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Housequake Volume 1 (2006)

The last couple of days I've been thinking of all the events I've been to, over the years. And there have been quite a few decent ones. Some of those events you can see on YouTube, which made me think more of the good ol' days, and which artists I have seen. I can't remember them all, as my memory has been corrupted by the sheer volume of alcohol during the 90s/00s, but after checking out Sensation 2002 - The White Edition on YouTube, I wanted to hear some more DJ Erick E. Soundcloud provided me with an album I've not seen before, and it's one he made with dj Roog, another DJ I have seen. And it's filled with House anthems from around 2006. Couldn't ask for more, right?

Those two DJs together, that's just a dream come true. They dominated everything during the early noughties, and I remember listening to many of their sets on my old computer, or even on cassettes and CDs, and once I had the opportunity to hear them live, it was like everything just fell into place. I think I saw Roog at Innercity and/or Mysteryland, and Erick E obviously at Sensation, and somewhere else, but I can't remember where. Yes, alcoholic beverages have ruined a lot of good memories of the teenage years....

As I'm riding this Millennium House vibe, this freebie was a nice gesture by both Erick E and Roog. There's plenty for you all to check out on this Soundcloud channel, but my focus is on this Housequake album. I've seen the name before, but never this album, and trust me when I say that I would have spotted this in my local record store, as I've spent many hours in there. Maybe it was sold out too damn quick, or never made its way to the South of Limburg?

Ready for a trip down memory lane, back to when House was super sexy, and when I danced many nights to these tunes?

  1. Kortezman - My Love

  2. Tommy Davis - Night Train (Fudge Next Station Mix) w Erick E - Ain't No Stopping Us

  3. Full Intention feat Thea Austin - Soul Power (Kurd Maverick Remix)

  4. Sidney Samson - Dirty Laundry (Hardsoul's Stripped Down Edit)

  5. Supermode - Tell Me Why (Raul Rincon Remix)

  6. Scott Wozniak - Talk Dirty To Me (Roog & Greg's Breakdown Edit) w/ Erick E - Boogie Down

  7. Darkmountaingroup - Lose Control w/ Fairmont - Gazebo (Sebastien Leger Remix)

  8. DJ Jeroenski & Mike Laveaux - Black Rain

  9. Martijn Ten Velden & Lucien Foort - Bassification w/ Funkerman feat I-Fan - The One

  10. Olav Basoski - Outback w/ Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez Remix)

  11. Chocolate Puma - Always And Forever w/ Hardsoul - Deep Inside w/ Hardsoul feat Berget Lewis - Song For Unity

  12. Klement Bonelli feat Dragonfly - Nocturnal (Nick & Danny Remix)

  13. Fred Pellichero - Snake w/ Italian Stallion - Nasty

  14. Danny P - Feel The Vibes

After listening to this mix multiple times in a row, I am in love with it. So many memories are brought back by just listening to this mix. And I remember hearing these tunes. Well, most of them, not all of them.

Originally this came with a DVD, which I've not looked for yet. But if you did buy this album, what was on the DVD? Anything interesting? Anything worth sharing here?

Roog and Erick E are a golden duo. They did a few editions of this Housequake series, going up to 2010, and then it stopped. They did not come with a DVD, only the first one did, but yeah, there's more out there, if you want to hear more. I really liked both DJs, and hearing sets in 2024 with tunes from the golden years, it makes me extremely happy.

I cannot pick a favourite, as they are all amazing anthems. A good trip down memory lane. If this mix doesn't regenerate forgotten memories, nothing will. This is a mix with solid anthems from around 2006, and they are rock! This is, to me, the pinnacle of House music. I lost interest in House a few years later, but whenever I think of 2006, it still brings back amazing memories. Happy memories.

I wish I'd purchased this album, if it only ever appeared in my local CD store, which it didn't (or was sold out too damn quick). But at least I got to see each DJ perform, and you cannot beat that experience!

DJs: Roog & Erick E

Genre/Style: House

CD Info: Housequake Volume 1

Length CD: 01:03:24

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2006 (CD) 2016 (Soundcloud)

Product Number: QUAKE 01

Label: Hardsoul Pressings

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