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Heroes Of Hardcore - Marc Acardipane/DJ Promo/The Stunned Guys (1999)

The year is 1999, the year Prince a.k.a. TAFKAP was singing about. And Hardcore was on its last legs. The culture was changing, and it started to move more and more underground. But as bad as it was, it also had a few positives: a lot of wicked CDs were released. The album I'm talking about now was released in 1999, but wasn't the only one in the series. It started 3 years earlier, with the release of mixed CDs by Buzz Fuzz, Lady Dana, and DJ Weirdo. It then had a triple CD release in 1997 twice, with one being the American Edition, with DJ Omar Santana, Rob Gee, and Delirium, and the next one was focussed on Rotterdam, with Paul, Rob, and Waxweazle all jumping behind the decks. In 1998 only one CD was released, with The Darkraver, Gizmo, and Isaac mixing Hardcore tunes together, and in 1999 this CD was released alongside another one, which was mixed by The Masochist, Miro, and Neophyte. But the one today is all about Marc Acardipane, Promo, and The Stunned Guys.

I might be absolutely wrong, which I often am, but I think this was the only compilation which I had all CDs from. And I devoured them all. It became so bad that after a while the CDs became unplayable due to the amount of scratches. Seriously, this in par with Thunderdome was the most played CD series in my history. And that's not a lie. Well, maybe I played the Yabba Dabba Dance series more, but that's just because it was my first CD ever.

All jokes aside, this mix series is really good. If you are too young and you weren't around back then and you want to be introduced to the 'early' sound, this compilation is worth spending your time on. You got the finest producers and DJs, all on these glorious CDs. Quality tunes, quality mixes. Seriously, this is a line up of artists most events can only dream of. And the music, as mentioned many times before, was way better than the present day Hardcore. But is that because I'm getting old?

In only three years it came and went at the same time. Maybe revamp this mix series with the new legion of artists? Could be a nice return to a mighty series.

The triple CD I am into at the moment is the one with Marc Acardipane, Promo, and The Stunned Guys. If you haven't listened to this one already, you are missing out on some bangers. Which ones you might ask? Well, these:

CD 1: The Stunned Guys

  1. Turbolenza - Master Of The Universe

  2. The Reactor & Raoul meet Impulse Factory - Rock My World

  3. The Stunned Guys - In The Name Of Juno's

  4. Neophyte - Anybody Out There

  5. Evil Activities - Darkness At Noon

  6. E-Man - Bass Machine

  7. The Stunned Guys - Deep Impact

  8. DJ Rob & The Future - What Do We Die For?

  9. G-Town Madness - So Real

  10. Tommyknocker & MC Lob - Strike

  11. Neophyte vs Stunned Guys - Revolution 909

  12. DJ Niel - The Sound From The Deep

  13. DJ Lancinhouse meets The Stunned Guys - Brain Confusion

  14. The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka

  15. The Stunned Guys - She

  16. Buzz Fuzz - King Of The Beats

  17. Men Of Steel - The Future Is Ours

  18. The Headbanger - The Nightmare Man

  19. The Stunned Guys - Mind Controller

  20. The Stunned Guys - I Am A Gabber

CD 2: DJ Promo

  1. Intro - The Darkness

  2. Catscan & DJ Promo - Midnight Impact

  3. DJ Promo - Up Yours

  4. DJ Promo - Emotions Over Anger

  5. Miro - Shining

  6. E-Man - E-Shifter

  7. Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle

  8. DJ Promo - King Of Pain

  9. The Masochist - Killing Scum (DJ Promo meets Shaolin Remix)

  10. DJ Promo - What The Fuck?

  11. DJ Niel - The Sound From The Deep

  12. DJ X-Ess & DJ Promo - Vicious Circle

  13. DJ Promo - Driven By Instinct

  14. DJ Promo - Metal Warfare

  15. G-Shock - Demons

  16. Evil Activities - What's Inside Me?

  17. DJ Paul & The Stunned Guys - Thrillseeka

  18. DJ Arjuna - Totally Lost

  19. Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power

  20. Neophyte - Number One Fan

  21. Turntable Disciples - Vortex

  22. Outro - We'll Meet Up Again

CD 3: The Stunned Guys

  1. Mescalinum United - Sounds From Jupiter

  2. Tilt! - Hell-E-Copter

  3. The Rapist - Mortal Fear

  4. The Masochist - Killing Scum (DJ Promo meets Shaolin Remix)

  5. E-Man - E-Shifter

  6. Max-E-Crew - Dance Of Death (Deadly Mix)

  7. Bulldozer Project - Something Special

  8. The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka (Marc Acardipane Mix)

  9. DJ Promo - Emotions Over Anger

  10. Neophyte - Real Hardcore

  11. Marshall Masters - Eternal

  12. Rave Creator - E-Razor

  13. Endymion - Failure

  14. E-Man - Bass Machine

  15. Sound Enhancers - Arena Creations

  16. Miro - The Shining

  17. Rave Creator - Wake Up

  18. E-Rush - Fuck You Man (Army Of Darkness Remix)

  19. Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never

  20. Mescalinum United - Live In Brixton

One of the first things I've noticed, which I've never noticed before, is the fact that certain tracks were played in multiple mixes, like for example 'Thrillseeka' and 'E-Shifter' and 'Bass Machine'. Nowadays you might think that's not original, but I look at it from another perspective: these tracks were just so damn good, they had to be repeated. And it is what binds all these DJs together: love for the music. As diverse as their mixes were, they still had a lot in common, music wise.

OK, let's get this over with: my best record of each disc. It was difficult, but the choice is as follows:

  • CD 1 : Men Of Steel - The Future Is Ours

  • CD 2 : Neophyte - Number One Fan

  • CD 3 : Bulldozer Project - Something Special

You know these tracks make sense. It was really difficult, in my honest opinion. Like there were so many great tracks to choose from. And each DJ brought their own vision to the table, and gave us a very special mix. Obviously the Stunned Guys, Promo, and Marc Acardipane selected a shit ton of their own records, but it's oh so damn worth it.

As the scene was dying, the music still remained great. Well, at least the non-commercial side of Hardcore. And these three CDs prove my point. It is one of my most favourite CDs of all time, closely followed by the other Heroes Of Hardcore CD by Miro, The Masochist, and Neophyte. A great compilation, with fantastic tracks selected. Is it perfect? The mixing could have been at certain times be slightly better, but it's 1999, times were different.

The power behind this compilation can still be felt in 2021. 22 years later, and I'm still raving on about this compilation. One you must certainly listen to, if you want to indulge yourself into the era we call the 90s (it's more like Millennium Hardcore stuff, but who fucking cares?)

DJ: Marc Acardipane, DJ Promo, The Stunned Guys

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Doomcore, Millennium Hardcore

CD Info: Heroes Of Hardcore - Marc Acardipane/DJ Promo/The Stunned Guys

Length CD: 03:30:47

Tracks: 62 (sixty-two)

Release Year: 1999

Label: Arcade & ID&T

Product Number: 9902365

More Information: ----------

Listen/Download (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE / CLICK HERE / CLICK HERE

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