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KC - 100% Early Reverse Bass Hardstyle Vol.3 (2020)

Some days you just wake up and try to do something, and it eventually doesn't happen. Today was such a day. And yesterday too. I had it all planned, but certain things threw it all down the drain. So here's the belated review of this mix that I've not told you anything about. How rude of me. So let me introduce this mix. It's a mix made by KC. OK, introduction over.

And I'm not even kidding. I know nothing about this DJ, but after checking his/her Soundcloud page I do see this reoccurring theme: every 2 years he/she uploads a mix onto Soundcloud, focussed on the early Reverse Bass Hardstyle sound. That's all I could find. So according to statistics the next instalment will be released in 2022.

I like that bit of quirkiness. It's random, and it suits me. But besides that, nothing of interest that I can share with you all about KC. So let's dive straight into the mix and the tracklist. It's an hour long and it's got some big ass anthems from the early years. Want to hear more? Press play!

  • Hardstyle Guru - Pumpin' Iron (DJ Stardust Remix)

  • Droid - Rave Train (The KGB's Remix)

  • Traum - Synthetic Shit (Golden Mix)

  • Vector Two - Party People (The KGB's Remix)

  • Droid - Glow (Soul Glo Mix)

  • Psy Man - Push The Hardcore Groove (Sniper Mix)

  • Q Zar - Power Zone (Super Mix)

  • DJ Stardust - Sound Of Vintage (2002 Original Mix)

  • The Raiders - Moonlight (Fullmoon Mix)

  • DJ Gius - Mega What (DJ Stardust Mix)

  • DJ Gius - Scrubs (The KGB's Remix)

  • The Hose - The Pleasure (Dubbona)

  • The Hose - Magma (Paco Ezzemoto Remix)

  • The KGB - Infinity (Original Mix)

So this is Reverse Bass Hardstyle, eh? So many different styles, some even hidden under my own eyes! When I was full into Hardstyle during the Millennium years, I was in love with everything related to the style, and to me it was all 'the same'. But I had a soft spot for the Reverse Bass sound. Less climatic moments, more stomping on the floor. No fucking about, just rave music.

I have to say that KC's mix has been very interesting. A lot of wicked anthems, and some ok records in there. Not all are as awesome as I can remember them, but nonetheless the tracks are solid, definitely head turners at a rave.

It was a cool mix to listen to. There were bigger anthems in the Hardstyle scene during the early years, but KC has picked a few good anthems.

And it's also a free download! Check it out!


Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Early Hardstyle, Reverse Bass Hardstyle

Mix Info: 100% Early Reverse Bass Hardstyle Vol.3

Length Mix: 00:57:01

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 603.5 MB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: KC - Soundcloud Page

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