsound 6 - The Paradise Of Pain (1997)

  1. The New York Terrorist - Da Joint (Oh Oh Omar Remix)

  2. Tellurian - Sound Of The Underground

  3. Bass-D & King Matthew - Back To The Party

  4. Dano & Z'EV - Put It On Table

  5. DJ Isaac - Hardcore From The Underland

  6. James Daltan - Necronomicon Ex Mortis

  7. Ho-Banger - The Drill

  8. DJ Promo - Shit To Die For

  9. DJ 8 Mix - Hardiness

  10. DJ Isaac & DJ Pagan - Why We Ain't Rich

  11. Too Hostile - Welcome To Slavery

  12. DJ Delirium - Straight From Bolivia

  13. The Force Creators - Let The Bass Reach You

  14. Rob Gee - Fuckin' Hostile '97

  15. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - The Punishment

  16. Count Negative & MC Drokz - Lie & Die

  17. The Prophet - Peptalkin'

  18. The Ender - Desperate

  19. Simtec Power Squad - The Terror Project

  20. Da Hellweazle - The 2nd War In Heaven

Hellsound 7 - As Millions Suffer... (1997)

  1. DJ Delirium & Tellurian - X-Scape From L.A.

  2. Leathernecks - Leathernecker

  3. Zekt - Sound & Vision

  4. Brain Acardy - Ya Gangsta Music

  5. Somebody From Rotterdam - Goddamn Rotterdam

  6. Multi Death Clan - Slavery

  7. Twistericals - We Wanna Be Different

  8. Highlander - Mash Up The Place

  9. DJ Waxweazle - I'm The Voice Of Rave

  10. The Ender - Kill Everybody

  11. Knightvision - Biomoid

  12. The Noize Junkie - Comin' Hard

  13. Underground Warriors - Communicate In Xpress Rate

  14. The Delinquents - Raise The Heat

  15. Underground Warriors - Canvas

  16. Siege & Menace - I Hate You

  17. DJ Promo - Warface

  18. Dione - All Systems Go

  19. MC Drokz & DJ Tails - Murder All

  20. Akira - Hell's Voices

Thank God each CD only contained one CD, and not more than 1. It already took me a while to type each tracklist. But typing this brings back a lot of memories. Hours of looking at each CD, booklet, and just being amazed by the music.

If you've got the full collection, you can hear throughout how Hardcore in general progresses. It moves at a steady pace, and the quality changes too. The timespan of these CDs is only 2 years, but within those 2 years the music grew more and more, and producing wise it also improved. Yes, there were some stinkers, but generically speaking, the music improved.

Opinion warning: the worst of these CDs (to me) are the first and the last CD. 2 to 6 were the best.

This is a good representation of Hardcore music from around 1995 to 1997. Yes, you can go for the standard compilations, but if you want to hear what Hardcore had to offer back then, I think Hellsound is the right compilation for you. Especially if you like your Hardcore a bit faster, rougher, and generically tougher.

Each CD had one track I listened to over and over again. But which ones? Well, these:

  • Hellsound : DJ XD - Uncle X (Part 1)

  • Hellsound 2 : E-De-Cologne - Kill 4 Jesus

  • Hellsound 3 : The Prophet - Why Not?

  • Hellsound 4 : Sounds Of Doom - Regret!!

  • Hellsound 5 : Rotterdam Terror Corps - No Happy Shit

  • Hellsound 6 : Count Negative & MC Drokz - Lie & Die

  • Hellsound 7 : Brain Acardy - Ya Gangsta Music

You might have a different opinion, but there also a shit ton of crap songs on each CD, most notably the 'Fuck Macarena' song . What a load of rubbish that song is. Not even worth mentioning as a Hardcore song. Embarrassing, to say the least.

But however you feel about the good and the bad songs, this compilation was important, and still is to this day. It has stood the test of time, and it gave us a wide variety of what Hardcore had to offer. Hardcore wasn't this standard style, and it had so much to give. You should definitely check this compilation out, if you haven't already. An important collection of records from the glorious years of 90s Hardcore. A glimpse into the past, and a good representation of what producers could do back in the days.

Loving this compilation. Sad that it stopped after the seventh instalment, but it had to be this way.

But thankfully for you all, there are a shit ton of videos on YouTube for you all to enjoy, so here they are!

Artists: Various Artists

Genre/Style; Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore

CD Info: Full Hellsound Collection (vol.1 to 7)

CD Length: +/+ 7 hours

Tracks: 137 (hundred and thirty-seven)

Label: ID&T

Product Numbers: HSCOMP001/A, HSCOMP002/A, etc

More Information: ------

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