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Jason S - The Rebirth Of Hardcore (2014)

I've not been reviewing for nealy a week, did you miss me? Probably not, you had other things to focus on. But hey, at least I am back now, and had the time to find a few new mixes for me to review. One of the mixes I found, was an old mix by Jason S. You know him as the mix master, the megamix creator. Well, he didn't invent it, but he perfected it. But the mix I am reviewing today isn't a megamix, but just a 'normal' mix. You still hear him perfecting his craft. This mix was uploaded 6 years ago on Soundcloud, but you can see which direction he's taking his mixing skills to.

It's funny to find these mixes. I am not passively looking for them, but Soundcloud reminds me of its existence. So thanks Soundcloud for reminding me of forgotten mixes. Basically, I was looking for new music, but came across this, and had to replay it again (I think I did listen to this before, like 2 years ago), but forgot about this mix. It's never too late to review, eh?

The mix is filled with excellent tunes. Really excellent tunes. Some tunes I have not come across for a long time, and I do mean a long time. All focussed on the Masters of Hardcore sound from back in the days. And that sound, is truly astonishing. If I can go back in time, I would go to these years. The best years for Hardcore. Yes, the early stuff is great, but this sound is so unique and fresh, and it gave Hardcore a boost it truly deserved. So I'd rather listen to this for the rest of my life.

Let me show you the tracklist. It's a beast of a mix.

01. Jason S - Intro: Giving Birth

02. Kid Morbid - Speed Cult

03. Angerfist - It Never Stops

04. Noize Suppressor & Endymion - Gangboy

05. Chaosphere vs Evil Activities - Back In The House

06. Knightvision & D'Spyre - Apocalypse (Nosferatu's VIP Mix)

07. Re-Style - Roos

08. DJ Promo - Messin' With Yo Mind

09. DJ Wicked & Nonasylum - Up Yours

10. E-Noid - Liquid Super D

11. Dione - Highway To Hell

12. The Alienator - The Invaders

13. Hard SL - Hardstyle Suckers

14. The Alienator - The Terminator

15. Dione - Rock The Place

16. The Stunned Guys - The Drummer And The Dancer

17. Masters Of Ceremony - Know Your Enemy

18. Neophyte vs The Viper - This Is Real Hardcore

19. Rotterdam Terror Corps - Fear The Sound

20. Tommyknocker - Demolition

21. DJ Paul - I Had To Kill A Lot Of People (Nosferatu Remix)

22. The Headbanger feat Ruffian & Alee - At Large

23. Dr. Z-Vago - The Bonebreaker

24. Weapon X - Whatz Yo' Name

25. Scott Brown - Ghosts

26. Sinergy - Dream Sweet

27. Parian & Mental Defective - Nasty Bitch

28. Neophyte feat MC Ruffian - Muil Houwe

29. DJ Lancinhouse & The Stunned Guys - Shout

30. Justice - Born To Raise Hell

31. The Stunned Guys - Slow Me Down

32. DJ Paul feat Firestone & Ruffian - Pogo Action!

33. Jason S - Outro: Hardstyle Festival

Sick tracklist. Am I the only one who's feeling and missing this sound? This early MoH sound is so unique and fresh, and nothing like we are currently hearing in the Hardcore charts. It's more forcussed on the Frenchcore side, but I wish we could go back to these MoH sounds, that would make me a happier person.

Jason S has made yet another wicked mix. This mix was made way before I was introduced into his megamix skilled world, but with this early mix he shows us that he was heading towards the megamix style we are all known with and love. A few specifically Jason S izms in this mix, and also included a shit ton of excellent anthems. Jason S, you've done it again. Epic mix, epic mixing skills. No world of a lie, but it's been another great mix.

I've really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. And the title of the mix suits it well: this kind of sound was the definitive reason why Hardcore came back. The rebirth is thanks to labels such as MoH. No word of a lie. But it's also the raving community that made it come alive again. We could not live in a world without Hardcore. Imagine that!? That's insane. Sickening.

Fantastic mix. Not downloadable, but still highly enjoyable. And Kid Morbid's track has to be the finest of the lot.

DJ: Jason S

Genre/Style: Hardcore

Mix Info: The Rebirth Of Hardcore

Length Mix: 01:18:52

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Jason S - Facebook Page

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