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jerOO - Dubstep Mix (TCD Mix Series Volume 1) (2013)

Remember the TCD Mix Series? Well, no one does to be honest. Started out as a lovely idea, to give upcomers a stage, but no one could be bothered: only a handful of artists made mixes, in total 7. And those who were so kind were ViperStar B2B JAJ, Tariq Ziyad, Cyber & Giggly, J-Delerious, and jerOO (who made 2 mixes). And the one I'm about to review was made by jerOO, so this is some kind of retro-review. The original review is lost forever and can not be found, so here it is!

When jerOO made this for TCD, our website was still .nl but that has changed also. What hasn't changed over the years is my admiration for his style of mixing. He has had a few brilliant mixes, sadly he hasn't made as many as I could wish for. And the majority of the mixes aren't even on Soundcloud anymore. Don't know what happened, wish he could come back with a slammer: it's been too long. But thankfully for now we've got the first episode of the majestic and really exciting TCD Mix Series. (ahum).

What he did was just wicked: an hour long mix containing the finest (and not in your face) Dubstep. I gave all the DJs a stage, and they mixed whatever they wanted to. jerOO decided to play 27 records in a nice hour long mix, and to me this should deserve more credit. If you are looking for a nice mellow Dubstep mix, your wish has come true!

The tracklist, well, that was the only thing I asked for. And it's on Mixcloud. But I'm generous enough: here's the tracklist from this wonderful 5 year old mix!

01. Dead Can Dance - The Host Of Seraphim (Enigma Dubz Remix)

02. Aftee - Dopamine

03. Haze - Maestro (SkintDisco Remix)

04. Kryptic Minds - Hybrid (biome Remix)

05. Audio Sleaze - Age Of Sound

06. Enigma Dubz - Cyclops (Vital Techniques Remix)

07. Audio Sleaze - The Guardian

08. Vermin - Where The Wild Things Are

09. Requake - Dubting (MuK. Remix)

10. Megalodon & BadKlaat - Twisted Metal

11. DJ Snipaz - A Right Old Cockney Barrel O' Monkeys

12. Kalimist - Swamp Thing

13. Nightmare & Oni - Raging

14. Cookie Monsta & BadKlaar - Fishy Gun Fingers

15. Audio Sleaze - No Fear

16. Megalodon & Requake - Face Lift

17. Bukez Finezt - Witching Hour Thing

18. 4Flexx - Rattlesnake

19. Kinzy - Blood Fire

20. Vodex - Witch Doctor

21. Coffi - GRLA

22. Kalimist - $ensi $mokaz

23. TrollPhace - Dat Bomb

24. 12Gauge - Hugs All Around VIP

25. Audio Sleaze - The Unknown

26. Eddie K & Minus - Activate (Young D's Fully Charged Bootleg)

27. KOAN Sound - Akira (Megalodon & Supreme Remix)

This mix blew my mind away back in 2013, and still does exactly that in 2018. jerOO was so on top of things with his mixes, such an underrated talent. And his mix is just bizarre, just spot on! Couldn't find a single thing wrong with it at all! Dubstep at its finest.

You've got the annoying Dubstep, which is in your face like a moth in your kitchen when it's dark outside but you've got the light still on, or as annoying as those 'Go Compare' adverts. But you also have the brilliant and mellowed out Dubstep, which I hope you are going to give a chance. jerOO made this first mix for TCD, and I'm still as proud as I was back in 2013.

It does contain records so hot, you need an extinguisher when you press play. The best one? Vodex with Witch Doctor. I reckon it was my favourite back in 2013. And it still is! Fucking ace record.

jerOO's mix is one of those underrated mixes you should give a try. And if you see him, get him behind the decks. We need more mixes like this one. His style of mixing was unique for me. And that's what made the first instalment an excellent one to start it with.

No error, no fuck up,nothing to comment about. Well, when I say comment, I mean negative. But there's nothing negative, only positive!

DJ: jerOO

Genre/Style: Dubstep

Mix Info: Dubstep Mix For The Crazy Dutchman (TCD Mix Series Volume 1)

Length Mix: 00:56:04

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: The Crazy Dutchmans Blog - Facebook Fanpage

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