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Liquid's Early XL Recordings Classics Mix (2018)

If you want to know wihch label has meant a lot to us ravers, it's got to be XL Recordings. This label has released so many great albums/songs, and not only focussed on the raving culture (remember they also saw potential in Adele, and released her '21' album, which we all know did extremely well). A force to reckon, and many have done that over the years. You slowely become a fan of their back catalogue, once you discover them. And for me it was my first The Prodigy album that made me become aware of this mighty label.

A few days ago Liquid made this guestmix for #BlockrockinBeats show, aired on TODAY FM. And it got uploaded onto Mixcloud, and guess what? It's already reached the 5th position in the Mixcloud Rave chart. How about that, eh? But I don't need to mention to you all how much oldskool music is still on our minds and how much we miss it. And truth be told, you will get an orgasm when you see the tracklist. This shows us how much XL Recordings has meant to us.

These tracks were released between 88 and 92, and it is a tribute mix (as if you haven't clocked it yet). It contains so many great anthems, make sure you've got a box of tissues ready!

01. Looney Tunes - Just As Long As I Got You (Warehouse Rave Remix)

02. Subliminal Aura - No Stoppin'

03. Flowmasters - Let It Take Control (Radio Version)

04. Ellis D - Took My Love Away (Serious Mix)

05. The Prodigy - Android

06. Cubic 22 - Night In Motion (Original Mix)

07. The Prodigy - Charly (Alley Cat Mix)

08. T99 - Anasthasia (Out Of History Mix)

09. Set Up System - Fairy Dust (Blastomania Mix)

10. The Prodigy - G-Force (Energy Flow)

11. SL2 - DJs Take Control

12. Liquid - Phog (Original Mix)

13. Liquid - Sweet Harmony

14. SL2 - Way In My Brain

15. SL2 - On A Ragga Tip

16. The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Edit)

17. Liquid - Liquid Is Liquid

18. Dance Conspiracy - Dub War

19. The Prodigy - Your Love

We can have a debate about it, but we are all thinking the same thing: The Prodigy was XL Recordings best signing ever! They dominated during the 90s, and made us all aware of this label. Hence why Liquid selected so many of their records, mainly the well known ones. But also SL2 and his own records can be found in this majestic mix.

This takes me back, way back, back into time. When I was dancing in my bedroom, whilst listening to my non-skipping portable CD player (which did skip, I should have sued the company). The quality of the headphones was dreadful, but the music that came out, came across, and also the meaning behind the records. I was a happy bunny (but not my parents, who heard me bouncing up and down on the floor). These tunes made me feel young again. Thanks for this Liquid.

The mix starts slowely, but gets intents after a few minutes, and the pace doesn't stop. The mix is sadly only half an hour long, but you get the finest records thrown at you. Liquid knows which records he should play to please the listeners, and I've really enjoyed it a LOT.

Finest record in this mix? Well, funnily enough it's the record I have not heard before: Liquid's own 'Phog'. Yeah, 'Sweet Harmony' is nice, but 'Phog' is much better. Even 'Liquid Is Liquid' is cooler. Next to these records is 'No Stoppin'. Such a relaxing dance tune. Well, I can't choose one, I'll pick all 19 as my favourite.

Check this mix out right now! Worth listening to on this dreary Saturday morning.

DJ: Liquid Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Techno, Dance, Breakbeat

Mix Info: Early XL Recordings Classics Mix by Liquid

Length Mix: 00:29:50

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information:

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